October 30, 2012

Feeling All Mexicana With Enchiladas


If you've been reading my tweets I've been sucked into the deep dark world of 'Dexter'. It's based in Miami, Florida with loads of Mexican and Cuban influence. Hence me waking up singing 'Maria Maria' by Santana every morning! It's bloody crazy how it's happening every morning. And also, it's fuelling my Mexican food kick. So last night it was enchiladas. I have to admit though that the sauce was store bought. According to the recipe, I was only supposed to put chicken and cheese in the rolls. But since husband absolutely needs vege, I added lettuce and bell peppers. Behold~





Oozing cheese, this dish is extremely feeling. I only ate one and husband one and a half. Usually if I make fajitas, we'll eat double the amount. But this, after a few hours I started feeling a lil bit hungry. So I succumbed to eating an English muffin right before sleeping. Fatty oh Fatty. That's what I am going to become one day, I am pretty sure of that.

And I just finished having the leftovers, omnomnom!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia



October 29, 2012

I Think I Make A Terrible Housewife

It's really odd; when I was studying full time I would make a routine of cleaning up my apartment. Especially after getting married and after starting work, I would on a general basis clean the apartment every Friday night. So unglamorous kan? Husband would be out playing futsal and I would be in my ratty t-shirt and shorts, with my hair piled up high in a bun. I would be vacuuming and mopping the floor. Sometimes when Kak Ngah (husband's sister) comes over with the kids and the maid, she sorta pinjams us the maid to help with the dusting. Because really my work pretty much extended to weekends as well plus, I kinda hate dusting. #confession

And now that I am a full time housewife, I feel like 'Meh, later je la'. I will get husband to take out the vacuum (it's on a shelf that I can't reach and it's heavy!) but it'll just lay there until I have the mood to clean. I really have to give props though to our maids and cleaners. They do this for a living. Although, I am very anal about cleanliness I can sometimes just let it be. I mean if a plate or glass or cup isn't washed properly I will actually wash it again. I try not to leave my kitchen in a mess unless I'm too tired to deal with it. Sometimes if it even gets too cold that I don't even feel like touching water, even if it is hot!

In conclusion, I am pretty sure that I make a terrible housewife. Too bad for the husband, he married me. Eh, wait a minute; he is lucky! I cook! Muahahahahahaha!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Night Malaysia


October 27, 2012

Went Searching For Pumpkin In Skulls

Behold my muka-tido-dua-jam-sahaja. I'm still having sleeping problems over here like back in Malaysia but oh well what to do.

DSC05446  Version 2

DSC05448  Version 2

Tank: Unbranded; Blazer: H&M; Jeans: MNG; Scarf: Primark; Beanie: H&M

If you spy the grey undershirt, that's the same one that I generally wear under all my clothes no matter what I'm wearing. It's cold! Oh and over this  was actually wearing another proper jacket. Even though it was relatively bright and sunny but don't be fooled, the temperature has dropped to single digits already. On some nights/mornings we have already endured -1ºC and then some. 

Anyways, for some strange reason, I can't seem to find any pumpkin puree. To think that almost the entire western blogosphere is having such hard ons for fall and everything pumpkin, for the life of me I just can't seem to get my hands on it. There are proper pumpkins for sure but that means I would have to deseed, roast it, blend it and make sure there isn't too much liquid in the puree before baking. Sounds like so much of work and yes, my bum is pretty much lazy!

And now, I'm just waiting on having dinner and hopefully off to bed I go.

Good Night Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia




October 26, 2012

So How Was Raya Haji?

I hear you ask, well…we slept through it. Kthxbai!




I am not kidding, we actually slept through it and woke up at 1.00pm just in time for husband to wake up get ready and head out for sembahyang Jumaat. What happened was after baking two loaves of banana nutella bread for the potluck, and talking to both our families, I started feeling sleepy at 5am-ish. We were not supposed to go to sleep as husband slept earlier in the night for a few hours. So thinking that since husband is awake I could probably go to sleep for a bit and he will wake me up. Next thing I know my phone is ringing, it's bright out and husband is next to me on the bed, passing me my phone. By the time I was awake enough to take the phone, it stopped ringing. I checked my watch and went 'WHAT THE HELL, IT'S ALREADY 1.12PM!!!!!' and almost jumped out of bed. That's how my Raya Haji was spent. We missed the prayers and makan-makan with the community plus I have two loaves of freshly baked bread that will not stay fresh that forever.

