July 12, 2012

Bard in The Botanics


Today I'm in a pretty good mood. The sun is shining. Yeap, that's the cause of it the joyous mood: the sun! But also the fact that last night I finally did get to cross off another thing off my bucket list; I managed to catch a performance of Romeo and Juliet in the Botanical garden. It was definitely a first for me. Since it was summer they were set to perform the play in the open space but unfortunately it was raining (surprise, surprise *rolls eyes*) and it was performed indoors. If it was outdoors, it would have been so awesome! *nerd on*


Well, I wouldn't say that it was a professional staging but it wasn't all amateur either. The dialogues were spoken as in the original script and it was breath-taking (at points). I could go on and on about the play and the staging and how the recycled the actors for a few characters, but really all I can think about right now is the time I spent in my undergraduate years attempting to stage plays, failing and succeeding in it and oh my god..the worst was when I had to act. In my undergrad years I had to act a grand total of three times. Although one of the three times I was a tree so maybe that one shouldn't be counted.

But I really find that I miss all of that (except the acting part). I miss the team I had, the friends that I made and the lecturers/advisers that I got close too. Is this the beginning of homesickness that I start thinking of all those things that I left behind?

Anyways, no point dwelling on ghosts past. The acting was really great, even though Juliet was kinda moti (chubby); there I said it! I know I am moti too, so yeah. *sticks tongue out* Pfffffft. I almost did cry at the end though because I could really believe that these two people were so young and so madly in love with each other that nothing else other than togetherness, either in life or death, would suffice.


Husband said, it was like a Bollywood movie/story. I told him, 'It's the love story that inspired all the others' and all I got in return was him rolling his eyes at me and a #notbad.jpg look. *sighs* Can't teach people who love numbers to love words, I guess. But all in all, it was a good way to spend the evening, and let me tell you that by 10pm it was 10degrees in Glasgow! Ten ten! LOL! I was attempting to entertain myself at the bus stop by singing (don't worry we were alone) and I could see my own breath! Erm..hello Scotland, if you haven't gotten the memo, it's supposed to be freaking summer! I suggest that you buck up and let the sun come out to play! Kthxbai!


Oh..wait..wait...not forgetting this Saturday is going to be the coldest day in summer; 4degrees. In summer. I rest my case. If you see me, I shall be busy wrapping myself up in any and all available blankets that I can get my hands on, kthxbai.

Good evening Scotland. Goodnight Malaysia.


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