September 29, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday from A Crappy Sister!

IMG 20120704 030827

For the love of God, I forgot my big brother's birthday! How in the world did that happen??!! Well it seems that I have basically been turned into a mindless, soulless zombie that doesn't even recognise days and dates. Seriously, I kid you not! But that's not an excuse, so big brother, a million times sorry!

I wish you all the happiness, health, wealth in the world because I know that you deserve it. Plus, good things will always happen to good people no matter what you think. Not to mention, you have me supporting you all the way no matter what happens.

I love you big brother and I really do miss you very, extremely much! :'(

Also, happy birthday to my aunt and my lovely cousin sister. There are so many of you September babies!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


p/s: that photo was taken at KLIA right before I was to board the flight to Glasgow. I really miss my brother.

September 27, 2012

A Random & Short Update

I've been keeping up with J.K.Rowling's development of her new novel and the plot of the book itself seems quite interesting. What's even more interesting is the fact that most media are already criticising her about her style and the language that she's using. Apparently she was using way too much curse words. I get that people find it uncomfortable that a former children's author is using curse words but I don't to find it to be an actual problem as the book is targeted towards adults. I mean it seems that she has been type-casted as the writer of Harry Potter and anything else will never be as good. And for her, that sort of is the end of her career as a writer. Anything she writes that isn't situated in Potterverse will be compared and dissected even though it's for different audiences.

I honestly think that's kinda sad. I am really looking forward to reading her new book once it's readily available in the bookstores. Yeah, that's sounds good. I have finally finished reading Murakami's 'Norwegian Wood' and have now started on Mohsin Hamid's 'The Reluctant Fundementalist'. And after I'm done with the book would really love to watch the movie. Heeeeeee! Getting exited over books and movies; the life of a housewife!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


September 21, 2012

To Have Or Not To Have

I've been a cat lover ever since I could remember. When I was younger I used to play 'hide-and-seek' with the newborn kittens that were at my grandma's house. I even had one that I called mine. But slowly they left my grandma's place as they were not exactly house pets. Later on I only had my own pet cat when I was 16. I literally begged and begged my parents until they conceded. But two years later I moved out because I had to go to uni which happened to be in a different state. So my little pet cat, whom I lovingly called Klutz (because she really kinda was) started getting closer to those who were staying at home. She did remember me when I was at home but that was about it.

And now, since I am mostly all by my lonesome I have been toying with the idea of adopting a kitteh. Okay I lie, I kinda really really want a kitteh. I mean how can I not? YouTube itself makes me want to adopt one so badly! Check out this little hungry bugger:

And if I do get a kitteh, at least I will have someone (yes, I refered to a cat as 'someone') to talk to and not just stare at the blank walls. And again I am exaggerating. But the more I think about it the more I think it'll be nice to have a teeny tiny thing that's warm, cuddly and oh-so-flooooffy!

I wish it was as easy as 'LET'S ADOPT A KITTEH!' but it really isn't. We have to think about who will be taking care of kitteh when we go traveling as we are *fingers crossed* planning on traveling quite a bit. If the person taking care will do justice to our kitteh by making sure kitteh has not only food, water, clean litter box but also some love, care and attention. And, we would have to get pet insurance and that is another thing that will be added to our finances. We do have enough cash but the thing is neither one of us is working so we have adjusted our ways of living. Having a cat basically means extra expenditure which could have gone towards other things like traveling perhaps.

Plus even though husband and I are not expecting a little one soon there is a little one in the books (future, of course). But having a little one and getting a kitteh adjusted is seriously a whole lot of work. We would have to make sure that kitteh is adjusted to the new sounds, smells and commotions. And if the stress isn't managed properly, it might actually permanently damage the kitteh! And not to mention, there have been cases where the kitteh has accidentally smothered the baby! THE HORROR! Yet, this video shows how kitteh and baby can co-exist peacefully and not to mention extremely cutely!

And the thing that bugs me the most is that I really really want a Bengal cat. I know many people are gona hate me saying why not just help the other cats and adopt from a shelter, but I seriously am in love with this breed. Looks at those markings, just like a mini tiger! And I've always wanted a pet tiger! *confession*

But not only does a Bengal kitteh cost a bomb, buying a flight ticket for a cat back to Malaysia costs an arm and a leg! Regardless if I do get a Bengal cat or adopt from a shelter, I really can't imagine just leaving the cat here when the time comes to go back to Malaysia. All that love, care and time invested would just be short term and I really don't think I can do it. I would be bawling buckets I think if I have to do that! :(

So, now the question is: should I get a kitteh companion or not? *pulls hair*

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


September 18, 2012

How I Spent My Friday Night

There has been a sudden lack of updates these past few days and it's really because I just don't seem to find the will to write. Literally, I just don't feel like writing anything at all. Pictures have been snapped, ideas are there but I just can't seem to will myself to write. And what more, I feel like the world is suddenly closing in on me. Asking me to read this, or look at that, touch this, experience that, and I find that I can't keep up. With all these sensations suddenly crowding me, I feel more isolated than ever. It's just really weird how the world sometimes works I suppose.