Oh and if you are wondering who called, it was my parents. I called them back something like half an hour later and told my mom what happened. She just laughed at us. If this happened when we were back in Malaysia, I'm a 100% sure that she would be so pissed she would probably turn green a'la The Hulk. So thank God for it happening here (I suppose). And there you go, no rendang for me (it's a real pain in the ass looking for lengkuas I tell you!) and that's all. While I was talking to my brother, he was telling me that he was about to go and get something to eat. I was all jealous-like and he said to me,'Chill, not going to eat anything sedap pun.' Betul jugak kan, everything that I would love to eat would be close today anyways. Muahahahahahahaha.

But yeah, it's actually quite depressing to think about it. Raya is really nothing here until we can completely oversleep and still be relatively okay with it. And yes, I do blame husband for sleeping! LOL

Happy Eid Scotland, Happy Weekend Malaysia


October 25, 2012

A Lil' Early Wish

Eid Mubarak y'all!

It's Aidil Adha tomorrow (Friday) and right now I'm still in the middle of my puasa Arafah. My mom and dad have already called me to wish me and to reminisce a bit of the times when I was home. If I was back in Penang right now, I will probably getting the flowers ready to take to the graveyard, hanging out with my brother, getting scolded for not sleeping early and bugging my mom for my clothes. Such memorable times when I was a teenager.

Right now, as usual with the exception of me fasting (and my tummy going *grunk gronk grunk*) that is just it. I wanted to make rendang for tomorrow but it's so bloody difficult to gather all the ingredients. Just waiting to see if husband can help me with that. Speaking of, husband is super duper busy with his work and yeah that is it. He might actually need to go into the lab tomorrow after the Eid prayers.

So that's about it. I'm wrapped up in my blanket, on the couch with my laptop on my…well…lap. Less than two hours to gooooooo~

Happy Berbuka Scotland, Happy Eid Malaysia


October 24, 2012

When I Look At Nail-Fashions Now…

...I quite honestly feel grossed out. What is up with all the scary textures and bling? One thing for sure is that these people with nails done like that do not cook. Making coffee or tea is not cooking by the way, and neither is heating noodles in the microwave. Seriously, if they were cooking and I was invited to eat; one look at those nails and I would run for the hills. The amount of germs that are probably frolicking is just damn disgusting! Or worse, what if those beads and diamonds crap are actually mixed up in the food?!


image via

I mean I am not knocking on getting pedicures and manicures at all. Hell I love 'em! I would usually get it done while I'm on my menses, just as a fun pampering kind of thing to do. And as soon as it's over I'd remove it to continue with my prayers; that's besides the point that I'm trying to make anyways. When I'd get my mani/pedi, I would usually go with a plain colour with glitter in it or something like that. Just plain no frills because I think that it looks wicked sexy that way. Even while watching movies, if the actresses have nail polish on and it's just colour, I immediately think that it makes them look sexier not to mention polished.

Varnishedblog ciate caviar

image via

Erm excuse me Miss, I think you have a fungal infection on your lips. Please stop all modelling work immediately and get that crap on your lips checked out. Kthxbai!

Good Evening Scotland, Happy Thursday Malaysia



October 23, 2012

Last Weekend

*starts singing* Last Friday night..lalalalalalalalalala *end*

Yeah…I happen to only know the words 'Last Friday Night' from the song 'Last Friday Night' *sofail*. Aaaaaaanyways, last Friday night a friend of husband's came over for the weekend. It was kinda nice (especially for husband) to chill out with his friend (also Malaysian and just started working in Glasgow). This friend was his old roommate from when husband was doing his Masters in Southampton, England. For me it was a good dose of being a wife. Cooking, cleaning and well, feeding people. All those years of watching the way my mom treats guests have finally created a subconscious place where I tend to do the same: feed, feed and feed them until pecah perut! LOL.

