May 28, 2012

The Love Boat

Welcome to the loooooove boat!! Before I go on and on about the snorkeling and the food at Bagus, check this out; yeap we were literally living in a boat. Don't worry we wouldn't have gone anywhere as the boat was secure on land.

This is what you get as soon as you enter the door. The lower deck has two day beds, which we used as desks to gather all out stuff. Such messy inhabitants the two of us!

Then there's the stairs taking you upstairs. I have to say it though, those stairs were steep! I was really afraid of falling down, thus really not kid friendly (even though we don't have to worry about that yet!). But yeah when climbing up, I was almost literally on all fours and when going down, I had to grab at the sides to support me.

This is the main bedroom on the top deck and where we bunked for the two nights stay. The windows at the side are all functional. But for some strange reason, I was really afraid that monkeys will be peeking in on us!

It's so lovely to throw these doors open early in the morning and hear the waves crashing against the rocks. *wave....craaaaashhhhhhh*

This is an additional room that is attached to the Boat House. It's not on the boat house so me thinks that it was probably a later addition. Husband absolutely loved this room. If he could he would have slept here at night as well! 

And this was what we saw every time we sat on the deck. It doesn't seem like much but sometimes that's all we need. The sound of the waves, the cool breeze, the rusting of the leaves....*aaaaaah* I wish I could go back there right now! We spent quite a lot of time here, snacking on fruits and chips while quietly enjoying the beauty of this place.

And finally, the toilet. It was quite a small space but definitely equipped with all the basic needs. And it was clean too! No molding whatsoever visible in the wood in the toilet. And that is gooooooood!

I actually sort of thought that the Boat House was going to be a bit dusty and possibly rough around the edges. But what I got was something more cosy and comfortable. Anywhere that there was a mattress, you could very well just fall asleep there!

The Bagus Place Retreat has seven, if I'm not mistaken, chalets provided. And each one is unique in its own way. So yeah, I can now happily tell people that I've lived on a boat, and that wouldn't even be a lie! LOL!

p/s: Today I am officially 26 years old; that is ooooooooold!! I realized that I did not blog about it being my birth month or even mention it in passing. But hey, I guess this is part of growing up I suppose. Who am I kidding, right? I just got busy with my life and sort of forgot about it. Anyhooooooo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! *pops confetti*

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