June 30, 2009

Green Eyed

Sorry guys for not posting anything yesterday, I actually had a whole new concept that I wanted to start and things to blog about, but I got waylaid. I received some news which seriously brought out the worst in me. I can't and don't want to be specific about what and whom the news is about but suffice to say that it impacted me in the biggest and worst of ways.

I was shocked on how it affected me and what it made me feel like. I really didn't know I could be like that. Ok I lie, I know I can be like that but seriously I shouldn't have been so affected as to react the way I did.

I cried like a total b*tch. All the bitterness, jealousy, failing and loser-like emotions came bubbling out the top leaving me quite relieved and thankful for the outlet. I could finally be unaffected by the news and say whatever that was appropriate and really mean it. Ok, not really mean it, but mean it somehow. I mean, I have dealt with it albeit in my own tearful, dehydrating kind of way, but I still did it.

I think tears/crying are really underrated though. I mean all the macho men out there will laugh at me and say it such a girly thing to do, but it felt oh-so-good! Really I reckon you should try it too; if you're woman enough that is! ;)

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June 28, 2009

Pretty Bugz

Aren't these the most precious bugs that you have ever seen? So pretty and shiny. If you are wondering what they are, let me enlighten you; they are actually lovely jewellery boxes! Eeek so pretty. What a wonderful way to store away all your jewellery.

image from SoakRepublic
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June 27, 2009

Road Trip (Day 3) ~ Ending it with a Big Splash!

On our third and last day, soul sista and I ended up at a water theme park, Sunway Lagoon. It is one of the largest theme parks in Malaysia and has one of the best surf pools in the world. We have been planning to go there for ages and also the whole point of going for the road trip was to go to Sunway Lagoon. We were so excited!!

At 10.30am, we reached Sunway Lagoon after eating a hearty
breakfast of nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut fat) a Malaysian favourite.
We had to wait until the tickets counter opened at 11.00am.

Queueing up to get our tickets. Even though it
was a weekday it was pretty packed.

An excited soul sista inside Sunway Lagoon.

The Wagon Wheel.

Little kids changing in public.
Seriously what was their mother thinking.

The best of all the rides~The Niagara Falls Flume Ride.
It was the shit! Insanely so.
Loved every minute of it.

Me at the photo spot.
Very few pictures of me this time as I
was playing camerawoman.

A very blurry picture of me and soul sista
taken by the sales girl.
Very bad. tsk tsk tsk.

The oh-so-famous suspension bridge in Sunway Lagoon where
many many Bollywood songs were picturised.

The view from the suspension bridge.

This too from the suspension bridge. But it was kind of scary as the
space was big enough for my camera to fall through.

Two drenched rats after playing in the surf pool.
It was the bombgiddygiddy! ;)

On our way back home from our road trip.
Needless to say that we were exhausted!
We basically slept through the four hour bus ride back to Penang.

Yeap, we were at the theme park the whole day! The road trip was a wonderful experience where I would love to do it again! Road trips with girlfriends are the best and hopefully there will be another one soon!

p/s: yay! I'm finally done with my road trip posts. And hopefully by tomorrow I can get back to my regularly random postings. lol. ;)

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June 26, 2009

Road Trip (Day 2) ~ Girls Just Wana Have Fun!

We got home from the mall and immediately started getting ready for our night out. It was the first time that soul sista was meeting Fana. Soul sista and I were friends since I can't remember when, and Fana and I have been friends since the first day of Uni started for me. You can I imagine I was quite nervous about these two meeting. What if they dont like each other? What if one feels threatened by the other? Trust me I was not overacting, I have had some major friendship meltdowns due to my friends having issues with each other. But thank god, they both like each other and hit off quite well if you ask me. I am glad for that.

With my girls at dinner at Chili's.

The Cajun Club sandwich.

The Wings Over Buffalo-with extra
wings sauce.

Us fooling around in the toilet. It was
newly renovated, looked and smelled very nice.

At the club. It was ladies night which meant
it was R&B all night long. And dance we did.
But what I love the most was the pick up line Soul Sista received,
something about lonely boys wanting to join us on this lonely night during
this lovely ladies night. That was
such a gag!

I wore my happy purple heels for the first time that night.
Thank god I didn't blister at all, my feet ached by the time we got
home but that was fine.
All three of us had one shade of purple on that night,
what a coincidence right?
And like the good girls that we are,
we drank iced water and boogied the night away!

