August 29, 2011

August in Review

Well, on August 9, 2011 it was our first month of being husband and wife. And as expected we went through a lot of ups and downs. Adjusting to having someone live with you 24/7 is not easy. Especially when we had a relationship where at times we would go days without meeting each other. We missed each other like crazy but we still managed without each other. But what I feel is absolutely amazing, is that even though now we see each other everyday all the time, we still find moments that we miss each other. That for me, is magical and I hope it doesn't end.

Husband turned 30 on August 10, 2011. It's amazing how this man has grown from when I met him; he was 25 then.

I am finally getting a hang of my job, I think. Of course, it didn't come without my fair share of stupid mistakes and I-should-have-known-better moments. We have lots and lots of events and I have to make sure I dress up better. Since fasting month is almost over, I have no more excuse to be sloppy (other than the fact that I am sometimes!).

Keeping friends, dare I say it, is harder than making new ones. But the good thing is that I find that I am content with the current "friend situation" that I have. I feel like everyone of us is actually putting in effort to stay in touch and that is always a good thing.

And that is the August round up. Nothing that interesting or ground breaking but heck, I'll update if I want to! LOL

August 16, 2011

It's All About The Passion

It's been a week plus since I last updated my blog and in some way I feel as though I have neglected it. Yes, I was busy. And yes, there were things that happened last week that I would blog about on a normal basis. But that's not the real reason.

The real reason is that I have been really put off by some local bloggers in the blogosphere. No, they didn't do anything to me personally but it's all about their attitude towards blogging. For these people, blogging is just another way of making money. True, some very talented people do earn money of off blogging but it's not all about the money for them.

This just begs the question to be asked, why the heck did you start blogging anyways if all you want out of it is the moolah? It's not easy trying to put words and photos/pictures together to make a coherent thought. The whole idea is just that: to let people know on a place that's boundary-less, what your thoughts are. And after all this time, I have stumbled across fantastic personal blogs, parenting blogs (yeap, I read 'em even though I'm not a parent), fashion blogs and also food blogs. I do admit though that most of these bloggers that I follow are not local, except for the fashion bloggers maybe.

It's just incredibly disheartening to open blogs and have them talk about nothing but how much they make and blatantly telling people to click on their ads to help them make money. I know I have ads, but all this time, I have never made a single cent out of them. What I made, instead are these amazing friendships with people around the world who, if I were to email them saying I've got a problem, they'll probably screw the time difference and be there for me till I sort my issues out. I think that deserves more merit over any amount of money that blogging can make.

I am not saying that everyone shouldn't aspire to work on their blogs and make the most of it. What I think is important is the fact that we as bloggers do not forget why we started blogging in the first place.

And, that ladies and gents, ends my crazy rampage against random people who don't know I exist! LOL


August 8, 2011

Blushing Bride

Last Friday I got something in the post that really made me blush. The lovely Micaela sent over a belated birthday gift which doubled into a bridal shower present. Just when I needed a pick me up, this came in, I swear that girl is psychic!

When I opened it I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard that my face got so red! Even husband laughed at me. And now, to actually wear it! On our future honeymoon maybe? LOL ;)

p/s: tomorrow marks one month of being Mrs Boypren! :")

August 2, 2011

Love at Levain

After pestering him for months, husband (I love saying that) finally took me to Levain on Wednesday, last week. I have been reading rave reviews of this place because of it's desserts. Not to mention one of the husband's colleagues posted a picture of her holding a box filled with beautiful and colourful macaroons! That sealed the deal for me. Yes I am still on the macaroon craze you guys! It actually has made it very difficult for me to eat a cupcake. All I can go for now is only half a cupcake. That's just depressing isn't it? Husband had a chicken lasagna and I had a creamy mushroom and chicken soup. All of which was gobbled up in a matter of seconds. I didn't even have time to take any photos. By the way, if you are wondering why I only had soup, it was because I wanted to save some space for all the desserts that would soon call my tummy home! LOL. So yeah, on with the photos:

The beautiful front of Levain. It was decorated very much like the cafes in France (inside+outside) but the only thing missing was the right kinda of music to set the atmosphere. The ambiance music was something that is so reminiscent of Malaysia, it's been played anywhere and everywhere. Very generic!

Of course we need to have an outfit post. Another craze I am into right now is maxi dresses! I have three already, guilty as charged!! I absolutely love this piece though (even if husband says it makes me looks preggers, which I am not by the way!). I found it on a blogshop and it went out of stock in the matter of hours! I had to endure many challenges to get this maxi dress; much like Frodo and the Fellowship!! ;)

Finally, the macaroons...they...were..incredible!! I kid you not! This has to be the best ones that I have tasted so far in Malaysia. And trust me, I've had my far share of these diabetes-inducing babies! It was crisp on the outside and melted as soon as I took a bite out of it. Did I mention that the food was good too? It was really good! The only thing I didn't quite like was that they actually bake their own bread using a special yeast, so I didn't really like the taste of their baked goods (breads+buns). But other than that, it was good stuff you guys! I really can't wait to go back their again and sample more of their sugary goodness!

And this reminds me, I still have two more macaroons in my fridge!



August 1, 2011


Happy Ramadhan everyone!

Today is the first of August, the first day of work at a new job and the first day of Ramadhan. I am very lucky to have landed this job and it turns out that it is something I could really enjoy doing. So yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Other than that, I came home from work today and of course I had to prepare something for the breaking of our fast. We had a very simple dinner and God bless husbands soul, he helped me clean up the kitchen without even having to ask him. I was so extremely tired that I actually fell asleep in the car on the drive back home from work with husband. I am definitely very lucky to have him.

Have a happy week lovies!

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