June 3, 2012

Melaka For A Meal

As we were listening to the radio on the way home from Tioman, all the updates that were coming in were traffic updates on the current road situation. It was already 6.00pm plus and everywhere, and I really mean everywhere was jammed up. As we live in an area that is pretty much jam central no matter which route we took, we would still be stuck in the rush hour jam. Plus it didn't help that it was a Monday afternoon! As soon as I saw the highway sign for Melaka, I randomly said to husband; let's go for seafood dinner in Melaka. And the best part was that he agreed! Once we reset Albert the Garmin GPS, we were on our way. Initially we were heading to Umbai because that was where husband had seafood long long time ago. But as soon as we got there, we realised it was a big mistake. All the vendors were competing against each other to get us to eat at their stalls! Husband was totally put off and so was I! It was really terrible.

A quick google search and a bunch of phone calls later, we were headed to Muara Sg Duyong. Holy crap was the food good! And you know the food is delicious when throngs of people keep coming in to the restaurant on a freaking Monday night!

We had kerang (cockles), ikan siakap (half grilled plain, half grilled with chili) and grilled crabs. All that came up to less than RM50.00 for two people. Amaze-balls! The last picture truly shows how much we, especially husband enjoyed dinner. And we really truly did. The meat from the grilled crab was so extremely fresh and tasted so sweet *wipes drool*. And the kicap chili dip was soooo spicy, even I felt the bite after tasting just a bit! If only we can do another spontaneous road trip like, actually makan trip, like this. OMNOMNOM!

What say you, husband? ;)

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