Baking and eating is basically what I do best when these things become a bit much for me. I last baked on Friday night. Yeap, that's right. I spent Friday night making apple crumble instead of going out and being young. However, the weather is getting extremely chilly here nowadays that it really makes going out such a pain. I am usually either wearing a wooly sweater or wrapped in a blanket at home, it's that cold. Soon the heaters will need to go on and gloves will be needed. *shivers* Apple crumble with hot tea or coffee sounds just perfect right about now, doesn't it? Nyum!



First of all, that's not my table cloth. It's actually one of my favourite scarfs (at the moment) which I bought from Primark. I just used it to switch up the background a bit. Second would be, my skills of estimating and cutting in straight lines is so terrible that I didn't cut the squares evenly. Thus even in the picture one square is bigger than the other! LOL. But it doesn't matter since the product was deeeeee-licious! Not forgetting anything with apples, is basically husband's favourite snack! For a none apple crumble loving type of person, I've been eating these squares for breakfast and occasionally dessert as well. I usually find store bought apple crumble too dry without enough apples. I loaded up on the apples for this one and lessen the crumble on top. Aaaaaand I increased the amount of cinnamon. Apple and cinnamon; the perfect combo! No exact measurements since I just chucked in cinnamon until I could smell it. But this is where I got the recipe from, click here.

Unlike all those excellent food bloggers, I can hardly find the time to take step by step photos of the cooking process. I just really cant. It's either the camera is in the living room, my hands are dirty, I'm too busy freaking out or the one that happens to me all the: I forget. I once had everything ready and under control with the camera sitting on top of the fridge but at the end of the day, I just forgot all about it! Expalins why I don't blog about cooking that much I guess.

Anyways, I have a piece of apple crumble sitting nicely next to me as I type this. I might just heat up some tea and have at it. Mmmmmmmm yeap, just nice for this chilly bit of weather. OMNOMNOMNOM!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


September 12, 2012

It's runways galore everywhere!!

Ramps are everywhere this week, what with New York Fashion Week and Delhi Couture Week going on in India and back in Malaysia as well. So many pretty things on the runway; so very little money in the bank account. These few beauties I will jump into if ever given the opportunity.

Slide1my absolute favourites from the runway of JJ Valaya

I wonder if I were to wear a full-on sequinned skirt in Glasgow, would people look at me like I'm crazy? Or would they be like, 'Meh'? But I love the old meets new twists and God, just looking at the photos I can imagine how rich the quality of the garments would be. *sigh*


Slide2from the runway of Sabyasachi Mukherjee

I especially love the vintage,hipster glasses in Sabyasachi's show. I wish I could rock frames like these with outfits like that. I kinda always feel that people are looking at me for the wrong reasons; hipster, glasses too big and so on. Anyways, what a beautiful throw back to old school Bollywood cinema. And oh so demure!

Hello, sponsors please?? ;)

Good afternoon Glasgow, Goodnight Malaysia


September 11, 2012

I need a fashion shower!

I was tweeting about needing a fashion shower when someone asked me what the hell am I talking about. This video has been on a couple fashion blogs already but I guess it's allowed to be reposted one more time.

I mean, my fashion is always comfortable so I'm clearly not doing it right? Right Anna? Riiiight? LOL

Good evening Scotland, Good night Malaysia


September 10, 2012

Random Things I Really Miss

It's definitely a given that living far away I really miss my family and friends. This post ain't about all those sappy stuff; it's those random things that I suddenly find myself really missing about Malaysia.

1. Grooming

Okay, okay if you know me at all, you guys probably know that I'm really not one who really primps and stuff. But, I do maintain a basic outline of self grooming (kenape rasa macam anjing pulak?). The usual routine would be waxing, threading and getting that psychotic lion's mane that I have growing on my head trimmed/styled. Over here everything is so expensive. I mean if you are earning in pounds, it's probably nothing but coming from Malaysia I really can't help but automatically convert how much these things cost. And my friends, it costs a lot. Enough to make me tolerate my extra long fringe (which isn't really a fringe anymore).

