August 26, 2012

Peplum-ing Into The City

After months of keeping this white peplum blouse I got from Azorias (as one of my baju raya) I finally wore it. It was initially meant to be paired up with a kurung skirt for when I need to attend any open houses but at the end, I wore my normal jeans and baggy top. Not because I'm lazy but more because it's easier to manevour myself, especially when there are a lot of people. Plus, I am sometimes a bit blur, nanti ternampak my kaki la, ape la. So, better be safe than sorry, right?

So today we finally when into the city to buy me another pair of jeans. I am now the proud mama of TWO pairs of new jeans, woopwoop. I think my old pair kinda needs a short break. But other than that, I always think a white top and blue jeans are a classic combo. And nowadays I am really gravitating towards white tops and blouses, before I used to buy all kinds of black coloured clothes. I really try not to succumb to the temptation because I really don't trust myself, the next thing you know there's ketchup somewhere!




Blouse: Azorias; Jeans: MNG; Belt: Dorothy Perkins; Accessories: Diva; Shoes: Converse; Handbag: Charles&Keith

The blouse is a silky material so it kinda looks a bit fancy which is why it would've been suitable to wear it to open house invites. And also this is why I attempted to really dress it down, down to the fact that I was wearing sneakers. But, since I was going to the city to get some clothes I probably should have dressed in something easier to slip in and out off. At a point I was like, 'Meh, no need to try on la'. Kira confident la of my size. At the end of the day, all the UK 6 tops made me look like a darn potato! Yeah, somehow with 20 hours of fasting, I still managed to put on weight. Either that or Primark has really fatty-fy-ing mirrors!

Oh and while in the city, we pretended like we were rich and we went for a walk in the House of Fraser. And OMG, I saw this beautiful pair of YSL shoes for 620.00GBP! It's keeeraaaaayzeeeeeee! So beautiful but yet so expensive! Please God, let me strike it rich! LOL

NMX19PB mx

 Oh hello, Galaxy Tribtoo Pump please be mine? Kthxbai!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


August 25, 2012

Love in a Box

Receiving snail mail has now become a joyous occasion for people. Let's face it, who has the time to actually sit down and write a letter or a note, take the time to travel to the post office, queue up and finally post the damn thing. But the time you reach your turn, it's all : 'Why did I bother doing this in the first place?'. Emails are faster, precise and you can immediately refer to whatever it is you were talking about. But still, hand written notes show care and the fact that someone is willing to sacrifice their time for you. Care packages on the other hand, is pure and unadulterated love. I kid you not! Being on the receiving end of not one, but two care packages in one day was really the best thing that happened to me this Eid. And best of all, we received it on the second day of Eid when the day was just basically a random, old day.

My parent's in law were really so cute about it. They asked us for our address, joking that they wanted to show up at our place unannounced to give us a surprise. Husband was clueless but I kinda had a sneaking suspicion that they were sending us a care package of Raya goodies and yes, it was it!




Cornflakes cookies made by Mak. By no way or means can I top the taste of these little badboys. They were really delicious, proof would be almost 1/3 was inhaled by husband the minute we opened it. And the little note on the cover, proves to be oh-so-true! It was definitely made with loads of love. But I did feel bad though at how much they had to pay to send it via PosLaju, a whopping RM181.00! Just because they wanted us to get it in time for Eid.



The other package was sent by my cousin sister. She sent me a bunch of cookies, but most importantly, she sent some serunding y'all! Seeeeedaaaaaaaaaaap! I made my tea and ate serunding just like that! *My auto correct keeps changing 'serunding' to 'serenading'!!!* And on the second day of Eid, Raya came knocking at our door in the hand of a Scottish postman! Seriously, I put on some lagu Raya (thank you YouTube) and was just enjoying the moment. It was a sad moment to see husband looking at the cookies Mak made (I stealthily opened the package my cousin sister sent with no witnesses to my emotional turmoil! Teehee). We had been missing home so much that with the arrival of these care packages our sense of family and togetherness was finally completed.
It was a really good morning for us. I really have to thank my parents + sister in law and my cousin sister who took all the effort to put these packages together and send it to us. It was definitely put together with a whole lot of love. Thank you, for making us feel loved and so so special. And with that, I shall continue drinking my tea and nom-ing on some kuih Raya!
Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia

August 21, 2012

The Lowdown on Eid-ul-Fitr 2012

As expected Eid, was a severely vomit-inducing type of emotional roller coaster, I kid you not. On one hand we were deliriously happy that we got to Skype and talk to all our parents, siblings some extended family and on the other hand it just really sucks not being there. Not being able to actually clasp Mak's hand and say the words that you really need to say. To ask for forgiveness for whatever it is. To feel the warm hands just tightening their grip a little bit, a sign saying they have long forgiven everything and the tears dancing in the eyes another sign of showing all of you is accepted; the good, the bad, even the ugly. That's the kind of relationship I have with my parents in law and seeing them on Skype, I just literally wanted to curl up and cry my heart out. And even worse, I could see Abah hiding his tears from us. Actually putting these emotions into words is making my chest constrict with emotions; sad, bottled up emotions. 

