February 28, 2011

Irrational Fears

✿ Doing the full body fold in yoga class. I am always afraid that while doing this pose we are all gona snap like twigs and break our backs!
✿ Low ceilings. I am afraid that I might hit my head walking under it. And I am actually quite short, about 5 feet 2.
✿ Blood not going down to my feet while wearing heels. It's not like my shoes are tight or anything, it's just an irrational fear!

What are your irrational fears?

Also, Happy Monday lovies

February 16, 2011

Brevity is the soul of lingerie-Dorothy Parker

Okay, honest confession time: I have always been that girl who wears comfy underwear. Cotton bras and panties. Never bothered if they were matching or not, as long as they were comfy enough to wear, I was good as gold. But now, things have changed.

Yesterday for the very first time, in my whole adult life, I bought lingerie. Like actual, lacy and matching lingerie! What brought about this change? Well, lets say a certain kind of bell might be ringing in the near future! That's all I am going to say about it, my lips are sealed. Also it was a sort of Valentines Day present to myself!

The buying process was grueling on my nerves! I was so extremely embarrassed by the fact that I was buying it without knowing what exactly I wanted! In the end I spent somewhat of a tiny fortune, but I am really pleased with the purchase. Also, I think I need to start shopping for it every month, to build up my collection. *blush*

I mean, there's nothing wrong with wearing pretty lingerie is there? My future husband is one lucky fellow, and I do say so myself! ;)

So answer me this, are you the 'comfy girl' like me, or are you the 'sex-kitten' girl?

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February 7, 2011


..I spent my Chinese New Year break:

❆ played paintball twice (two separate weekends)
❆ Finally sent out some mail
❆ Donated blood again
❆ Went for my other nephew's (Harris) 3rd birthday (he had a spongebob cake, adorable!)
❆ Went to the Museum to see a stamp exhibition (unfortunately I fell like a sack of potatoes on the steps)
❆ Tried to keep up with all that is happening in Egypt (another 113 Malaysian students are still missing in Egypt)
❆ Finished reading one novel for class but didn't study at all
❆ Took some snaps with my Mr.Pink (but haven't sent it in for processing)
❆ Missed yoga for almost two weeks because my instructors were celebrating Chinese New Year (and I now feel heavy and bloated!)

And today I can't walk properly due to all the physical exertion from Paintball. Oh, the pain!! But it was so damn worth it! The last game I took out one of the pro players who joined in with our group! It completely made my day! What can I say, I like shooting people! So yeah, hopefully my legs start to feel better tomorrow and I start going back to yoga classes soon. And oh, assignments and presentations are due. *bang* I'm dead!

See you soon!

February 2, 2011

February, Already?!

Oh my God, I think I missed the memo again! It's February already. So many things to do, so little time! I hope everyone is enjoying the month of love.

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