August 3, 2009


I was just browsing through the Neiman Marcus site (something I should really really stop doing) and spotted these lovely treasure. I'm one of those girls who has all sorts of earrings and spends a lot of money on good quality fakes. And I love these Indian inspired earrings from the site and all I wants them all! These are my favorites though (I have a slight partiality to the turquoise stones, I don't know why).

Garf, you live in India right? Mail me some of these babies will you? *Evil laugh*

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drollgirl said...

these are GORGEOUS! i am not even going to check the prices!

and the turquoise ones are the best! LOVE!

GARF said...

But do let me know where i can find these exactl ones. I am absolutely fine with ur idea. :D

Sara said...

OMG THEY'RE GORGEOUS! my birthday is on the 26th you know what you should send me!! lol

our little love nest said...

I love the turquoise ones too! So pretty! xoxo

sarah said...

i love indian inspired things. always so pretty and sparkly!

love me some sparkles!!

Farah said...

Don't check the prices if you still wana cont living in happy denial! lol!
Garf I'm gona totally hold you to your word, as soon as I find out where I can get these babies I'm gona mail you a super long list!
Sara, can I send you a happy birthday wish instead? I'm kinda cheap! lol.
Sarah, sparkles are goooood!!

emily said...

i love the bottom right ones. nice.

GARF said...

Fine...i wait....but make sure that it happens....
I want that list on my mail.

evilsquirrel01 said...

OMG, these are absolutely fabulous!

Dallas Shaw said...




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