All in all it was a really fun night. It was the first time that I went clubbing with soul sista and I loved every minute of it with my girls. Will have to do it again the next time soul sista comes home from Aus for a vacation. ;)

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June 25, 2009

Road Trip (Day 2) ~ Traipsing in the Mall

We both took our time and woke up quite late as we ended sleeping at 5.00am after my nose piercing fiasco. We took a leisurely shower, put on our faces (make-up) and waited for my brother to start getting ready. By the time all of us, including my brothers friend Bipu, got ready we(soul sista and I) were starving! So for that day we just thought of spending some time in the mall and chilling out. We went to to The Curve, a mall near my brothers place in Damansara.

We had lunch Indonesian style at Waroeng Penyet.
Damn it was SPICYYYH~~

My brother's (in blue) concept of hommies.
Bipu is the one in white. His shirt had kites on them- green and pink
kites! I thought that was funny!

Fruits as a teaser to real desert ;)

Me and my brother. So tell me,
do we look alike? hmmm?
He bought a new pair Rayban sunnies and he looked so good
in them- I forgot to take a picture of that. =(

We decided that we were 'thirsty'. ;)

Soul Sista and her 'Dory' moments.
(as in Dory from 'Finding Nemo')

Doing it Bollywood style ;)

My brother's Vietnemese coffee that was actually a test of patience.
While me and Soul Sista bullied Bipu to take our pictures,
my brother very cleverly slipped away to have coffee on his own!
Very clever indeed.

White butterflies. Love this picture.
Am intending to do something with it sometime
soon. =)

Chocolate mousse.
My idea of Heaven!

After stuffing our faces with the heavenly chocolate mousse we all went back home. Soul sista and I had plans for the night. ;)

p/s:while writing this, I just realised I have a huge bruise on my left wrist and I have no idea where it came from. =s

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Road Trip (Day 1)~ This could only happen to me

I have been wanting a nose piercing for the longest time. Ever since I finished secondary school (high school) I have always wanted to get it done but I promised myself and my mom that I would only do it when I am done with my Uni as in my bachelor's degree. It's been a year since I have finished my bachelor's and I've been trying to find the right place to get it done. Most people tell me not to get it done by the gun as it will hurt the nose cartilage meaning I should get it done old-skool with needle and pliers. I was pretty alright with that, I mean I don't want to hurt my nose and totally eff it up.

While walking Sg. Wang Plaza (another mall in Bukit Bintang) I stumble upon this shop that does tattoos and piercings and I ask them the price and all the questions that I need to know. I gather all my courage and decide to get it done right there and then.

The tatts on the lady's leg.
She did the piercing for me. the tatts were pretty cool I think.
Although I will never do it even though it is pretty because not only does it hurt it's quite addictive as well.

There is a video taken by Soul Sista of me getting my nose pierced.
But I cant seem to upload it and I have been trying to do that for two days now, anyways
it wasn't so clear but you get the gist of it.

The end result. By that time I felt that my nose was so freaking huge
that it could probably have its own postcode!

*****thats not the end lovelies****

Later at night I got hungry again with the munchies and decided to drag Soul Sista out of bed and force my brother to feed me. We went to the nearby stalls and I ordered the noodles and I told them to make it extra spicy. While eating happily, I started having the sniffles and took a tissue to blow my nose.

Next thing you know my brother is panicking because the piercing is coming out and its bleeding. A LOT. I couldn't put it back in because my hands were dirty and the only option I had was to take it out, just hours after getting it pierced. I had to wait until I got home and washed my hands and the piercing to put it back in but alas it kept coming out. I obviously didnt want to bleed all over my brother's sheets. That will be so gross and quite disturbing.

So that was the story of my nose piercing; I had it for five whole hours. And really, this could only happen to me!

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June 24, 2009

Road Trip (Day 1)~ Bukit Bintang

We woke up after our lil 'power nap' and we were ready to eat some more! So once again we inhaled our burgers from Carl's Jr. (loveee them) and were on our way. We went to the heart of the city: Bukit Bintang!

We took the monorail there. Saving the world one road trip at a time ;)

It was a great moment for photos as were among the few there.

We got down and decided that taking photos was crucial! ;)

The sight that greeted us: Petronas Twin Towers.

At the high end mall in Bukit Bintang- Pavilion.
Since we can't afford Gucci
in Malaysia why don't we just have some fun posing in front of the store ey?

Soul Sista perving all over Justin Timberlake.