My mom and I are not really Gilmore Girls material, we try to avoid being too emotional and usually just have a great big laugh about things like this. And on the morning of Eid when I called she almost didn't talk to me because she was afraid she was going to cry on the phone. And that was what happened. Not even five minutes and I could hear her voice, thick from all the tears. And worst of all when I was talking to my brother and asking for forgiveness. So, this is how it feels to be living abroad. I finally recognise how bittersweet this feeling is.

All my life, I have generally been quite spoilt I think. On the eve of Eid I would usually leave my clothes out so that Kakak (my maid) would iron it for me. I would wake up Eid morning and go to the kitchen and my morning cuppa would be ready. And when I say ready, I mean tea was already poured into my mug just waiting for me to drink it. Even at my in-laws, morning tea would be ready waiting on the dining table. Yes, I'm actually that spoilt. And here I was, with no sound of the Takbir in the air and making my tea and ironing clothes. It would be an understatement to say that I was just a bit depressed. And it wasn't because I had to do these things on my own, God knows I have been doing it back in Malaysia long before I even got married. Whenever I need to, I can take care of myself easily. What was missing was the comfort of family. And it was really sickening. After I was done with all my tasks, I just plonked myself on the couch and attempted to watch TV while husband was getting ready. I even stopped the lagu raya from playing, it was affecting me so badly. I desperately didn't want to be here, desperately.

Still, I got my act together; readied myself in my new clothes and forged ahead with my day. I went for the gathering held by the Malaysian community there and slowly started feeling better. But sense was only knocked into my head when my Mom told me, 'You have Faiz with you'. And she's right, I have my husband with me and even if it is just the two of us, we are a family. I'm learning to embrace all this gracefully. It's honestly difficult to be graceful when all you want to do is sob uncontrollably. 

So before I revert to becoming the two year old that I know I am, let me share some photos of the celebration with the community.


This is right after the Eid prayers. Everyone was hugging and wishing everyone 'Selamat Hari Raya; maaf zahir batin'. It was actually a bit overwhelming, especially for me being almost a stranger knowing very, very few people in the community.

The buffet spread of satay, rending, nasi impit, kuah kacang, laksa, nasi goreng and some desserts. Everything was made by the members of the community. On our end, we helped with making the satay.
Once everyone settled down after eating, there was a short introduction session for the newbies. Husband looks like he is about to give a lecture!
Me and you, the family of two.
In true Eid fashion, there was no dinner cooked in our kitchen that night. We had KFC (yes, there is a halal one walking distance from our place) and it was lovely, salty but still lovely! Husband was telling me that there was so many Pakistanis there as well. I guess everyone had the same idea! ;)
And that was how Eid was spent here in Glasgow. Missing family and trying to make the best out of this situation. Even though I know we will be here for a couple of years, I highly doubt it would get any easier going through this. But like I said, now I know how it feels to be living abroad.
Eid Mubarak Scotland, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Malaysia

August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya & Eid Mubarak!

Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims in the world! Maaf zahir dan batin to all; it's time to forgive and (hopefully) forget all the past misgivings. We are mere mortals who not only make mistakes but sometimes need the help and courage to ask for forgiveness. Thus, I hope for forgiveness for all my misgivings and wrongdoings; past, present and future. Hope that everyone had an enjoyable time with family, friends and loved ones. As usual, I'm always a tad late in wishing everybody, but that's just how I roll baybeh! ;)


Eid Mubarak all the way from Glasgow from Mr & Mrs FarahRambles! ;)


August 17, 2012

Don't Trust Recipes That Are Not Specific!

Especially with the temperature of baking your cookies! Even as Cornflake Cookies are one of the easiest cookies to make for Eid, if you get the temperature wrong they will still burn! Gah!! So annoyed at the recipe that I followed; she didn't specify the temperature of the oven and said to set it at the normal temperature of baking cookies and bake for 10-15 minutes. Kepalahotakdia! I burnt the first batch after baking it for not even ten minutes. My oven was at 180C, standard temperature. Nasib the first batch was sikit!


