June 22, 2012

Spicy Cajun Fried Chicken

For a few days I have been having this craving for Southern style fried chicken (I partially blame True Blood for that). After going through a bunch of recipes I thought, 'hell, I can make this at home by myself!' The recipe called for basic stuff but there were one or two things that I didn't have: garlic powder, grounded white pepper, buttermilk and the all important Louisiana hot sauce. Of course before frying we had to marinate the chicken. Since I didn't have the important hot sauce, I used the Nando's Extra Hot Sauce, a lot of grounded black pepper and cayenne pepper, four cloves of garlic and some salt. I mixed it all up nicely and rubbed it onto the chicken and let it sit in the refrigerator for something like two hours (min an hour). 


Since I didn't have buttermilk, I took regular milk; put two teaspoon of cream of tartar. After stiring it in properly, I let it sit for ten minutes. I also took some wheat flour and added some cayenne pepper powder into the mix. So take the chicken and dip it into the buttermilk then coat it with flour and then FRY those suckers! The smell is amaze-balls! 

Since I am pretty much a hazard when it comes to frying things (hot oil + bird brain me = recipe for a disaster), I got husband to help me fry these babies. We fried them in vegetable shortening till they were golden brown and pretty. I didn't deep fry them because that would be wasting too much of oil and damn y'all that's pretty unhealthy too!


There was also buttery mash potatoes and a garlic gravy to have with these little golden bits of spiciness! I do have to say that the taste was pretty damn near what I was imagining in my head. And  sinking my teeth into it's fried goodness was a whole level of deliciousness!

But since we were absolute noobs at frying chicken, there were a few disappointing pieces that were not fried to perfection, but that's all right, we refried the chicken at night and continued on feasting while watching TV. Well, I would like to be all Jamie Oliver and tell you that you should totally try this recipe and bla bla bla; but seriously, you should try making your version of Spicy Cajun Friend Chicken because it's so fricken' easy!


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