Oh God, I actually wanted to snap and post a photo of my kitchen in total chaos, dishes piled high on the sinks and countertops; pots just sitting there, silently judging me for not washing them yet. I was just about to do it and then I realised I would literally be putting up my dirty dishes out for the world to see! If my Mom ever sees it, that would be the end of my life as I know it!! I know it's a bit exaggerated but you haven't heard my Mom on one of her 'Why are you so lazy, Farah?' rants. All I can say is, there were loads of 'em dishes but all cleared out, dried and happily back in the cupboards.

I even managed to talk to SoulSista on Saturday (Skype is pretty awesome, just saying ;)), just a few days before her birthday. It was a good long chat where we managed to square out some very tangled-mangled details. We were actually taking so loudly and laughing equally as loud that husband was super curious. He kept asking me what we talked about because apparently we were laughing so much. Oh well, not for the delicate ears of the husband to listen too. I miss her loads and I was telling her about the things that are happening back in Malaysia and how I feel like I am at a loss and I'm so glad that she understands. Sometimes people just tell me to snap out of it and feel lucky. I am grateful without a doubt but…there are just somethings that can't be explained I suppose.

So that was my weekend; and for being all wife-like I was rewarded with no-cooking on Monday! So that is actually pretty damn awesome if you ask me, or any other wife for that matter! This coming weekend on the other hand is Halloween. I am pretty much combing the internet for something fun and free (free being the operative word here) to do. Now, don't start with the 'Muslim's shouldn't participate in Halloween' lecture because trust me, husband will be the first one to say 'Stop' if I was intending to go astray. It's just I really want to see people all dressed up (and take like a million photos of it!)! There kinda is this Zombie walk thing on Sunday but it doesn't sound so legit (or even concrete). I checked two sites and both stated completely different times for it. It would be pretty fun and awesome to go and take some photos of the Zombie walk. Talk about experiencing something that is totally Western culture. Macam best!

Anyways, back to me combing the interet for free stuff (such a cheapskate!)!

Happy Evening Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


October 18, 2012

When People Say They Miss Me

Most of the time while I was growing up, I was on the other side of this rainbow. I was the one who would be missing someone badly rather than the person being missed. It happened when my brothers left for uni, when my Mom went for her one-month-vacations, Dad went for business trips and friends left for abroad. I always felt that I was the one being left behind and everyone was, well, just readily and easily moving forward. Into a new life, a new set of friends and a new routine. I always felt that I was being left behind.

Now that I am the one who is away, I still do feel like that. Now that we've all grown up I feel as though I am not in their most important moments. Friends are getting married and babies have been given birth to. And here I am. But when someone says that they miss me, I get all warm and fuzzy inside. I feel really flattered because in a way I finally feel that my role in their life matters. Yes, I know my head is pretty far up my arse but whatever. I feel flattered when people say they miss me and I stand by that. In all honesty, I really miss my people too.

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


p/s: Congratulations on graduating Victoria! You are finally an adult! xo

October 16, 2012

Found A Guitar-Selling Place

It was on one fine Saturday afternoon that husband and I stumbled across a shop that specifically sells guitars. Husband was super-duper,extremely happy. Me….meh *shrugs*. So while walking and chatting with husband, he excitedly told me that Glasgow is apparently famous for music scene and it's possible to buy instruments here for cheap and blablabla. Then it clicked, husband specifically applied for Glasgow University because of it's music scene! And he kept telling me before that it's because of me and my sense of adventure! Ahem…I believe the saying 'liar liar, pants on fire' is completely relevant and justified here!

DSC 0057

Husband molesting one of the acoustic guitars (I think acoustic lah, not really sure actually *double shrug*)

DSC 0058

Habis lah, he already told me flat out that he wants a new guitar and I know how happy playing the guitar makes him that I can't even say no. The perils of being married to a closeted musician. *sigh* There goes all my future *clears throat* shopping for essentials. It's essentials I swear! ;)

Happy cold and rainy Tuesday Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


