October 21, 2010

Can't sleep

It's 5.51am and for the life of me I haven't managed to get even a wink of sleep. I am so wide awake now it's quite possibly ridiculous. My mind can't stop thinking. I finally managed to catch up with a few blogs but am way too tired to comment on any. I'm sorry guys, I just have been really busy with school.

Talking about school, I am having a difficult time with one of my classmates. It's shocking really as this person is my senior in so many ways and I did genuinely like this person before all these 'stunts' were pulled. The final straw was today I suppose, this person bitched about me to one of my close friends in class.

I was really shocked with this behavior and attitude. If I were to follow what this person has 'commented' about me, it means that me having an opinion and voicing my thoughts make me arrogant and a smartass. So I basically would have to dumb myself down to be a humble person.

This then completely drives the purpose out of preparing/listening to presentations when you can't discuss or comment on it. Why the need bitch? I have never showed or thought that I am better than anyone. In fact, I constantly think that I am at a disadvantage when it comes to my masters class as I am one of the youngest students there with a still quite immature way of thinking. The previous sem, I played quite a bit; this sem, I am putting in some actual effort. So again, why the need to bitch about me?

I could be equally bitchy to this person but I want to be better, so I'll just be nice and kind and let karma do all the hard work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though that I don't lose my temper with this person.

*fingers crossed*

October 6, 2010

Diagnostic Essay

ItalicHey guys!
Well, I've been wanting to post this for quite some time. I wrote this as a diagnostic essay for my 'Literary Theory' class in the beginning of this semester. Enjoy!

If I had the power, I would NOT abolish literature; I would abolish literary theories instead

As music is the soundtrack of a person’s life, literature is the lessons learnt from life and examples. It expresses love, life, sorrow and joy; all in a beautiful chain of words put together. If I had the power, I would not abolish literature. I would however, abolish all the theories and ‘-isms’ associated with studying literature.

Literatures are works of art imitating life. It is usually created in the most difficult and taxing way. Pulling apart these works of art with theories and such, undoubtedly gives it a place in the ‘literature hall of fame’ but also makes one complacent and neglect the emotions which are lying beyond the surface of the words printed.

Students get so caught up in the theories that they stop enjoying the art of reading, they stop enjoying the words printed on the page. For them it all becomes a rat race, of who can write a better paper, who can come up with a fitting theory.

One would argue that without theories, there would probably never be any breakthrough in the field of literature. It might be so, but there have been so many texts produced before the birth of these theories that are still reveled and will continue to hold a place in the arena of ‘literature’.

Enjoying literature is akin to letting it enter your thoughts, unfolding itself to you. It should not have to be complicated with theories and all. This, however, is my personal opinion. Learning literature has created a difference in me as a person. It makes you feel for others, compels you to think and somehow gets you to make a difference. This is why I would never abolish literature.

p/s: Am I terrible to say that I am proud of this wee little essay?

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October 5, 2010


Last weekend Amy stayed over at my place. On Saturday, I was out the whole day and came back to this wonderful surprise from her. She got me this sweet flower that I forgot to get the week before that (yes, I do forgot to buy things for myself. Lame, I know!) and a peacock feather (which she came across by chance)! I was so surprised!

It was such a lovely surprise! Thank you so much Amy!
Also, HOLY CRAP it's already OCTOBER!! damn, time flies!!
Hope y'all are having a great week!

p/s: Today is the removal of my wisdom tooth. Wish me luck y'all!!

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the good luck wishes. I had my tooth removed last night and today morning all the meds are making me feel real sick :( I guess it's time for me to head back to the bed and continue resting. It's going to be a soft diet for a whole week! and I am already so hungry and it's only the second day today *pout*.
be back soonish!


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