The lovely, chocolicious, totally worth the searching and walking chocolate fondue.
With Belgian Choc and fresh fruits. YUM~

Bye bye Twin Towers!
See you on the next road trip! ;)

We basically walked all over the Bukit Bintang area and went home really hungry with sore feet. Nevertheless it was a fantastic day. =)

*this post is up earlier due to Garf's request. And I can't say no to my blogger buddies. Love!
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Road Trip (Day 1) ~ Leaving On a Jet Plane

We woke up at 5.00am to get ready for our flight at 7.15am. Apparently low cost carriers are very strict about the time that they keep and we had to be at the airport the latest by 6.30am to check in and what not. So there we were both zombie-like, sleep deprived and not functioning properly. The only thing that was working alright was our appetite so we grabbed a quick breakfast at McDonalds. When I say quick I mean we basically inhaled our muffins!

The two zombies at the Penang International Airport

The clear blue sky.

The tiny lil' thing that carried us.
When I saw the size of this thing I basically freaked out. I mean its a toy! I was sitting in a freaking toy and trying really hard
not to pee in my pants. I am generally not afraid of flying but seriously guys it was really really small!

We reached Subang Airport at 8.00am sharp and waited for my big brother. As soon as we got to his house both of us crashed out on his bed-in zombie style!

p/s: a big huge shoutout to Dr. B who sent us to the airport so early in the morning without complaining at all about it. Thank you Dr. B! =)

p/p/s: anyone who knows the name of this model please tell me. It's killing me that I can't find it on google

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Bye Bye

Hey boys and girls,

I just had lunch with ma soul sista and am so so extremely sad that she is going to leave for Aus this weekend. I am going to miss her tremendously. =(

We had lunch at Pastamania, which was quite affordable and pretty yummy. As usual we had our three hour lunch, talking about crazy friends to crazy parents to just random craziness. I am going to miss her so so extremely much. Anyone out there who wants to sponsor me a trip to Aus, just give me a buzz yeah? ;)

Also I finally have ALL the pictures from our KL trip and I'm gona post it one event at a time so it will probably cover a few days. Be patient with me yeah? please and thank you!

And thank for all the comments on the previous post, it was lovely to see all your thoughts on Twilight and really thank you so so much for not flaming me because I didn't like it. Also I'm doing a happy dance knowing that I'm not the only weirdo in the world who didn't like it. Thanks all you blogger buddies!

Before I go, anyone who wants me to link them up on my page please just leave me a msg and I'll get to it asap! But do remember to link me up as well. ;)

p/s:soul sista shares the same view on Twilight as me. That's why I love her! ;)

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June 22, 2009


Finally after almost a year I watched Twilight. It was a huge disappointment. It was extremely badly scripted, the direction could have been stronger, the cast sorely in need of coaching and slightly better music.

When I watched Harry Potter I was disappointed because I had read the book before and the comparison with the movie was saddening to say the least. As for Twilight I am extremely disappointed, even more than Harry Potter. No I haven't read the books, but come on people, there was so so much potential to make it better. So much.

At certain points of the movie I daresay trees would have been much better actors than the entire cast. Seriously what were they thinking, those casting directors? The least they could have done was to put them in acting classes for a bit. Sharpen up their skills and methodology. I am one of those people who just love and adore teen flicks. They are my escape from the mundane and serious; needless to say I've watched much better than Twilight, both in acting quality and the quality of direction.

Only one good thing though about it was Robert Pattinson, the guy whom I only knew and recognised as Cedric Diggory now has a name and identity of his own. He is definitely drool worthy (look at his GQ spread, simply delicious) but I am definitely without a doubt a Shiah LaBeouf kinda girl.

Anyways let's just hope that the next in the series 'New Moon' is better than this one. It is supposedly being directed by the guy who did the American Pie franchise. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.

images from GQ
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June 20, 2009

One Million British Pounds

As I was checking my mail, I received an email stating that I inherited one million British pounds. ONE MILLION POUNDS. How insane is that? But how I wish it was true. It would pay for my education in the UK, a house or apartment, travels and other frivolous expenditure that us girls have.

Oh well, how I wish...

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June 19, 2009


Hello there boys and girls, I'm home!

Did you guys miss me? Because I sure did miss all of you. I'm trying to catch up as much as possible on my reading and commenting but still can't make it. I'm a bit on the sick side; having the flu. Although hopefully not N1H1. I'm currently taking precautions and at the first sign of having a temperature I am going to get a blood test. Yeap, I am slightly paranoid.

I will update on my trip soon, well as soon as I get all the photos in my lappy. It was a fan-freaking-tastic break. Exactly what me and Soul Sista needed.

