July 2, 2012

The Story of June in July

I left my job not because I had a different opportunity lined up, not because I was going to be a full time house wife and not because I was pregnant.

I left my job because; I am moving to Scotland bitchez!

Yeap, you read it right; I am moving to Scotland for a grand total of three years (possibly four). Husband got this fantastic opportunity to get his doctorate and I of course told him to grab it with both hands and feet!

But dear Lord the process of getting there was so strenuous. We had to go through so many organisations and officers of the respective organisations that at the end of it all, what I really want to do is look them dead in the eye and ask, 'Main-main ke awak ni?'

This is what happened: let us name these organisations A and B respectively. Husband submitted his paperwork in April since we were planning to leave before June. But A completely messed up and only passed the papers to B on the last week of May. Naturally B said, 'Hold up. We can't process this so near to the admission date. It needs to be processed at least a month before!'

And for A, that was it. Husband was furious and took it upon himself to talk to officers from B to help him sort this thing out. And after numerous calls and emails not forgetting trips to their office,they finally started processing the documents. But the thing is documents for husband were already issued by B and all we were waiting for is A to issue my visa letter. And knowing that we were in a rush and running out of time, the officer from A was on leave when we were to collect my documents! That was basically when I lost it. How can these people who deal and handle issues like this on an almost daily routine can mess up so bad?

It's not like sending the first astronaut up into space, for God's sake!

I can just imagine the mess that they would have created for that actually, which really isn't saying much about A and B.

It was a really stressed out period for us. If husband didn't get his visa processed by the 1 of July, husband's offer would have been revoked and that would be the end of it. And husband would have to start the application process all over again, from zero. And that my friends, was something that we really, really wanted to avoid.

And after all the paperwork on our end was completed, it turns out B could not issue us the finance cheques and  flight tickets imidiately. Even though knowing full well that we were in a mad rush and were already delayed by one whole month! At the end of the day, we bought our own flight tickets, managed to sort thing out with the finance side and off we are going. Even if that means that we are totally mad-ass-broke!

This whole process was ridiculously grueling and straining. I can seriously say that for the past one month, the only thing on both our minds was getting this done and leaving the country. We are still however not entirely in the safe zone yet. Having to go through UK immigration is probably not going to be a walk in the park, but goddamnit if I let them deport us! RAWR! We went through way to much to get here. Don't even get me started on the packing and shipping, the packing up of the house, the unpacking at the in laws and now finally packing for the flight. How many times did I type the word 'packing'?

So that's the whole story. And throughout these times, there have been countless people asking us when are we leaving until at one point even my mother was skeptical! How in the world do you react to something that you have absolutely no control over and people keep asking you the same thing over and over again?!

But now that we are actually leaving, I am sort off afraid. I lie, I am freaking terrified. What if my friends over here forget me? What if I am lonely? What if I can't make any new friends? What if? What if? What if?

Wish us a safe flight lovies and I will check back with you as soon as I can!


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Nisa Kay said...

I will miss you Farah.. Really, I will :'(


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