July 9, 2010

Hello Mr Pink!

Hello boys and girls!
Super extremely sorry for being completely m.i.a. without even a hint of what was going on. Basically I was shifting out of my brother's house and into my current apartment. It's has been insane and hectic. To top it all off my second semester for my masters program is starting this coming monday and the house still isn't a home yet. For starters there is no TV and no internet. So I'm not sure when will the next blog update be. Apparently, even though all the telephone cables have been installed the phone company hasn't done the set up yet. Seriously right?

Anyways a few weekends ago I went to a dear friends engagement and I took along my new toy, Mr Pink!

Mr Pink image via

This is the second roll of 120mm film that I have shot using Mr Pink. The first roll of film came up completely blank. Of course after calling for back up (basically I emailed Rhianne in a panic), I then managed to get these shots. Out of 12 snaps, I got 8 frames. Not bad for a newbie, if I do say so myself (and I do say it!). Check it out and all you lomo-experts, please do feel free to leave any handy tips and tricks.

I am loving the colour of these babies! But I definitely have to work on the focus and I think while I was removing the film from the camera I might have exposed it to the sun (and boy was it sunny that day!). Which is probably why the last few photos look the way they do. But nonetheless, it's LOVE!!

Have a great weekend lovies!


Rhianne said...

these are lovely Farah, they look wonderful :) I actually love the last two with the light leaks on them, the colours are stunning!

I love how different people get different results from each lomo camera! x

Faiza said...

How fun! Looking forward to seeing more pics. Happy weekend TT!

Krystal said...

i LOVE them!!! I have no expertise on these kinds of cameras...i should get one!

Annalyn said...

Mr. Pink is so cute.. I like him :)

Micaela said...

Farah, these are GORGEOUS!!! i love your Mr. Pink! lol

seriously, THANK YOU with ALL MY HEART for being there for me always. It was such a delight to come home to candy and goodness, the GORGEOUS peacock hair adornment-- especially the sentiment behind it. ADORE YOU!!! and your lovely letter.

soon, i will send you a proper thank you.


ps. i hope you and boypren got to Kuala Lumpur and had a beautiful time! can't wait to see more photographs.

Sher said...

Oh, what a wonderful gift, Farah! Loving that it's pink too haha:)

I'm sure you will have loads of fun with boypren taking pics around town! KL Pac is a lovely place to take them!



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