December 2, 2009


I was colour tagged but the lovely Sher to show you things that have the slightest shade of pink in them. Well, I hate to say this but I am not a pink kinda girl! Most of these things in my room were either given to me as presents or my mom, thinking that I was the only girl in the family, decided to drown me in as much pink as possible! Not cool! So without further ado, pinkness in my room...

A pair of indian style earrings-birthday present from my middle brother a few years ago

A Juicy Couture box-A birthday present from my eldest brother and family this year.
It's a purse, I'm not using it yet.
I'm waiting till my current one dies on me!

A G-STAR RAW tshirt from my middle brother and an Abercrombie tshirt from a friend.

Fairy lights-I bought these with soulsista on my birthday this year

Dora the Explorer pencil set-it was a gag gift on my 22nd birthday from my eldest brother and his business partner.

Hairband- it's pink!

My bed sheet-courtesy of mom.

Well, since now I have to colour tag a few other bloggers, I would like to see what purple coloured items you have in your room, it is after all my favourite colour! So I now tag

Your mission now, if you choose to accept (how mission impossible does that sound? although you have no choice but to accept! teehee) is to look around your house, room etc. for items that are purple in colour or have traces of purple in them, blog about it whenever, choose your colour & then tag other readers! Have fun loves!

p/s: I would have put up a picture of my hot pink nails but I already removed the colour to cut my nails. It was too long and got in the way. My mind works in retarded ways!

p/p/s: I just realised this tag is slightly voyeuristic, don't you think? well, without the sexual innuendo of course!

{Thanks to all who commented. You are the best! Feel free to show me the love and follow my blog. cookies for all}


Kym said...

i love those earrings! and the fairy lights! gorgeous! thanks for tagging me... i hope i have enough purple items at home! haha!

emily said...

love it.

r u s s said...

I'm no Pink Girl too, like you.
But I'd wear the Hairband. LOL.

Sher said...

Oh, I know you're not a pink person but thanks for trying hehe:) I love your fairy lights, where did you get those? I want some!

Micaela said...

i am loving it! just like i covet your fairy lights.

purple... hmmm come to think of it, i'm not too sure what i have that's purple (though it's my bf's fave colour on me). this is a great challenge, indeed! i can't wait to get to it :)

THANKS for the fun tag!!! xo

missy. said...

so excited to do this post!! and purple? YES. you do know it's been quite the obsession of mine lately. loooove it!

and love your post of pink. the juicy box is soo cute. why aren't you using the purse yet?

Manju said...

i'm feeling like tom cruise all of a sudden hahaha, thanks for tagging me girlie!
will do it in 2 weeks tho, coz my dad took off with my camera for his beijing trip *sigh* :(

i love your fairylights! love love love!

Nico said...

Dang, I kinda feel bad that your friends and fam are drowning you in pink. Do they know you like purple better? Well, thanks for tagging me. Seriously, purple? Uh oh, that's gonna be a tough one. But i'll do it! Snap Snap!!!


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