2. The 'Halal-ness' of Food

In Malaysia, if I was hungry all I had to do was say what I felt like eating and off we go in that direction. Steak, banana leaf rice, mee goreng, heck there was even halal Chinese food. Here, bermati-matian la masak sendiri if I feel like eating something special. And since husband doesn't eat red meat, I am super lazy to cook separately for me. Cooking for just one is soooo tedious!

3. Having a Job!

There I said it, I miss having a job. Sue me! I mean first off, you get paid so that's always a good thing. And I had a pretty great social life with that financial independence. I hung out with my awesome group of colleagues back then (most of us have left the company save for one) and we had regular coffee and cake dates. I even got to meet up with my uni mates from time to time. Yeah, having a job makes you feel financially and socially awesome!

4. McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Nando's!

I know it goes under number 2, but whatevs y'all. I miss my fast food joints, 'nuff said!

5. Cupcakes

I have googled and googled 'cupcakes+Glasgow', but I still can't find a good cupcake place that doesn't require me to get in a cab to get there. I am on the brink of just baking my own je la. *pasrah mode*

There you have it; the five random things that I miss the most about Malaysia in no particular order. *bigfatsigh* Funny though how three out of five are about food. My subconscious is definitely one fat chic!!

Good night Scotland, Happy Monday Malaysia


September 7, 2012

Fifty Shades of Hilar!

I was just surfing the net and found this little nugget of laughs. Seriously, I was laughing so much! Selena Gomez is so adorable and I love her for being able to act so ridiculous. Here, have a good laugh before having a good weekend!

Read my review of EL James' 'Fifty Shades' here.

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


September 6, 2012

Playing Peek-a-boo

Slide1I am finding this peek-a-boo look from Varun Bahl's Delhi Couture Week 2012 uber sexy! Maybe I should re-think getting that black sheer shirt from Primark and pair it with a coloured t-shirt in side. Well, can't be too sexy now right? Muahahahahahahahahaha

Good evening Scotland, Good night Malaysia



image via

September 5, 2012

Is Age Really Just A Number?

Historically the menace of a mid-life crisis has traditionally been associated with men in their late 40s and early 50s. Stereotypical images of spontaneous purchases of sports cars, out of character extra-marital associations and questionable clothing choices coupled with a newfound love of male grooming.

Before the phrase ‘mid-life crisis’ was coined, psychologists used to speak of ‘life transitions,’ which sounds a lot less scathing. The traditional image of the balding buffoon, trading in both his wife and people carrier for far less safe and sturdy options has become a figure of ridicule in popular culture. Sadly, the reality of these emotionally unstable moments tends to be a lot less comical. 

These days, mid-life crises are increasingly affecting both men and women, and they seem to be occurring at a much younger age too. Men and women as young as 30 are reporting feelings of despondence and disappointment about the progress they have made in their lives, triggering bouts of behaviour that involve making radical changes to lifestyle, fashion choices and career. Women who have opted for demure and sensible clothing for years may be found heading to the high street to grab the latest maxi dresses, neon t-shirts and Ugg boots.

What’s often apparent is that nowadays people are far less likely to be satisfied with their lot once they hit mid-life. The reasons for this are incredibly diverse, from greater sense of expectation to economic difficulties, but there’s no disputing that we’re more likely to look at our lives and find them lacking in some way.

The ‘have-it-all’ generation may feel this despondency more keenly. Having grown-up expecting the world, the daily grind of financial pressures, excessive working hours and relationship difficulties may make an individual question whether the reality is really worth all the hard work. Having assumed your aspiration to reach the upper echelons was within easy reach, the murky mire of middle-management might leave a little to be desired.

The process of assessing life at different junctures is an essential and often rewarding experience. Assessing your current situation alongside your hopes and dreams can feel depressing at first, but if we’re not aiming in the right direction, how can we possibly hit the target? Thinking about where we want to be can be extremely helpful in making sure that we get there.

Perhaps the key is in keeping our expectations in check. More focus on what we do have rather than what we don’t can be very sobering and uplifting. 


*this is a sponsored post*

Good afternoon Scotland, Good night Malaysia



September 4, 2012

Fifty Shades of….PORN!!

I was pleasantly surprised last Thursday morning with a package containing all three 'Fifty Shades' books (hence no updates on the blog till yesterday). As promised, by husband. And I have to say, the book is totally porn-a-rific!

