July 7, 2012

Tourist Fail

We woke up super early in the morning, looked out of the window and there it was; Scottish rain. The unpredictable hujan renyai-renyai (drizzle) but still sejuk as fark Scottish rain. Couple it with some strong wind and you may be presented with fingers as popsicles! Thinking that the rain will ease up really soon and the sun will be out to frolic like a couple of days ago, husband and I decided to go out to Glasgow and be all touristy. The first half of our outing was a colossal fail. We walked and walked (while raining mind you) looking for this restaurant that husband wanted to go to but we couldn't find it. We really walked quite a distance until I even accidentally found a place to develop my 120mm film and to purchase more! *happy Farah for a grand total of five minutes*

We then continued walking through a park next to the uni and then sumore until we were well lost and then just chanced upon Costa (the British version of Starbucks). We basically threw our hands up in the air, thanked God and went in (at least that's how it was in my mind!). My jeans were damp throughout, something like getting stuck in heavy Malaysian downpour for five minutes. And if you think I am melebih-lebihing and exaggerating, well there is nothing that I can do about it than to say why don't you try Scottish rain and tell me!

But luckily just as we were about to decide on going home, the rain finally let up and we went to the University of Glasgow for a walkabout. The thing I wanted to see the most were the cloisters (picture below). Don't you think they look like something from the Harry Potter set? I swear when I was looking at this piece of architecture the only thing in my mind was the theme song from Harry Potter! I'm a nerd and I know it! 

IMG 20120707 144430

Next is one of the towers of the main building. I have no idea what's it called (tourist fail) but it is so majestic looking. And sorta creepy. But I do suspect that it would be nice to live there and wake up everyday to an amazing view. The University of Glasgow is built up on a hill which makes the view opposite this tower the whole city basically! 

IMG 20120707 145102

As we walked through yet another park to get to the city centre, we bumped into this good ol' man chilling out at the top of this monument. He looks like he is having a jolly good time up there! We walked so much today that my feet were screaming for an ice cream. Ben & Jerry's to be exact. But alas, as soon as we got into the city centre it was already 4.30pm and the shops all close at 6.00pm. Boooooo! Oh wait, you didn't know? Yeap, no such thing over here as malls or boutiques opening until real late at night. Everything promptly shuts down at 6.00pm. Even the coffee places and what not. City centre practically starts looking deserted really at 6.00pm!

IMG 20120707 154134

So there it is. The adventures for today. At Glasgow University (GU) there were actually having a wedding reception and it looked lovely. There were men in kilts and we even saw the bride's arrival. She looked gorgeous in a white lace sweetheart cut tube-type-dress (I really have no clue how to describe it). And since it didn't have any sleeves, we could see her tattoos which I think looked really, really cool! Here's to wishing two random people all the best!

Now on to the not so cool: the judgemental looks from Desi people, regardless local or not. If you don't know what Desi means, it just basically mean people who come with an Indian origin background be it Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and so on. Since I am Desi too (click here), although not literally having being born in Malaysia, I have basically been the object of every other Desis eye. Especially when walking around with husband. And these people have the most judgmental looks on their face. Even the busboys give me the same looks! Busboys! WTF??!! It's really awkward and kinda annoying but I think I just have to accept it that Desis are one of the most judgy type of people around and move forward with my life. Fuuuuuuh. I can do this!!

Tomorrow is Sunday and all I want to do is stay on my bed. Eat, occasionally when hunger stirkes but mostly, I just wana lay on my (urgh I forget it's not really my bed *cries* it belong to the host family!) bed. Hope my plans for tomorrow goes through!

Goodnight Scotland. Good morning Malaysia!



ColleenC said...

more piktures!!!
bring me to Glasgow thru your eyes! or rather camera lens.

keyboardkecik said...

lompat si katak lompat


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