The second batch since I was weary I put it at 140C and let it bake until the cornflakes stuck together like proper cookies. Tadaaa….second batch:

Now the trick is to make sure that husband doesn't inhale all the cookies in one go, since it is his favourite and all. Tomorrow we are going for our medical check up so that we are registered with the National Health Service. Wheeeee…..sounds like fun, NOT! *eyeroll*

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia!



August 16, 2012

It's Another Food Post!

Okay, where in the world did the time go? Or was I the only one who didn't realise (until now that is) that Eid is next-freaking-week?! And just like the makcik-makcik (or my Mom), I am freaking out since I have done zilch in terms of preparations. But in my defence, it kinda doesn't even feel like Eid here in the first place. Oh yeah, just don't take into the account the crying over ads and listening to lagu raya on YouTube in bed with the husband. Yeah still feels like any run of the mill day. Urgh.

Last week, we were really on a Western food kick and the menu was pretty much the same thing; spaghetti, salmon. Cooked in as many ways that I know, which really isn't that many. Oh and store bought mussels. The sad part is that when we have mussels for dinner, I am basically eating spaghetti kosong, because I am deathly afraid of having a case of allergies. As it is my skin is peeling, I don't need to add swelling up like a balloon to that list, thank you very much. Macam kesian kan, spaghetti kosong…*sobs*. Enough with the over-exaggeration, but the Western kick started with this little dish that was inspired by this blog, Nish Whips Up A Dish,  really easy stuff and super yummy! But as usual, I tweaked the recipe a bit to what was readily available in my fridge. *pemalas* This beauty is salt and black pepper salmon served over garlic and lime spaghetti with fresh spinach. NOM! 


Oh and since I really don't have any other berbuka-type heavy food to post, this is what I made today (Wednesday) for husband; Mini Apple Pies. Actually more like tartlets I think, but whatever la, as long as you get the idea! *pemalas again* I was browsing this website Baking Mad (where I got the recipe for the cinnamon rolls/chelsea buns from) when I came across this. It looked doable and this is what the experiment resulted in. I kinda think it looks more like a dumpling rather than a tartlet but hey, when all baked, it looks pretty good methinks. Oh and also in a stoke of genius, I made six tartlets, half baked three and froze 'em for later when husband feels like having more! Pretty smart eh, eh, eh? ;)


Okay, the thing is husband LOVES apple pie. For a no sugar, no dessert, no slices-of-heaven-known-as-chocolate-melting-in-your-mouth type of guy, he LOVES apple pie without any prejudice. The last month before we left Malaysia, he kept asking me to make apple pie but I didn't have my baking equipment with me (all packed up and shipped) and buying one whole packet of brown sugar just to make pie that he'll be eating only once, was just a big waste in my eyes. So, in an effort to *ehem* mencari pahala, I decided to bake these for husband. I literally sat down in front of him to see what his reaction would be. Sedap ke, disgusting ke (into the trash the frozen ones would have gone!)? But all I got was silence. And then 'nyam, nyam, nyam'; the sound of him eating not so silently. Nope, never even ask the chef to taste. In other words, BOOYAH! *wife-skill-level-up* He loved it! Well, if he didn't love it I would still force him to finish the ones already served. Sayang all my hard work ok! But he did ok, he loved it; honestly! ;)

But tomorrow, my makcik mode will be on. I am going to be making the one and only kuih raya that husband eats; Cornflake Cookies. But a bit potong stim since I really couldn't find the tiny cup liners for the cookies. The only one I found were for fairy cakes (mini cupcake size). So my version of the Cornflake Cookies are going to be gigantic! Crap.

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia!


August 11, 2012

Husband Turns….OLD!

Hehehehe…yeap, a few hours ago was husband's born day (on Friday). The funny thing was that husband didn't even realise it was his birthday till I wished him at midnight. He was all 'What? It's my birthday?', checked the date on his calendar and was all; 'Oh God I forgot! It is my birthday!' No, seriously. He actually forgot his birthday! I mean if it was me, I would be all up in his grill claiming my day of birth as a day that should be totally devoted to me and my whims.

