April 29, 2010


As I watching the new 90210 yesterday, one of the characters; Annie realised that she has started developing some feelings for one of her close friend's boyfriend. (S2Ep19)

I mean we've all had our share of feelings for inappropriate men/guys/boys. I know I have. The bad boys, the goody two shoes, the nerds. The class clowns. The best friend. The boyfriend of your best friend. The ex's best friend. The brother's best friend.

I think that in each and every point of our lives, all of us would have probably had some feelings for one of the above 'characters'. As for me, I never did anything to win their love or affection or even attention. I was just me. But being me never changed any one of these 'characters' into a lover (loosely put). And I have never regretted being myself. I never had that feeling that any one of these 'characters' was, you know, 'the one that got away'. I always prided myself in being 'the one that got away' for the male species. And yes I know I am one cocky b*tch for saying that. But that is just the way I am and again, no regrets.

Well, I am digressing. And now I can't remember what the point of this post was.
Anyways, I am curious to know, were you in this situation?
What did you do?
What would you do now?

April 25, 2010

Kelly Clarkson!!

Today I went for Kelly Clarkson's concert.
Live in Kuala Lumpur.
It was really good.
It has been sometime that I haven't really sat and listened to her lyrics,
and seriously all her songs speak to me.
I took some pictures and a video but I think they are not so good.
I'll try to post them up once I get my USB cable.
It's not with me right now.

Remember this post?
I remember one of the comments was asking me who was I saying this to,
but tonight as Ms. Clarkson was singing this song I realised that I wanted someone to say that to me instead.

I really like Kelly Clarkson.
I think she is an excellent singer and I love the way she rocks out.
it was totally worth it, cramming and finishing my take home exams on Saturday so that I didn't have to worry today.
Just to watch her rock out to 'Since You've Been Gone' I would totally go watch it again!
I just wish that Coldplay and Foo Fighters would come over to Malaysia.
U2 would be a dream come true!
Well one can always wish.
Goodnight lovies.
I am exhausted but am so happy!

April 22, 2010

Secret Keeper

Secret keeper of mine
here is a secret for you.
A heart thats beating
has been split into two.

Secret keeper of mine
in silence and in noise;
You make it seem like
I've always had a choice.

Secret keeper of mine
tell me what to do.
Do I choose you?
or do I choose you?

image via

Guys, chill!
It's not what you think it is.
I was just playing around with words that night when I came up with this.
I love how worried some of you sound.
But seriously its just a play on words!

April 18, 2010

Cupid's Helpers-The Cards!

Hello Loves!
I just finished one paper and I have one more final to submit and another 4000 word essay to finish.
I am so tired of typing 'intelligent-scholarly' stuff that I am taking a break.
This weekend all I did was watch really bad TV and stuffing my face with food!
It was reeeeaaaaal good!

Anyways remember this lil project of mine?
I remember I promised to show the end results of my 'crafty-ness',
so here it is loves.
(please be gentle, it really was my first time making them)

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
What did you do?

p/s: am I the only person who is bummed with the final episode of Ugly Betty? Read Nico's post here.

April 12, 2010

Bag Lady

As usual,
whenever you are supposed to study or prepare a presentation,
your mind will find a million things more interesting than your work.
As for me I succumbed to the temptation of Neiman Marcus (again, I know!).
I literally got chills going through their catalogue.
Although I'm more of a shoe lady than bag, check these babies out.

Obviously my favourite one is this one from DvF.
So prettttyyyy *swoon*
So peeps,
my birthday is coming soon-ish (end of May),
and if you are feeling generous enough please send any one of these my way!
Please and Thank you!!

By the way,
I have an exam tonight at 8pm.
Wish me luck loves!


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