January 14, 2012

Macaroon Heaven

Well, if anyone of you read the previous post you would know that there was a little maggot in my head about making my very first batch of macaroons. I tried, and failed colossally! Whatever you think could possibly went wrong...well, it went wrong! I followed this (what I believed to be) relatively simple macaroons recipe. Which was targeted for first timers by the way. So to count the ways in which I wasted my Saturday evening:

1. It took me hours to sieve through the almond and icing sugar mix. And the recipe called for three times sieving! I of course only did it once.
2. After whipping the egg whites and adding the cream of tartar, I FORGOT to add the castor sugar and immediately added the almond and icing sugar mix.
3. I added the castor sugar after I folded the almonds and icing sugar into my egg whites and messed up the consistency of the batter. It became too runny.
4. While I was trying to pipe my runny batter into pretty little beige disks, the piping bag split open in my hand! My hands were covered in batter. And it was a cloth piping bag, meaning I didn't have a spare one lying around.

At that moment I really felt like just chucking everything and just watching some lame TV reality show and just not give a crap. But my brother and husband were both trying to encourage me to bake whatever that was still salvageable of the batter. I tried to improvise and put the batter into cupcake liners and I only managed to fill six. And seeing how pathetic they look, I decided that these macaroons wannabes are better of in macaroon heaven where they will be much happier without having to burn them in the oven, prolonging their torture.

So, when I stepped on the pedal thingy to open up the trash can, I said a little prayer: 'Dear God of Macaroons, Please accept these runny little munchkins into your abundantly sweet and possibly diabetic version of heaven. Yours truly, Farah'. Once the lid slammed shut, the only thing that was running in my mind was, 'Thank God I didn't attempt to make some fancy ganache filling!'

There you have it, ladies and gents; my first baking failure. At least it was failing at making macaroons and not something insipid as sugar cookies *rolls eyes*. If that was the case, I would probably be too ashamed to 'show off' my cooking here, ever!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovies; I am definitely planning on putting my feet up till Monday! ;)

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Sara said...

Awww, I know how bad it must have felt. I have gone through baking failure(s) before. I am sorry!

I want to make gingerbread! I think I should. What is one thing you really want to bake this week? Well, other than macaroons!


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