January 25, 2012

Coffee at Gurney

Last weekend was a long weekend as we celebrated one of the three major celebrations in Malaysia! Before I start rambling, Happy Chinese New Year to all! May we have a wonderful and prosperous year. Woopwoop!

Anyways, husband and I headed back to Penang to spend some time with my family. Usually we will reach Penang on Saturday early morning and will leave on Sunday afternoon, which usually doesn't really give us much time to really go anywhere or explore. So this time we went to the Botanical Gardens (see previous post here) on Saturday and to Gurney Drive on Sunday. Initially we wanted to go to the beach but the roads were so congested that we ended up having coffee by the Gurney Drive which is actually the Penang coastline. And that was the end to our evening. Now on to the pictures!

*first outfit shot of the year*

*loving the necklace that I borrowed from Mom*

*Love wearing palazzo pants. So comfy!*

*Addicted to the Valencia Frap from Starbucks, a Chinese New Year special*

*Husbands outfit shot LOL*

*I just love the tones in this photo*


*fixing hair?*

All in all, it was a great weekend. How I wish there are more four day weekends. But as usual, while on the way home (to our home in KL) I, naturally, got sick. I swear, I think I am allergic to long weekends. After going to the doctors today, I am diagnosed with an infected sinus. So my ears feel blocked, my nose is blocked and my cheekbones hurt. And I had to take leave from work today. Yeah, basically I feel like a horse has trampled all over my body, with a feel extra minutes at my face! Credits to husband for taking emergency leave to be with me today. Gotta give him extra brownie points, that's for sure! ;)

Anyways, I've got to go now. Gotta inhale more meds and off to bed. Happy Thursday everybody!

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junee said...

darling, u n ur hubby sgt sgt cute ok. i love those palazzo pants. u pull it off so well!



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