May 31, 2012

Tioman Part Dos

On our last night there, there was a barbecue on the beach. Truth be told I was really looking forward to this and couldn't wait to dig in to some grilled fish. 

Grilled fish; marinated and served with a lemon on the side to be squeezed on top. NYUM! They had grilled chicken, lamb, corn and potatoes along with other side dishes. It was a really good meal.

When husband made the reservations, he told the staff that we were on our honeymoon (although we have been married for 10 months). But, it's not far from the truth actually. We have never had our honeymoon since we tied the knot, and this was it. Well, I like to call it the first of our many mini-moons! ;) Anyways, it seems that they have this tradition where the staff at Bagus get honeymooners to light up the bonfire during the BBQ. So we lit the heart with another couple and that made the stay just so much more memorable.

 Just taking a few more photos around the beautiful place. Believe it or not, this rock is usually half submerged by water when the tide is high (suddenly the song 'Tide is high' is playing in my mind...ZZzzZZZzz).

Our final morning there and of course we had to take the obligatory feet shot. I just notice that it looks like my toenails are missing! LOL. Don't freak out it was just getting buried in the sand.

And yes, I was cheesy and got husband to take a picture of this. Yes, I am a cheese-ball. Too bad, so sad. ;)

One final look at Bagus and a very sad goodbye! I really wish I could go back there, like tomorrow or something. But unfortunately I can't. But going back there, is definitely in the books. ;)

While waiting for the ferry at the jetty and we could still see fishes there. Some of the kind people with bread to spare were feeding them. Damn, they are so greedy! I could literally see them devouring the pieces of bread. It was gone in mere seconds.

After waiting for close to two hours, we finally got on the ferry and were on our way back to the mainland. We were really hungry and practically sped off to the nearest KFC. Suffice to say it was a good meal. ;)

*Sigh*...I honestly really do miss this place and am really looking forward to go back there again. Plans are sort of in the works! ;) This stay at Bagus Place Retreat is really something special. It made me realize that as a couple we should allocate some time where we are not distracted with things like work and technology. Just some time to devote to the well being of our relationship. I think that is really important to maintain a healthy married life.

Well, that's just my two cents. ;)

May 30, 2012

Tioman Part Uno

Right after reaching Bagus Place Retreat and gawking at the clear blue water, we were received by their staff and were given welcome drinks. I had the Big Friendly Giant; a whole mix of juices and husband had boring old Diet Coke (throughout the whole trip I should add). It was really lovely just hanging out at the bar. It was so nice with the breeze with such a spectacular view.

Understandably, we were exhausted by the time we reached Bagus. So we took a nap, woke up and off we went snorkeling. The tide was low; so we went to the jetty and this was the view we got from there. We really couldn't get enough of the view. If you notice the twin peaks below, those are nesting sites for eagles. And if you're lucky you'll be able to see eagles soooooaaaaring in the sky!

It's snorkel time baybeh! It was the first time that I ever went snorkeling. And for someone who loves the beach and all that, I was actually pretty darned scared to go for a swim even with the life jacket on. Though the tide was low but holy crap was the current strong! You can pretty much see the waves in the photo. But I have to say it was so much fun! Like really, for the first time snorkeling I was lucky enough to actually see a turtle swimming underwater *cue National Geographic music*. Apparently some visitors who have stayed there for seven days didn't even manage to see the turtle even once! And not to mention I even saw a Clown Fish *waves at Nemo*, some Angel Fish, some Regal Tang *waves at Dory* and many more fishes. Getting to see all these sea life made my first snorkeling experience something amazing! This will definitely set the bar for all those other times in the future that I go snorkeling!

Finally a photo of us together; thank god for tiny portable tripods! This was after dinner there and the food was delicious. Just like home cooked food, and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't just serve seafood. They had beef that night also. I had soooo much of Mango juice though, it was really lovely! Hot, humid + cold, sweet mango juice = heeeeeaaaaaveeeeeen!!

Day two at Bagus and we still haven't had enough of taking photos. The place is just that beautiful! Breakfast was really something to look forward too. They had cereal, bread, loads of different types of spreads *squeals...Nutella*, and even a special menu to choose from with omelette, pancakes and more!

