April 18, 2012

Making A Statement

When statement necklaces first hit the fashion scene, I was a little apprehensive. It looked to big, chunky and sometimes even a bit tacky. But now I really can't help but love them as I think that it adds a little va-vavoom and spice to an ordinary outfit. I got these babies from Diva the other day. Although I have to say that these are not the ones that I was initially eyeing. I was actually lusting after this orange and gold Egyptian inspired collar but when I put it on, it was waaaaaay too huge for me. Anyways, I got these after realizing that I only have a grand total of ONE statement necklace and that one I have used over, and over, and over again! I could link many more photos of me in the same gold metal plates necklace but hey, I doubt that most of you would even be taking a look at it.

Oh...and there is another one that I am just itching to add into my collection! Itching you guys, literally itching!!

1 comment:

melmonica said...

Get the first 1 babe, it's so cunted!!


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