April 17, 2012

Buzz, Woody & An Edible Rapunzel

Last Saturday I hosted a birthday party for my niece and nephew. It was supposed to be a Rapunzel and Toy Story themed birthday. God bless their mom as she went out of her way to make sure that there were at least some elements of the theme present on that day as the entire thing was planned within a week. I made bolognese sauce, meat muffins, garlic bread and hubs helped (a lot) with the roasting of the chicken. The chicken as gone in a matter of minutes, I have one meat muffin in my fridge and a small pot of sauce leftover in the fridge; that's all!

The one thing that gets me happy after cooking is the fact that there are people who enjoy eating my food, at least I hope they do! ;) Anyways, after food and quite a while of waiting for the rain to stop; we took the kids swimming in the pool and they all had a great time. Even the babies were swimming in the adult pool!

And now, as usual, on to the photos...

Buzz and Woody celebrating Affef's Birthday!

Princess Lana

Botak the Churpie ambushed the birthday!! And is probably thinking about eating all the fooooooood!!

The two cakes; unleash the omnomnom Monster!!!

From a cloud comes a beee-yuuuuu-tiful rainbow!!!

Husband and his nephew. And yeap it's correct they are in 1.2m depth!

Birthday boy taking a swim.

A dimpled Princess.

And this ends the birthday post. May the image of this uber cute and spunky dimpled Princess be burnt into your retinas! Have a good midweek you lot!!

1 comment:

Joel Wong said...

I WANT A RAINBOW CAKE TOO! *vomits rainbows*
and i jelly that your nephew and niece have such awesome cakes. i want Toy Story cake too!


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