And right after that, it was time to take a dive in the lovely salt water! I have never had that much fun swimming in the sea before this. Usually I would be on the lookout for things that are not supposed to be in the water. But honestly most of the time I just opt to not go in...the water is usually diiiirrrrrrrtyyyyy!!! Here, I didn't have to worry about any of that. And, it wasn't even crowded. I think husband and I were the only two people fooling around at the beach that time.

We snorkeled until the sun was almost setting. We sat there enjoying the view and just taking it all in.

Another beautiful shot of Bagus Place right from out deck.

The best thing of all was that this particular place had no cell reception for any of the telco lines! And for someone who even gets phone calls from the office on a Saturday morning like husband, this is something to be grateful for. No interference or distractions from technology. All you need to do is enjoy the surrounding beauty!

That's all for Part Uno on Bagus Place, Tioman. More coming up soon! *fingers crossed*

May 28, 2012

The Love Boat

Welcome to the loooooove boat!! Before I go on and on about the snorkeling and the food at Bagus, check this out; yeap we were literally living in a boat. Don't worry we wouldn't have gone anywhere as the boat was secure on land.

This is what you get as soon as you enter the door. The lower deck has two day beds, which we used as desks to gather all out stuff. Such messy inhabitants the two of us!

Then there's the stairs taking you upstairs. I have to say it though, those stairs were steep! I was really afraid of falling down, thus really not kid friendly (even though we don't have to worry about that yet!). But yeah when climbing up, I was almost literally on all fours and when going down, I had to grab at the sides to support me.

This is the main bedroom on the top deck and where we bunked for the two nights stay. The windows at the side are all functional. But for some strange reason, I was really afraid that monkeys will be peeking in on us!

It's so lovely to throw these doors open early in the morning and hear the waves crashing against the rocks. *wave....craaaaashhhhhhh*

This is an additional room that is attached to the Boat House. It's not on the boat house so me thinks that it was probably a later addition. Husband absolutely loved this room. If he could he would have slept here at night as well! 

And this was what we saw every time we sat on the deck. It doesn't seem like much but sometimes that's all we need. The sound of the waves, the cool breeze, the rusting of the leaves....*aaaaaah* I wish I could go back there right now! We spent quite a lot of time here, snacking on fruits and chips while quietly enjoying the beauty of this place.

And finally, the toilet. It was quite a small space but definitely equipped with all the basic needs. And it was clean too! No molding whatsoever visible in the wood in the toilet. And that is gooooooood!

I actually sort of thought that the Boat House was going to be a bit dusty and possibly rough around the edges. But what I got was something more cosy and comfortable. Anywhere that there was a mattress, you could very well just fall asleep there!

The Bagus Place Retreat has seven, if I'm not mistaken, chalets provided. And each one is unique in its own way. So yeah, I can now happily tell people that I've lived on a boat, and that wouldn't even be a lie! LOL!

p/s: Today I am officially 26 years old; that is ooooooooold!! I realized that I did not blog about it being my birth month or even mention it in passing. But hey, I guess this is part of growing up I suppose. Who am I kidding, right? I just got busy with my life and sort of forgot about it. Anyhooooooo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! *pops confetti*

May 27, 2012

Getting There

Husband sort of surprised me a few weeks ago by booking a short #beachplease vacay to Tioman. It seems like husband got bit by the beach bug after our Pangkor escapade. When I say sort of surprised, it went something like this. Husband researched the place all by himself and then right before booking, he sorta had cold feet and asked me first about the pricing of the retreat that we were heading to. But after that, I wasn't allowed to even Google the place!

So, we woke up at 3.00am on a Saturday morning with something like only two hours of sleep. We hit the road at 4-ish in the morning and off we went. Taking a slow drive and stopping a bunch of times for gas and breakfast. Side tracking a bit, KFC's breakfast is really terrible, you guys! I was actually quite shocked by it. The regular Malaysian breakfast of nasi lemak or roti canai would have been heavenly compared to that!

