November 24, 2011

Jamie Oliver's Tray Baked Chicken

For the longest time, I have been bugging husband to get me the Jamie Oliver 30 Minutes Meal Cookbook. But instead of buying me the book, husband found me the online e-book. The recipes are great but the act of referring to the laptop time and time again is such a pain!

Anyways husband and I made the Tray Baked Chicken with Creamed Spinach and and Squashed Potatoes (I would like to link the recipe but I couldn't find it online). It was delicious! However, we definitely took more than 30 minutes though. A few reasons for that: 1. as soon as we came home we were rushing to say our Maghrib prayers 2. we were delayed with washing all the raw ingredients 3. in our tiny kitchen we only have two stove tops which basically means at any given time I can only put two pans on the fire. If any of you have tried following his recipe, you'll see that it's basically taking multi tasking to the next level! And the biggest lesson that I learnt was to always cook the chicken first!

It was a delicious dinner and I am pretty much excited to try my hand at more of the 30 minutes recipes!



November 23, 2011

Fashion Valet's First Birthday!

Last Wednesday my colleagues and I were invited to attend Fashion Valet's First Birthday Bash at Publika Mall, organized by the always so lovely Vivy Yusof (also known as Proudduck). This would basically be the first fashion show that I have attended. Participating in a university organized fashion show when I was 5 years old doesn't really count anymore. This one was for grown ups!

I love fashion and I love the shows but somehow, I felt extremely out of place there. Maybe it's 1. a confidence issue, 2. or the fact that almost everyone was decked out in designer wear which was seriously unnerving (I was wearing a really simple dress), 3. or how people sorta knew each other (thank God for my colleagues who were there), 4. or even the fact that I felt emasculated with the usage of my compact Sony DSLR. Anyways, I am really hoping that this does not stop me from attending other fashion shows, if I ever get the chance I mean.

But still I had a great time taking photos, so on with it!

Happy Birthday FV!

♥ the fresh flowers

Loving Furby's outfit! I am totally in love with the top, and I might be contemplating getting it for myself as well! ;)

My very simple black and white dress with turquoise beads. And yes, I am wearing flats. I didn't want to be unstable while taking photos (whaaaat? It's a reasonable explanation!)

All my colleagues with the lady of the hour (7th from the left)

Fooling around at the photo booth

There must be something about the heart shaped frames; why does it make us sad?!

NOM cake!

*Some of the looks that I can really see myself wearing*

And that is the end to the lovely fashion show that they had. Sadly I had to leave early, but I am so glad that I did not miss the fashion show! Secretly, I wish I was one of the models strutting my stuff. ;)

Happy Wednesday!


November 21, 2011

Lady Marmalade

Two weeks ago a few of my colleagues decided to have a girls-night-out/farewell party for one of my colleagues who is leaving really soon :( . Everyone 'lovingly' calls her Furby in the office! She is such a joy to have in the office. Always making people laugh and always saying the most random things. We will all miss her so much! =s

Miss Ladyboss Anne ;)

Trying to decide my noms. We went to Marmalade Cafe in Bangsar and my goodness, was the food delicious! The portions were quite big, especially for the mains! And the smoothies and desserts were too die for! It was such a good meal that I can't wait to take husband there for dinner; although apparently (according to Ladyboss Anne) their brunch is beyond awesome!

Nachos to start the night

My mouth watering beef lasagna

Sukahati's Wholesome Burger

Ladyboss Anne and Furby's Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Apparently this is how Sukahati looks when she is hungry! LOL



(L-R) Sukahati, Furby, Ladyboss and me

Us again

Sukahati is incredibly photogenic and a joy for candid photos

Bye-bye Furby *tears*

Smizing ala Tyra Banks

Some random outfit photos. I just love the colors in this outfit; good for a cranky morning!

And, another picture of myself!

Anyways, if you've read all the way here; I owe you one huge thank you! Thank you for giving me five minutes of your time and attention! So random, but really thank you. ;)

Anyways, I finally had a really nice girls night out and I left with an overall feeling of tiredness from laughing too hard. And that is a feeling, I believe, everyone should experience!

November 18, 2011

Eid-ul-Adha 2011

This year's Eid-ul-Adha was spent in my hometown Penang. Usually on this particular eid, things are more relaxed in the sense of that we don't usually have guests over. It is more family oriented. But when you have so many family members with different thoughts and opinions, things tend to get a little heated up. So just to get a bit of a respite from the 'chaos', my brother, cousin, husband and I went out for our usual eid morning breakfast (this has been a tradition of ours ever since I could remember!).

Husband enjoying his pandan coconut at the famous Abu Siti Lane, well famous only to Penangites I suppose. ;)

A beautiful textured wall that I just had to take a photo of. There are so many hidden treasures in Penang, all part of the 'old' Penang. And, it was painted purple!

Coffee to wake up the sleepy heads :)

My pretending-to-read-but-really-not-outfit-shot shot. That was a mouthful to say!

"Husband, whatcha looking at?"

A beautiful shot that husband took of the Penang port

Even though in the photos husband and I were all smiley, it was a pretty tough weekend for the both of us mentally and physically. But still, we had some good times with the boys at home and loads of laughs as well. And now, all I'm waiting for is another long weekend where I can just relax on the couch at home without really worrying about anything else.


November 16, 2011

Comfort in a Cup

It's that time of the year again, where the Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte makes an appearance. All I have to say is, 'Come to Mama!' Oh, and remember the extra sprinkles!

November 14, 2011

Flourless Chocolate-Orange Almond Torte Take 2

So, take two turned out much better that the first try. I used the orange zest and the smell was just beautiful. However, this little babies are so, so sinful! The next time I make these will only be when anyone requests it.

November 7, 2011

Sneak Peek

Yes, yes..I swear that is me! LOL! This is just a sneak peek of the wedding photos. More photos will be coming soon (fingers crossed). Anyways, I'm absolutely in love with the first picture. Which one is your pick? ;)


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