After hearing people gushing, slamming and some going to the lengths of doing a chapter by chapter review (crazy, right?) I figured what the hell, I can't be any worse than the 'Twilight' movies. Possibly with a dash of sex but hey, why the hell not. I got time to kill. What I didn't expect is to be sucked into this whole 'Fifty Shades' phenomenon! I am not saying that I absolutely love it but I don't also absolutely hate it.

I have to be honest here, the sexy scenes in the book (which there are countless of) are actually pretty well written, not something that will eventually become a classic or even a point of reference; but she knew what she was writing and she did it well. Other than those parts, her writing seems like a joke. In a way it's as though there are two people writing the novels. One who does the story (which I figure would be roughly 14/15 years old) and the adult who writes  about the sex. I think what E.L. James would have benefitted from would be a really killer kick ass editor. Would be writers out there, please for the love of God don't ask your husband to edit your work. Just don't! It's doesn't bode well, and he probably wouldn't give you the kick in the rump that you so justly need. Exactly like James. The editing was shoddy and it could have been much better. Once again, it wouldn't magically turn the book into a classic piece of literature, but it would have given made the readers believe that the author has some substance. And instead of becoming mommy-porn, what it's been called, it would have automatically fall into the 'Romance' novel category.

Marc New York ad campaign Fifty Shades of Grey thumb 600x402 163269image via

I really have to ask this, what the hell is up with the heroine, Anastasia Steele? Why does she keep saying 'Oh my' during sex? Come on, you're 21; never had sex and you say 'Oh my'? In this day and age? Really? And why does she have a inner goddess and a subconscious that wears (was it) winged shaped specs? Dumbledore much? And seriously, schizophrenic much? And OMG who doesn't own a computer? I mean it could've be a really old one or whatever, keep up with the time James! Hmmph! But honestly though I think most of the problems with Anastasia is the author itself. There is no depth of character and even though James tries and tries to expand who and what makes Anastasia Steele thick, she still remains as a static character. I think the problem was that Anastasia just didn't have much substance to begin with.

Christian Grey is interesting. I am not sure if it's a happy coincidence, a literary device or a conscious decision but he is very much a Heathcliff-type figure. If you are asking me who's Heathcliff, please pick up a copy of 'Wuthering Heights', or better yet Google it. Anyways, the similarities are there; orphan, adopted, left the family, got filthy rich and returned to the family. He also resembles almost all the heroes from the romance novels written by Judith McNaught (hate to admit this, but yes I do occasionally indulge in romance novels!). Hard, doesn't believe in love yet manages to fall completely head over heels in love with the 'innocent and beguiling Anastasia Steele' in less than two weeks. Except he likes it a bit (a lot actually) kinky.

There are some things I really wish James didn't include in the book  *SPOILER ALERT* especially the pregnancy. It was too soon, too obvious and too predictable. But at the end of the day, it's just a silly romance novel that you're not really supposed to think too much about. Oh and the similarities to the 'Twilight' franchise is very very uncanny. Again, it was to be expected; James did start 'Fifty Shades' as fanfiction of 'Twilight'.

What intrigues me the most though is how the whole 'Fifty Shades' phenomenon is sweeping the fashion industry. It's really interesting to see, honestly, how just based on popular choice that the fashion industry is sitting up and taking notice (e.g. read here).

Okay, I'm so glad I flushed that out of my system. By the way, Lit Students, if you come across this blog post and decide to use any of my ideas; please give due credit alright? Kthxbai!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


September 3, 2012

Sun, Sea and Sand

Hello, Hello September!

Erm yeah so sorry about disappearing all of a sudden, I was unwittingly sucked into the world of E.L. James' 'Fifty Shades' of porn! Aaanyways, last Thursday seemed to be the day that husband very sweetly remembered to order my books and also send my lomo film to the studio for developing. And one of the rolls were from our little trip to Tioman Island (erm, at this point I feel obliged to mention Malaysia! LOL); click here, here, here and here for more. I am actually really glad with the results; and also looking at these photos really makes me miss the sun and the sand.

34280001Words can't describe the beauty of this place

34280002Mr Pink's strap came in the way but look at the way the water sparkles!


34280006Bonfire at night

34280007Low tide

34280008Bar on the sea

34280009Finally one of me by Mr Pink

34280011One final look goodbye on a sunny, sunny day

As I was posting this I was reading through the posts I wrote about holidaying here and it has by far been on of the best holidays I have ever taken. No stress of work, emails coming in, no rushing for time, no deciding where to eat and what not. Everything was there, provided for us. All we had to do was walk up to it. I am definitely looking forward for more relaxing, with a pinch of adventure, holidays.

See you soon!

Good afternoon Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia



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