Anyways, 367km later we found ourselves at Mersing, Johor and almost immediately after reaching we got onto the 10.00am ferry. The ferry took almost 1 and a half hours (possibly more) to reach Tioman Island. The sea was choppy that day and the boat was so rocky. Poor husband was feeling a bit seasick so to take his mind of it, of course it was picture time! ;)

And after all that, we finally reached Genting, Tioman Island. This wasn't the place that we were going to stay at though. Just a rest stop before another speedboat picks us up and takes us to the side of the island that we were going to be shacking up at!

Because we were there so early (reached Genting at 11.45 am) and the speedboat was to pick us up only at 2.00pm, we were hanging out at Genting for almost two hours. I think I had the best nasi goreng kampung there! It was spicy and loaded with chicken; just the way I like it!

The beautiful view at the Genting beach. At this point I just couldn't take it anymore and just wanted to dive into the sea.

 Finally walking to the jetty to our waiting speedboat at 1.45pm.

Husband on the speedboat. Again, the sea was choppy and the boat ride was sooooo bumpy! My poor behind as we went through so many jumps!

And finally we were there. Clear blue water as far as the eyes could see.

This was what greeted us as we walked down the plank jetty to our retreat, Bagus Place Retreat at Tioman. I have to say that when husband was telling me about this place I was pretty much skeptical on what would be greeting us (in terms of cleanliness and clarity of the sea) especially being an island dweller myself. But this place really took me by surprised and held up to my expectations (possibly surpassed it).

Of course, I'm not gona cram everything into one post (who would read it??) so do stay tuned for more on Tioman and Bagus Place Retreat!

May 24, 2012

If I could...

...take a slice out of heaven, I'm pretty sure that it would look something like this!

Bagus Place Retreat, 19-21 May, 2012

May 15, 2012

Psychedelic Lights

Sometime last year in May husband (well, before he became husband ;)) and I went to a really rickety and dodgy looking funfair. I decided to take Mr. Pink there and these are the results of my little experiment. I sort of didn't know what exactly to expect from the snaps. One thing though, I do wish that I had left the shutter open longer than just 30 seconds. I wonder what else would have been captured by my Mr. Pink.


May 14, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Last Friday marked the last day for me working at Nuffnang. Yeap, I am officially an ex-Nuffie. It sorta feels weird right now talking about it, somewhat surreal. Although I have to admit, not really needing to waking up early in the morning is a different kind of awesome.

My close group of colleagues threw me a surprise barbeque. I was blindfolded all the way to the destination and once there Suekahati sorta blew the cover by yelling at someone to go fan the chicken! The thing is, I have never had a surprise party thrown for me before. And when the girls started talking about my farewell, I would always bug them with throwing a surprise party for me. Although at that time, I never expected them to take me seriously and actually do it. It really meant so much to me that these busy ladies took the time out and actually planned something that was so great for me. I am honestly astounded by the fact that I am so lucky to have worked side by side with them, which then bloomed into friendship.

I had always thought that I wouldn't really be long at the company, just personal circumstances I suppose would get in the way. And because of that I never used to let husband call these girls my friends. I stressed over and over again that these girls are my colleagues and that was it. But somehow, I grew so extremely attached to them along the way. I guess the more I didn't want to be attached to them, the more I grew closer to them. And right now, I am super grateful for them. I really hope that this friendships maintain no matter where all of us are.

So, on to the BBQ photos:

Ladyboss Anne: The best cheerleader + supporter you can ever ask for

Mama Thara: The best person to have long insightful talks with

Suekahati: The person who will always remind you when you need it the most; that people are not perfect

Vicloke: The confused uncle who always has a song to share

Joel: The baby of the group, who is collectively everyone's baby

I am really gona miss this crazy group of people plus even their kooky partners who I have grown to know better. *SIGH* Now I have this heaviness on my chest and this lump in my throat. Not liking this at all. But *pats self on the shoulder* I manage to hold myself together very well, managing not to cry whilst packing up the office and also at the BBQ and before leaving. So yeah, am proud of myself in that sense.

I do have to say though, that being at home when I am normally in the office really feels weird. But right now, all I have to do is look forward to the future and what it holds. Hope to be able to update with good news soon.

Happy Monday lovies!


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