May 11, 2012

An Office Nook

This last few days I've somewhat started this new obsession of pinning shots of gorgeous home office spaces. I guess ever since I gave up my home office space to husband and focused more on the actual office, I have sort of felt a bit lost whenever I'm home. Most of the time I'm in front of the tele, on the couch or on the floor cradling my laptop. In some ways, this has diminished my...err...blogging fire. The position itself is so so lazy that when I do log into I already feel lazy. I am sleepy and all I wana do is surf or it could go completely the other way and I just end up shutting my laptop. I really really love the shot of the office space below. I really like it. Wish I can have a space like that of my own.

This one above is a great one for husband. Not too girly and yet everything is organised. And husband has seen it and he sorta likes it too! Ah...just waiting for a time where I have enough space (and money) to realise my dream!

all images from my Pinterest account

1 comment:

Lady Jewels Diva® said...

First of all I wouldn't have given it up to him, but you did, so can't you share?


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