Will blog about it soon! Love!

image from FreeFoto.com

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June 15, 2009

New Hair

Hey hey hey!

Check out my new haircut! I loikes it so much! Although I do look quite tired and crappy but it doesn't matter as long as you guys can check out the locks! ;)

Well tomorrow I'm heading up to Kuala Lumpur with ma Soul Sista to have a lil' getaway from all my berserk-going emotions. So that's going to be fun fun fun! (Why do I keep repeating everything three times?)

Also a thousand apologies to those of whose blogs I haven't visited/commented on, I have been kind of messed up lately.

Will catch up with you guys soon!


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June 14, 2009

My Heart

I was tagged by the lovely Micaela to show you my heart only I don't really feel that good about what's in my heart to share it. I did post it, but I just deleted it 5 seconds ago. Looking at it I felt as if it wasn't really saying what was in my heart.

What is in my heart you ask me? Well there is fear, anxiety, depression, slight madness, faint sparks of hope and big black blobs of betrayal. Now tell me, how do I show you all these things using a picture, a quote, an item of clothing, a poem, a song and a Disney princess? I don't think I can, even if I could search for it I don't think I will want to share it with you all. I don't want my negativity to spread its tentacles into your happy and sunny lives.

With saying all that, I am so sorry Micaela dear that I am not participating in this tag. I hope you forgive me.

Other than that, I am getting a haircut tomorrow. Hope I don't look anymore ridiculous than I do now. So with that, peace out dudes!

photo from josh_bomb
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June 11, 2009

I wish

Seriously, how I wish I could be photographed like this. Okay well, not exactly like this (I'll probably die first before I let myself be photographed in a tiny ass bikini) but I mean the whole feeling and the theme of the shot. You know, to be demure and to be sexy as hell and not look totally retarded while posing.

I love the play of the colour in the photos and how we are so drawn into the photo-it connects to us as viewers. This is my favourite photo shoot from of all the seasons of America's Next Top Model (yes I watch it quite religiously and can watch reruns endlessly); what can I say, it's my guilty pleasure.

p/s: I am trying to refrain from being all gloomy and err doom-y (?). All I can do now is wait and sigh. *SIGH~*

images from Yahoo

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June 10, 2009

Gloom and Doom

photo by Gilbert R.

Okay I know this seems as if I am quite the ingrate but even though now that I am somewhat having a slight increase in readership I am just not in the mood to update. I am upset, irritable and uninspired. 

I just can't help but think of my future or lack thereof. So many decisions have to be made and none of them are in my hands. I feel like an abandon puppet waiting desperately for her  puppet-master to come and set her in motion. It seems like everything is beyond my will and my reach. And even when push comes to shove, the decisions are still not in my hands. 

I have to wait for 'the powers that be' to make their decisions and them impart them on me. Most of the times it doesn't matter what I think. So for now, I'm just the geeky girl hiding behind her stack of romance novels and missing her boypren desperately. Sigh~

So now another favour, if you could spare me a some time from your precious day tell me what more would you like to see in this space. 

Hugs and kisses to all you fantastic readers out there! 

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June 1, 2009

Beach Bazaar

After eating the complimentary cake, Soul Sista and I headed off to a night bazaar that's situated next to the beach. They had loads of things from coasters to samurai swords and dresses to bikini's. anything that you might need, be it for house decorations or something for your wardrobe you can find it there. But alas, they didnt allow me to take any pictures. Sad but true. 

I only purchased one thing from the bazaar and I have wanted them for a really long time. Lights! It was for my room, part of my 'give my room some character' project. And I love it. Have a look guys~


What do you all think? My mom said it reminded her of the old school make up tables like these:
photo by Robert Warren

But me thinks it looks cool. What say you?

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Family Madness


The family weekend is officially over and I am exhausted! It's insane but heaps of fun; hanging with my brothers and talking lots of rubbish-just the thing that I needed. I also received (okay I demanded) prezzies from them which I absolutely love love love! And on Sunday we celebrated my birthday and I wore a really cute pouffy skirt with tulle underneath. Tulle made me so happy. I will upload the pics of the all the presents later on as I am still waiting for more. =)

My birthday cake: orange cake with chocolate fudge smeared all over. 

With my eldest brother

With my middle brother

I forgot to state on my previous blog post 'twenty three' that
it was her debut on my blog. Love her for coming over and entertaining me! 
Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!

p/s: I missed boypren a lot.

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