May 1, 2012

Port Dickson In A Few Hours

Some of you guys probably know that generally on my side, I have loads of nieces and nephews. The thing is, these kids are almost all grown up, in their teens, tweens and whatever nots. But, on husband's side, God Bless, we have loads of teeny tiny teetering tots! Seriously, we really do. And I have to say in a very short time, they have all made their own special places in my heart. But good God the mischief that these kids get into...only one with a well of patience can handle them, and by that I mean their parents. I totally respect them for not going all 'Hulk smash!' in the face of all the temper tantrums, fights amongst siblings and bad behavior. I guess, once you do carry a child for nine months, the parent's patience increases ninefold. Which again, I guess, is usually why the youngest is most probably the most spoilt of the lot as they can manage to get away with almost anything (*hint* me *hint*). 

Anyways, last Sunday husband and I took an extremely short trip down to Port Dickson. The family was staying there for three days, two nights having managed to take Monday leave before Labor Day on Tuesday (*pops confetti* Happy Labor Day!!). Unfortunately, husband and I were sorta stuck with work on Monday and thus we didn't make it for the whole trip. But, we still did manage to get in some quality time with all the nieces and nephews on Sunday. Later that night we had a special dinner of ikan bakar and loads of other seafood. It was fantastic! Unfortunately no photos of the food; just some random photos of the time that we were there. On to the photoooooos!! ;)

The view from our balcony

At the beach. The tide was really low, so all we could do was sit a bit and just enjoy the breeze.

This is basically how the units looked like; but they were more like townhouses with one and a half stories.

The big kid in the water!

The little tots in the water!

All in all it was a pretty tiring day trip but well worth it to see all the happy tots and of course the happy elders. Seeing everyone happy and having a good time basically is one of the most important things in life, I find.

Here's to more good times!


missy. said...

i am so jealous. that looks like an amazing getaway. i definitely need one of those. xoxo

Sharidawati Shahrudin said...

a very very veryyy nice scenery there !


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