October 29, 2011


Okay, seriously you guys, I am totally taken with this whole Nyan Cat phenomena. I wont say I'm obsessed with it just yes though. Either ways, I really really really would like to get my hands on some Nyan Cat merchandise. I haven't seen any over here yet (plus most Malaysians don't really know what Nyan Cat is *facepalm*). But what I would like the most is to get my paws on the scarf. Unfortunately, some are waaaaaaaay to expensive and the one that I really like (last pic) is not taking orders anymore.

How do I get my Nyan on?


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October 21, 2011


Lookie,lookie who fiiiiiiiiinally graduated: ME! And the best part, I didn't even know I was graduating till three weeks before the convocation. But I was still really excited for it. I felt that I worked my butt off for this and I deserve this 5 seconds of glory; to walk up on stage and receive my scroll! And so, on with the pictures! Can you see how much I am utilizing my new toy! ;)


October 20, 2011

Flourless Chocolate-Orange Almond Torte

After work and all I can think of is chocolate. I attempted to make this dessert, a flourless chocolate-orange almond torte but it didn't really work. I had no oranges at home so I used orange juice and my baking dish was too big for the portion I made. It was either this baking dish or a muffin tray. But I'm not too happy with the end result. I find the cake too dry. Maybe next time if I stick to the recipe the end result might be a bit different(?).



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