So to celebrate husband's born day, I planned to cook up loads of Mexican food which basically started at 4am with me marinating chicken and then at 5pm with more cooking. Husband is super picky when it comes to food and he doesn't eat cake. I know right, what sorcery is this?! But yeah, husband does not eat cake at all so making any type of birthday cake would really go to waste. Which is why I made birthday cinnamon rolls for husband and stuck some candles on it to make it festive! Ignore the weird patches of light in the photo please, camera was acting weird. Oh and yes, that's how old he is!


I found the recipe on this website and they call the buns 'Chelsea Buns'. I followed the recipe almost to a tee, I just swapped out the mixed spice with cinnamon powder and then the dried fruit with raisins. But unfortunately I baked it a little too long and the shells of the buns were a bit too hard. But oh well, as long as husband is happy with it and eats it!


After I finished cleaning up after dinner, I made husband take a bunch of funny shots with the cinnamon rolls. And this is my favourite!


Happy 31st Birthday to the love of my life; love you times infinity! Finally you have crossed the '30-year-old' bridge. I know, I know, I'm getting older too but hey; I'm still younger than you! Muahahahahahahahaha!

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


August 10, 2012

It's That Time of the Year

A few more sleeps and soon we'll be celebrating Hari Raya (Eid) and if you like me are Malaysian, you will find that your Facebook newsfeed is probably littered with Eid ads taken of YouTube. And I have to admit, it is pretty soul-crushing to watch. Especially if you are living abroad; away, far far away, from family and friends.

I just watched this ad by Bernas and just hearing some bits and pieces of the takbir Raya already had me in tears. God, how am I gona survive it on Raya day itself? I am most probably gona be a bucket of nerves and tears. But the funny thing is, when everything is turned of and the day goes by, it really doesn't even feel like it is going to be Eid soon. Everyday feels like a normal day. And that just sucks.

If you are going to suggest baking kuih Raya to feel festive, well buddy, I've got news for you: no one will be eating it in this household. The only thing that husband eats (kuih Raya terms) is the cornflake cookies. That's it. That's all. Itu sahaja. So maybe next Monday I'll be making those but that's about it. No point making other cookies just for the sake of feeling festive. I really miss the idea and the concept of balik kampung. In a way, I really do wish I could zip back home for Eid and zap back here like nothing has changed. If only time travel was an option. Or maybe a worm hole where I could travel between two spaces at warp speed. *big-fat-nerd-sigh*

When I told Mom about how I feel she asked me with a simple, 'Can you stay like this for three years?' Urgh. Hate Mom-type logic. It makes too much sense all the time and also hits way too close to home. Thank God I have husband with me though. I really couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime. Even if he does spend way too much time in his make shift home office.

Urgh, I really hope I don't cry watching more Eid ads on Facebook! *facepalm*

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


August 7, 2012

One Month in Glasgow

Well, what do you know; it's already been a month. Yeap, our first month anniversary of being in Glasgow. *takes deep breath* It's been interesting to say the least.

I initially though that this would be a deep and thought provoking post, with loads of metaphors and what not to describe the things that I've been experiencing. But really, I find that I don't have the words to accommodate me on this venture. Thus, I would like to redirect your attention to the video below. Being far away from home, friends and most importantly family, I get the message of this video loud and clear. Do you?

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 

 Selamat berbuka Scotland, Selamat bersahur Malaysia!


August 5, 2012

I Want Me Some Neon

I know I'm wearing grey but I seriously refuse to be a cliche and call this post 'Fifty Shades of Grey', goddamnit (even if I am dying to get my grubby hands on those books)! I admit, even after reading God knows how many parodies of the novel, I still kinda want to read it. And this is fueled by the fact that I just watched a documentary on it. No, I'm not kidding. It was about how Britain is effected by the release of these books. To summarise, sale of all naughty things have skyrocketed!

From the way it sounds, it basically is another Twilight (surprise, surprise; it started out as Twilight based fanfiction) where the male is this Herculean-God-like figure that the female heroine worships. And nobody is really bothered about her, everybody (who is reading it at least) want's to get into the guy's pants. But still, I want to read it. I kinda think it's because I've been reading way too many smart, literary books and haven't gotten any chick lit into my system (currently reading Murakami's 'Norwegian Wood'). And with this admission, I have lost any or whatever respect I had as a post graduate student of World Literature. Kthxbai.