October 11, 2012

After Almost One Week Of Not Blogging

Hellooooo *waves* I am somewhat back from the dead! Last weekend was a sick, sick weekend. And by sick I mean sore throat, fever, snot, phlegm and more. It started with husband coming home on Wednesday feeling unwell and by Saturday I was down with the flu and fever as well. The worst part is that my nose is still so congested with my sinuses hurting massively. That's the changing of weather for you. I don't really get why so many people on the blogosphere have such massive hard-ons for autumn. It's cold, damp and there are no more flowers. In a nutshell, that's autumn. I actually even tried looking for pumpkin patches ala all those chick flicks where the go and pick out pumpkins but unfortunately Scotland doesn't have any. Apparently it's an all-American thing to do. *rolls eyes*

Other than that I've got loads of happy news from Malaysia. Friends and cousins getting engaged, a close friend giving birth to a baby boy; a roundup of happy things. But what bothers me the most is the fact that I am physically unable to join in on the happiness. All I can do is send happy thoughts and prayers from my little corner of the world and this thought itself is depressing. *sigh* Anyways, before it gets further more depressing it's time for me to continue watching my fav tv shows.

Good Afternoon Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


October 4, 2012

A Fancy Way To Makan Teloq!!

Husband and I absolutely love watching cooking shows! This is nothing new, really. Whenever we find that there is nothing on TV that the both of us want to watch, we almost always end up switching to the food network. Trust me it was the same back in Malaysia when we actually had a whole lot more channels to keep us occupied and work to keep both of us busy. Most of the time watching these food/cooking shows either gets us salivating and hungry or it puts ideas into husband's head. Which is exactly how this post came along!

We were randomly watching this cooking show about this English girl who lived in Paris and loved their food. And the show was something like how to make simple French food. Thus my experiment today: eggs in pots (oeufs en cocotte). In other words teloq separuh masak with cream. Two days ago when husband when to pick up some necessities from the grocery store the first thing he unpacked was the creme fraiche and made a point of showing it to me. Oh and he said 'Now I can have the eggs like in that TV show'. Subtle much?It's super simple to make and I didn't have the fancy fish roe or even dill on hand. I just used whatever I had in the kitchen and tadaaaaaaaa:




Just in case if any of you are intending to make the same dish, make sure your cup/dish is oven safe okay? You don't want to clean up a mess of cracked kitchen wear and eggs. Messy sesangat! Oh and since I didn't have dill on hand, I just used mixed herbs. The rest I followed the recipe (well except for the roe). I don't know how it tasted like because I'm not a fan of runny eggs, seriously never liked it and probably never will (bring on the fried eggs!!). Husband said it was good (well if he didn't *slits throat with finger* LOL) and it was creamy. Husband had it with toast for minum petang even if it is supposed to be for breakfast. Whatever floats your boat lah husband! ;)

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


October 3, 2012

Khaki Colour & Some Girly Lace

I was honestly about to title this post with words like 'Utilitarian' and 'Parka' and then I realised, what the hell am I talking about? I have no idea what those words mean (in terms of fashion)! So there you go, my fashion victim moment. *sheepish*

Personally, wearing anything with camo print really just takes me back to my paint-balling days back in Malaysia. We were really hooked with the sport and tried to play at least once a month and would find any excuse at all to just gather everyone and play. We had a whole lot of fun. At one time, husband was so crazy about it that he even wanted to buy his own marker (that's what they call the paintball gun). Those were the days, I was so fit then too. Then I started working and my bum was parked permanently on a chair. So much for self discipline eyh? *shrugs* Anyways, because of the paintball craze I actually had a proper camo jacket, that was used by those in the army. And right before leaving for Scotland, I actually packed it up and gave it to my brother. It was too big for me and I know for a fact that I would never be able to pull something like that off as fashion. Thus, this outfit was born:



Knit: Topman (husband's), Lace dress: Cat's Whisker, Inner Shirt: H&M (F.O.S), Scarf: Primark, Jeggings: Primark, Shoes: Boxfresh, Ring: Diva

So anyways, this is my take on the trend; pairing khaki coloured top with some lace and a relatively bright lip. I also managed a side fish tail braid and made it look messy on purpose. It was funny as husband was asking me if I did that on purpose and as soon as we stepped out of the building the wind was so strong that my hair got even messier than this! But it was really nice picnic weather though, to lay on a nice blanket with the sun shining on you and the wind blowing. Imagine holding a hot cup of coffee and some pastries…just YUM!

