October 27, 2009

Award Time!

Wootwoot! I just got awarded my second Kreativ Blogger from the lovely Jordan of Imperfectable. So as usual I have to list out seven things about myself that no one knows and proceed to tag seven others. So here goes!

1. I absolutely love reading fanfiction! I only read Harry Potter fics because I am weird like that! This is one of my favourite sites. ;)

2. I tried to redesign my blog yesterday and killed it!

3. I have a major craving for a double cheese burger.

4. Kinder Bueno is my kryptonite! It doesn't matter where or what I'm doing, if I see it I must have it!

5. I have stacks and stacks of magazines lying around in my room. I always tell myself that I am going to recycle it but I somehow never seem to get to it.

6. I am in dire need of new clothes; especially if I go back to school in December (pray for me loves that I do get an admission!).

7. I am really really shy when it comes to emailing my blog friends. I feel like such a retard. Hence the reason why I don't really email you all unless there is a question to be answered. I am so painfully shy!

On to tagging, would these lovely people; Nico, Heidi, DT, Nabila, Sawan, J. and Vicky. I just recently found their blogs and they are a such sweethearts. Love you guys!

{Thanks to all who commented. You are the best! Feel free to show me the love and follow my blog. cookies for all}


DT said...

oh thank you so so so much dear :o)
i am so glad, not just because of the award, but because it lets me know that there are readers who like what i am scribbling... thank you!

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

Dito on the magazines and chocolate, except I'm allergic to nuts so I eat the Kinder chocolate which is either little squared sticks or eggs :D It's weird because I usually like darker, expensive (!), really good chocolate but lately I've been scoffing down milk chocolate. Ciao!

J. said...

oh, how I love these! :)
Thank you for thinking of me- I look forward to posting my 7 this afternoon :)

missy. said...

i hate when you go to redesign your blog and it screws everything up.. worst ever.

and i am the exact same as you with the mags. i have more cosmos than i know what to do with. three years worth to be matter of fact. haha

congrats on the little bloggy award lady! love you!

Vicky said...

Awe, thanks so much for the tag! You friggin' rock.

I hate craving things like cheeseburgers. I wish every once in awhile I craved like a salad, or you know celery. But that would just be ridiculous.

Farah said...

Hahaha yeap craving healthy food would just be ridiculous! who does that right? lol.

Maria I'm with you on the more expensive chocs but that hurts my pretty lil' purse so yeah just sticking to the cheapies!

Thanks missy! love you too! ;)

Heidi Rose said...

Aw, thank you so much!

Nico said...

I agree with the new clothes. I need them too. Not because I wanna look cool (ok, fine, that one too), but I really need coats b/c winter is coming. BTW, what is Kinder Bueno? I went to the site and it said they're giving away bags (did u enter?).

Anyway, thanks so much for tagging me!!! I surely appreciate it. take care!

drollgirl said...

congrats on the award!

you are painfully shy when it comes to emailing bloggers? i understand! i don't think i am, but i would die if i had to meet fellow bloggers in person!

Nabila said...

YOU are the sweetheart!

I have stacks of magazines all over my room too - only I haven't read them yet! I should probably read the ones I have before buying more but whenever I see a magazine rack I just can't help myself! I always end up grabbing a few..


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