Sweater: Husband's; Shoes: Converse; Necklace: Diva

I really wish I had some neon accessories to wear with this sweater. But I only had this particular necklace. It doesn't really stand out as much but of well, at least it wasn't bare. That would have been a bit too boring and well....grey. And I am sorta loving the Rishi Kapoor-ness of the sweater! Not Aztec print but still interesting. Oh and if you don't get my Rishi Kapoor reference please educate yourself and click here! Ngehehehehe. So, after Rishi Kapoor got fat; he basically wore a lot of sweaters in Hindi movies! And for some strange reason, my mom loved him at that time in his career! Mommy is (weird) funny. But thank God for the sweater, I was so warm and comfy the whole time (thus the big smile in the photos!).

Okay, just reminded myself that I need to take off my ear-rings before I go to bed!

Goodnight Scotland; Good morning Malaysia


August 4, 2012

Berbuka Time!

Okay! Let's go!

Another food post, this time I didn't get to take photos of all the food that I cooked. It's been quite rushed sometimes cooking and attempting to get everything ready before breaking time. And it's been a few times that I had to break my fast while still cooking! Bad time management skills when it comes to cooking but oh well, as long as the food is edible, its all good. ;)

First up would be mushroom+pasta soup and salad. I have been banned from making the pasta soup because it's just way too filling and the both times I've made it, we didn't finish it. But so yummy though! Hot creamy soup with pasta, soooo comforting. If only I can find halal chicken soup in a can here. If I get desperate, I will then have to make it from scratch. Hmmmmmm.


I made tacos! Garlic chicken with salad, spring onions and coriander and cheese. It was so good, but the taco shells was a tad small so everything kept spilling out.


Ehehehehehe...lazy person's pizza *shy*. I used a fajita roll as the bread, some pasta sauce, with loads of cheese, chicken salami and oregano. I saw some blogs who did the same but I didn't think husband would like it so I only made one. Luckily he did and the salami was just delicious! Note to self, need to buy more salami!


And todaaaaaaaay, *drumrolls* mac & cheese! NOM! Chicken, spinach and tomatoes cooked with garlic marinade and then loads and loads of cheese. It was so extremely filling, that I am actually still full. Good but also bad because I have no space for sahur later. First photo; before baking, second photo; right after taking it out of the oven and final photo; the yummy gooey inside with the fillings.


Okay so this is it this time. Don't think I need to be posting up the recipes though, it's all simple cooking really. With, apparently, loads of garlic! ;) Can't help it, garlic is basically an essential in this household. Not to mention we both smell garlicky afterwards, but still so worth it. The current must have on the dinner table is garlic bread. Hmmmmmmm...NOM!

Goodnight *burp* Scotland, Good morning Malaysia!


August 3, 2012

'Sex and The City' in Glasgow

Erhmargawd...I just finished watching a rerun of Sex and The City on TV and really Carrie Bradshaw has been my role model ever since I found out about her (*ehem* career wise only please!). To have a column in the newspaper which progresses to being a contributing writer for Vogue and then she has her own books. *sigh* This was the episode that she is celebrating her book launch and I really wish that one day I could be at that place. *fingers crossed*

On the other hand, I wonder who 'Carrie Bradshaw' would be in this time and age? Would she be a full fledged fashion blogger or would she still be a relationship columnist? I mean let's be honest here, the reason that most women watch Sex and The City is not because of the riveting and thrilling plot line but mostly (sometimes exclusively) to see what the girls are wearing. Remember in the first movie (I think) those Manolo Blahnik's that Mr Big uses to propose to Carrie? After that, I've seen a bunch of posts online (blogs alike) where the bride has worn those exact shoes! The influence the show had (and still has) is pretty amazing. And sometimes, let's be honest again, we watch to envy the almost perfect friendship between these women. It kinda makes me wish to have friendship like that. Hmmmm

Anyways, moving on; finally an outfit post. The first one from Glasgow actually. Nothing too spectacular,and quite rumpled frankly (we shipped the iron in the boxes). 


Top: Old Blossom Box; Jeans: My one and only MNG Jeans (no kidding, I only have one pair now :(); Scarf: H&M (gift); Shoes: Boxfresh; Handbag: Charles & Keith

But worst would be that my hair is drying out, really badly. I am seriously clueless on what to do. I am letting it air-dry; not washing it everyday; conditioning and even to the extend of putting Extra Virgin Olive Oil (after doing some research online) as anti frizz serum. But right now, nothing seems to be working. And to add to that, my skin is peeling. I was applying make up before going out and when I put on my foundation I realised that my skin was peeling! It's partially my fault, I've not been as careful with my skin care but I guess I thought moisturizer was enough but it seems like maybe not. What to doooo? My skin and hair can't seem to adapt to the weather as my body has finally adapted to the drastic weather change!

So yeah, any advice would be great advice.

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia





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