But the weather is getting colder and the sun shines less; what can one do but just cosy up and wear some fuzzy slippers.

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


October 2, 2012

Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins In The Oven Yo!

Since I still haven't figured out what I want to do with my blog, I suppose I'll just post up my latest in my kitchen adventure! Nutella Swirl Banana Muffins! I came across this recipe on one of those days that I was just looking at things that I could make with Nutella. I seriously LOVE Nutella. I could eat spoonfuls of it just from the jar (I'm not saying that I've done it, I don't kiss and tell! :p) because it's that good. Even just spreading it on toast is just…*sigh* sedaaaaaaap. I would even go to the lengths of licking the spoon or knife used for spreading before putting it into the sink for washing. I would always get scolded by my Mom whenever she caught me doing that, she would always say I might cut my tongue with the knife!

Anyways, this recipe was actually to make a Nutella Swirl Banana Loaf. Banana + Nutella = Freaking Awesome! Remember?  But I noticed the footnote in the recipe saying that it could as easily be made into muffins and that's what I did. It was just easier to eat and the portions would be controlled *shame faced*. I made a dozen and within days, *poof* all gone. Plus it was actually pretty easy to make, honestly. 




Look at all that Nutella goodness inside! And I did put a bit extra, I couldn't help it. Nutella is goooooooood no matter what anyone says!


But the only problem with the muffins was that the recipe said two large eggs and I only had medium eggs in my fridge. Being a smartass I used three medium eggs in the recipe and my muffins came out a little bit sticker than anticipated. That was the only problem that I had; everything else was perfection. The more the weather is getting on the colder side the more I feel like baking. I finally got a proper pie dish last weekend and now all I can think of are pies, pies and more PIES!

Maybe a Nutella pie? Sounds delish!!! NOM!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: if you can get your hands on fresh peaches, try baking them with some sugar/honey and orange juice (I used mango juice, don't judge it was on hand *shrugs*) at 200ºC until they get soft. It feels like you're eating bits of sunshine, I swear! No photos though, whoops! Bad blogger, Farah!


October 1, 2012

Happy October!! Now Let's Talk About My Blog!!

Happy October everybody! It is officially autumn/fall over here, the trees are balding and the winds are picking up. Not that great in general but wonderful for snuggling and reading in bed. Okay, let's get cracking as some serious business is in order. Let's talk about my blog. Yeap, my blog; this very space.

I have been thinking about revamping my blog for quite some time, especially lately. The problem seems to arise however when I try to categorise who I am as a blogger. I am not a photography blogger, not a fashion blogger (far from it actually), not a mommy blogger, not a travel blogger (since I only travel occasionally), not a food blogger (yet I do blog about what I cook), not a entertainment blogger and most definitely not a comic blogger (I can only draw stickmen, thank you very much!). My blog just seems to be a bunch of contradictions it seems! Thus my biggest question: who am I as a blogger? I can't even be considered as a lifestyle blogger as I do not club, ever since coming to Glasgow we do not dine out (it's non-halal and expensive) and I don't really socialise that much. I'm just an average girl who likes coffee dates; especially if cake is involved.

Plus I am very well aware of the stats of my blog and the viewership I have, so this is not actually me trying to turn my blog into something that can attract hits. I hope to achieve this though: people reading Farahrambles.com because they want to read about Farah and what she rambles about. I know it's stupid, but I get excited every time I notice a new reader. It honestly really does make my day. I go to husband squealing about how my number increased, even if it is by just one. Husband on the other hand humours me and helps me along whenever I have any technical problems with my blog.

Argh…and when I started this blog, I was so so angst-ie. Re-reading my older blog posts I really do cringe in embarrassment, was that really me? Good Lord! Now I just deal with angst the best I know how: chocolates. If it still doesn't help, tido je la (sleep)! And that's another thing, should I keep all those posts with my revamp? Should I even do a revamp?

Questions, questions, questions…with no answers to them.

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


p/s: we are still unresolved about adopting a cat. Why so many things unresolved waaaaaaaaan????? Wah, so Malaysian suddenly! LOL


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