February 27, 2012

Of Lanterns, Cherry Blossoms and A Chinese New Year

Well, I am feeling full of lights recently. I can't help but be fascinated by the way that my Mr Pink captures light. I actually have another set of film of Mr Pink capturing lights at an amusement park which I should be (hopefully) blogging about soon. ;) 

Anyways, I took this set recently at a mall right after Chinese New Year. I used to pass by this set of decorations everyday after work and everyday I used to tell husband that I really desperately want to take Mr Pink out for a spin with these beautiful light trees. I mean seriously, the pink ones look so much like cherry blossoms. So here's to that, enjoy my blurry and (hopefully) dreamy photos of lights! ;)

I do really think though that I might need to invest in a proper tripod (you know that ones that actually reach the waist) so that my night pictures are not so blurry. But anyways, I looooove the effects of Mr Pink so far. *sigh* Hope you loved the pictures as much as I do. ;)


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