December 23, 2011

A Touch of Green and Red

Last Sunday night (holy crap it's been almost a week), I went for my first company dinner! 25 and I finally popped-the-company-dinner-cherry! LOL. It was pretty awesome as there were 80 ++ people from all over; Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Australia. Malaysia is currently the biggest office with the most staff; including yours truly.

So obviously, everyone had to dress to impress; HR even sent out an email with a proper invitation. We were even given a dress code; we were either to wear green, red or anything sparkly (Christmas colors). And since I bought a green maxi dress from Poplook which I haven't had the opportunity to wear, it definitely was my go to outfit. Especially with the accessories that I bought for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards (I wasn't attending as a guest mind you ;)). And, here is my outfit for the dinner. Just excuse the wall, I think it peed in the face of my awesome-ness!!

And these are a few of my favourite shots from the night:

My team with including the intern at the left

Girls being girls ;)

The entire Netccentric team

I initially wanted to post something longer but I figured who would actually want to read so many words, even I don't want to nowadays. Especially after coming home from work, all I want to do is see some pretty pictures! I by far am a terrible, terrible blogger.

Oh well, can't really do anything about it anyways! ;)

Have a wonderful long and Christmas-y weekend everyone! It's time to crank up the holiday tunes, and this is still my favourite. ;)


Katyha said...

merry christmas Farah, I hope it is a wonderful time spent with husband and family & friends. Kisses and hugs from me ;)

Faiza said...

gorgeous gal! gorgeous outfit! perfect styling!

wishing you all the best TT!

missy. said...

i'm so jealous of your facial features. ugh. you are absolutely gorgeous! love that dress. xoxo


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