November 26, 2010

Pure Lust

So for some strange reason I was browsing the anthropologie website tonight and found these two precious things. There aren't any of their stores in Malaysia but a few blogs that I follow usually rave about their clothes and what not. I am totally in lust for these two necklaces! And it fits my personality too! I am such a bookworm (am in the middle of reading Atonement, just for the pleasure of reading!)!

Alas, it's waaaaaaaaaay too expensive for me! But still it's so damn adorable! I would totally rock it! ;)

Anyways, I found out some of my grades for the subjects that I took this sem and suffice to say that I am not in the least, happy! I got 20/40 for one of the essay and all because I was overconfident (maybe) and wanting so much to excel at the subject. What made things worse was the fact that my lecturer praised me about how it was a well researched and well written essay but it just didn't answer the question. If, however, I had titled it differently I would have gotten a much better grade. I feel so incredibly stupid, you have no idea! All the hard work I put in does not seem to pay me (specifically), I suppose.

I'm totally broken hearted. Right now I am just praying that I do not flunk anything, as repeating a semester is just not an option. Pray for me loves, that all goes well.
*fingers crossed*

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a beautiful day, loves!

November 22, 2010

Hope, where are you?

Tonight, right now, I feel completely devoid of hope. Although I truly believe that things happen for a reason, a good reason, tonight I just feel incredibly lost.

It's not easy when you are the one keeping the faith and hope alive for four people. It really isn't. I honestly feel like a failure. The one thing I was supposed to do was to give some hope to my family, make sure hope didn't just die, and I failed. I know, tomorrow is going to be a different day but still tonight seems to stretch on till forever. I am just hoping that I will have the strength to be there for all my loved ones with the patience, hope, kindness and love that they need and also expect from me.

I am incredibly tired.


p/s: I have a change of address, email me for the new one loves.

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November 6, 2010


Hello, hello!
Don't worry lovies, I'm not switching content and turning into a fashion blogger, the most I'll ever achieve is to be a 'wannabe' fashion blogger! LOL. I just received this dress, a gift from boypren and I love it so much! I am so in love with the comfy material and the animal prints! I heart it so much. However, I do look worse for wear in the picture so just ignore my mug will ya? ;)

Wore my shiny tights underneath because I followed boypren to the hospital for a routine checkup. Hospitals are unnaturally COLD! Brrrr~

Isn't the back cute? XD

*in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!*

So, what do you guys think of my outfit? Pass? Fail? Regardless, I think I look cute! ;)
Urgh and now, I have to go back to writing papers and researching for essays. Damn essays, I wish they could write themselves!!
Wish me luck lovies!

November 1, 2010


Hey guys,
thank you so much for whoever that commented on my previous post. The situation with my classmate is still the same. Nothing much has changed, other than the fact that for that person to seem smart I have to be stupid for this person.

So yeah, other than that I got a really good grade for one of my essays. I was really happy until I realised that the pressure is on to maintain the grade. much stress!!

Holy crap it's November already!!


p/s: I was wondering when this was going to happen and it just did, I was at 100 readers and as of now I am at 99. I know numbers shouldn't matter but it is making me a wee bit sad. I am losing readers!


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