April 15, 2012

What To Do Once You Have Reached Pangkor

So, what to do once you are already in Pangkor?

1. Strike a pose and make sure that your wife has the camera handy to expertly snap it.

2. Take a group picture too because you might not be able to take it later on.

3. After checking in, make sure you take some time to chill on the beach while waiting for cupcakes.


5. Head over to the Coral Island and get some time in the water.

6. Take a water tour with the guide and name him Mr. Negative: "This is Monkey Bay, but there are no Monkeys", "This is Coral Island but there are no corals"; that was basically the theme of the entire duration of the tour!

7. Take an awesome portrait shot of your friend who was sitting at the front of the boat.

8. Reluctantly take a picture of the stone that looks like a whale, because Mr. Negative sorta forced you too!

9. Take another picture at the beach during sunset.

10. Go into Teluk Nipah for ikan bakar dinner. Nom all the Siakap and Stingray!


12. On the next day, after checking out of the hotel, head over to the fish satay factory and buy loads of  seafood based junkfood.

13. Appreciate the intricate design of the Fu Lin Kong Temple, and do remember to spare a look at the huge Arapaima and Arowana fishes.

14. Take funny pictures at Kota Belanda.

15. Race against time to catch the 2.30pm ferry to the mainland and also forget to take a final group picture. But to remember to take loads of pictures on the deck of the ferry.

And this boys and girls is the summary of what we did in Pangkor Island. It was a super short two day, one night vacation but I have to say it was pretty much enough for me. I had a great time with my friends and colleagues and of course with husband. Do check out Ladyboss Anne's blogpost here I do have to say she is pretty funny when she finally does blog! ;)

Anyways, have a great Monday people (if it's even possible)! ;)

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