April 18, 2011

This is exactly what I have to do. I have exactly seven days to finish writing my project paper and send it in for final submission. I have also discovered that I am beginning to develop a love hate relationship with it. Not to mention, I am freaking out because I feel utterly clueless. Utterly clueless. I just received the commented version of my draft and there is a part of me that just wants to cry. Like really bawl my eyes out and cry. I have never felt frustration of this level with my own work before. And yet, here I am sitting, facing my work and inches away from yanking my hair out.

What am I supposed to do?



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April 7, 2011


As I am stuck in my apartment reading, eating, drinking and dreaming of my thesis; I am incredibly envious of that person who is out enjoying life and nature right now. I too want to walk barefoot on freshly cut grass. I too want to eat fresh strawberries on a picnic rug. I too want to be adventures and discover hidden places. In a way, I would love to be Alice and let myself fall (gracefully) into the the rabbit hole.

Soon, soon.

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April 1, 2011

Happy Things

Drinking yummy Blackcurrant tea with just a Milano cookie while doing my research

Flowers for my makeshift vase

Delicious fat free yogurt

Chendol: Extremely fattening Malaysian desert but oh-so-good on a hot and sunny day

Caramel drizzle on my Caramel Latte. Yum.

My in-fashion booties! lol

New flowers for my makeshift vase

Unhappy things:
Roses dying way too fast
Realising that there are only two weeks left to the end of sem and loads of things to submit
Not being able to go for yoga lessons constantly
Having fever off and on (even right now! :()
Realising that I only posted twice in March...bad blogger!!
Not being able to focus on writing my mini thesis..crappers!

Happy April Lovies!!
Missing you guys loads!!


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