April 9, 2012

How To Get To Pangkor Island

Well, first of all you wake up super early. Once you are done packing, you start panicking because you lose your fav sunnies (which you later find underneath the seat of your car after the trip). Then wait for your friends to pick you up. Then head over to another friend's place to pick her up. Then set on off on your journey. At about 11-ish a.m. take a pit-stop at Bidor because one of your friend's is really hungry. Stop at some random Indian curry house on the way to the Lumut jetty

And while you are at the Curry House, do take a peek at the local newspaper - the Tamil newspaper.

Also, just for keepsakes; remember to take a group photo at the random restaurant for fun.

Teach and refresh your own memory on how to use lomo-cameras, more specifically the Diana.

Take loads of group photos on the ferry, because the group is complete after a long time.

Take even more pictures of yourself (with the wind blowing in your hair) once the ferry starts moving.

Amuse your partner and take loads of his photos (this method also helps to kill time during the 30 minutes ferry ride).

And there; up ahead you can see the beautiful blue-green water, the rustic jetty and the rolling hills with lush, dense forests.

Heading to Pangkor was a great idea, with all my colleagues and their partners. It was a great time to chill and enjoy some down time. Well, like one of my colleagues partner said, this trip was 'scheduled relaxation' time.

The great thing about going in a group is that there never is a dull moment whenever we are all together. I do really love this crazy bunch of people that I (used to) work with. Okay, I think I'm done with writing, really need to go get some sleep now. Nothing cute or catchy to say other than have a great week; you, the person who is reading this. ;)

Loads of love (and yawns) from the sleepyhead!

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melmonica said...

Eh eh eh bila nih? Tak ajak pun. My hometown k!


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