May 31, 2012

Tioman Part Dos

On our last night there, there was a barbecue on the beach. Truth be told I was really looking forward to this and couldn't wait to dig in to some grilled fish. 

Grilled fish; marinated and served with a lemon on the side to be squeezed on top. NYUM! They had grilled chicken, lamb, corn and potatoes along with other side dishes. It was a really good meal.

When husband made the reservations, he told the staff that we were on our honeymoon (although we have been married for 10 months). But, it's not far from the truth actually. We have never had our honeymoon since we tied the knot, and this was it. Well, I like to call it the first of our many mini-moons! ;) Anyways, it seems that they have this tradition where the staff at Bagus get honeymooners to light up the bonfire during the BBQ. So we lit the heart with another couple and that made the stay just so much more memorable.

 Just taking a few more photos around the beautiful place. Believe it or not, this rock is usually half submerged by water when the tide is high (suddenly the song 'Tide is high' is playing in my mind...ZZzzZZZzz).

Our final morning there and of course we had to take the obligatory feet shot. I just notice that it looks like my toenails are missing! LOL. Don't freak out it was just getting buried in the sand.

And yes, I was cheesy and got husband to take a picture of this. Yes, I am a cheese-ball. Too bad, so sad. ;)

One final look at Bagus and a very sad goodbye! I really wish I could go back there, like tomorrow or something. But unfortunately I can't. But going back there, is definitely in the books. ;)

While waiting for the ferry at the jetty and we could still see fishes there. Some of the kind people with bread to spare were feeding them. Damn, they are so greedy! I could literally see them devouring the pieces of bread. It was gone in mere seconds.

After waiting for close to two hours, we finally got on the ferry and were on our way back to the mainland. We were really hungry and practically sped off to the nearest KFC. Suffice to say it was a good meal. ;)

*Sigh*...I honestly really do miss this place and am really looking forward to go back there again. Plans are sort of in the works! ;) This stay at Bagus Place Retreat is really something special. It made me realize that as a couple we should allocate some time where we are not distracted with things like work and technology. Just some time to devote to the well being of our relationship. I think that is really important to maintain a healthy married life.

Well, that's just my two cents. ;)

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