July 22, 2009

Honest Scrap

I've been awarded my third award! woot woot! By none other than my fav blogger buddy Garf
and am so honored to receive this award because it was for those bloggers who 'keep it real'. I dont know how real I am keeping it here and if I even deserve this award, but I am still very very grateful that Garf awarded it to me!
So according to the rules, I need to divulge ten things about myself that most people dont know and award this to 10 fellow bloggers. I'll try my best to fulfill both requirements.
  1. I occasionally forget to check my Facebook and Twitter accounts but I never ever forget to check my mail (which reminds me I need to check my mail!)
  2. I am contemplating on deleting a whole bunch of people of my Facebook account. How weird will it be that instead of increasing, the number of my friends are actually decreasing?
  3. I hated the colour pink while growing up. I preferred black. I still do like black a lot but with an addition of white, red, green and purple.
  4. Most of my clothes are either black or white or both. I have to physically and mentally stop myself from buying clothes with those colours. And I am still not close to getting there.
  5. I wear flip flops anywhere it is acceptable. Anywhere.
  6. Before I started studying in Uni I loved Shakespeare. After I completed my Bachelor's degree majoring in English Literature, Shakespeare can eat my cotton shorts!
  7. I love food but I am also incredibly picky at the same time. If I like a particular dish I can eat it all the time, everyday, 24/7.
  8. I have sudden inexplicable cravings for mash potatoes.
  9. When I was four/five I fell down from a towel hanger (I was standing on it, not so smart - I know) and broke my nose. All I can remember is the floor coming towards me and then blank. It's still not fixed yet.
  10. I have massively, massively frizzy hair that I swear to god has a mind of it's own! I kid you not.
And now awards time!
I would like to pass it to

p/s:for once the internet is stable! woot woot!

{Thanks to all who commented. You are the best! Feel free to show me the love and follow my blog. cookies for all}


pinkapplecore said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, I truly appreciate it! You have a wonderful blog!!

Kait said...

thank your for stopping by my blog : )

I adore your layout! I hate pink and find my facebook friend's list growing smaller and smaller each day as well! I just don't want to be updated on people I don't actually see/talk to on a regular basis. I broke my nose too and its still crooked! I think it gives me character lol.

ONiC said...

i can relate the 1, 2, and 3 hehehe

drollgirl said...

hahah! your list is cracking me up!

i hate facebook with a passion. all the freaks that you thought you ditched long ago come out of the woodwork and want to be "friends" again. BARFARONI! :)

missy. said...

I love mash potatos haha thanks for the blogginess award. :)

GARF said...

can you please exclude black from the list? I love that color and strongly suggest that everyone should get hooked on to black.

As for the award, you are a genuine one out there. You keep it simple, and say what u have in mind and soul. that answers why we are never bored of your monthly countdowns...:))

And as for those words you have put on for me, thanks a lot. It's a pleasure to know you through your posts and you are special...you always deserved it...i managed one somehow and had an opportunity to pass it onto you..:)

Red Boots said...

Thank you so much!

I actually deleted people from my Facebook - it felt so liberating. I also hated the colour pink - still do.

I'm curious though to how you managed to stand on a towel hanger?? xx

Micaela said...

i adore you even more now, after reading your 10 things.

The Shakespeare one had me in laughs!!!

it's fun to get to know someone thru random fun facts. Like mash potatoe cravings? brilliant. :)

THANK YOU for including me in the pass-on! yay. It makes me feel really special xo

Jessica said...

Hi Farah! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your blog too, which is why I'm gonna follow! I always love acquiring new bloggy friends.

We can be really great friends you know? My closet's filled with mostly black garments as well! Nothing beats BLACK!

Take care! :0

Loys said...

First of all: Congratulations on the award!

Secondly: I can totally relate to your mash potato cravings. I love mash potatoes!

Number 3: Thanks for your comment, it made me laugh. :)

And lastly: Your blog is awesome!

The Socialite said...

I wear flip flops anywhere & everywhere! You gotta be comfortable to be happy, right?! :)

Sara said...

Aw thank you for the tag!!!

I'll do it as soon as I catch up on the blogworld...
I feel I have missed out on so much!!

Chanel said...

omg frizzy hair is horrible! None of those de-frizzing products work haha. Oh, and mashed potatoes are soo delicious I definetly have cravings for them too.

alissa said...

i say go for it on the facebook friends - im with you! im tired of people friending me that i wouldnt do more than wave to if i saw them on the street.

Iva said...

LOL I dont have Facebook :)


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