November 30, 2012

Going Undercover {Part 2}

After lathering up my skin in all sorts of potions and lotions to keep the wrinkles away (read part 1 here), these are some of the things that I have. Obviously I don't use all at the same time. That would make me look like a real cake plus I really don't have that skin level to pull it off *hangs head*. So let's start with the tubes and bottles first; from the left Benefit's Sun Beam highlighter which I quite love but I find that I have to put it on generously for it to actually have that highlighter effect. Next to it is my Smashbox Primer that I really love and absolutely sayang to use because I'm afraid that it'll finish before I can afford to buy it again. It really makes my skin feel like some nice expensive velvet that you just want to keep on stroking (cue image of 'Silence of The Lambs). I actually got it with the Smashbox tinted moisturiser as well but that is already long gone and finished. It really did work great together I must say. :(


In the middle we have the Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation (that is a freaking mouthful to say!). Bought it when I was still in Malaysia, I think it was sometime in December last year. Again, worked great there sucks real bad here. When I first started wearing makeup here and put on the foundation my skin was just literally peeling in patches all around my nose, chin, cheeks even forehead. And now it still clings to the dead skin around the nose area. I tried mixing it up with a bit if my moisturiser to, you know make it it a tinted moisturiser but still doesn't work. Conclusion, need to get a foundation for dry skin. :(

Next to that is the Maybelline Angelfit Concealer; which I really can't seem to find a link to it. Anyways, it works alright. That's all I gotta say about it. Hmmmmm. And the final product is Benefit's The Porefessional which works alright but I honest to God hate how it smells! I actually got both the Benefit products for free when I was still working back in Malaysia in the advertising industry. But anyways, I really really hate the smell of it to a point where I just stuck it in my handbag as an emergency primer so that I don't have to really use it! But now, it has found it's place back in my makeup bag thanks to this post, be grateful you smelly little tube you!

In the middle, is my Estee Lauder Double Wear Compact which I freeloaded off my elder brother (before I got married hehehehe). My elder brother had took my mom out to get her makeup refills and I got this and two lipsticks out of it. Again I realised that most of my things are either given to me or someone bought it for me. In that picture itself, I only bought the Body Shop Foundation and the Maybelline Concealer. LOL. I guess people just love buying stuff for me, or I have a pretty good puppy dog eyes impression. And that I am a cheapskate! Double LOL!

And that is actually all that I have boys and girls.

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


It's Another Couple Outfit Post


DSC05790  Version 2

Wife; Jacket: Asos, T-shirt: H&M, Scarf: Unbranded (Jalan TAR), Jeans: Primark, Necklace: DIVA


Husband; T-Shirt: F.O.S, Jumper: Primark, Jeans: Erm…Unsure (!!)

Happy St. Andrew's Day y'all!



November 29, 2012

Let's Start With The Face Stuff {Part 1}

 I was answering a few questions for an interview and the one of the questions was 'What was the most expensive item I have spent on?' and I was seriously drawing up a blank. Because really, when it comes to clothes, shoes and other stuff I really do think a million times before buying something. I usually get clothing items during sales or at outlet stores. And still I have this bad habit of wanting to buy everything when I'm a bit low in cash and when I have cash I am like 'Nah, I'll pass and save my money instead'. I was actually discussing this with my mom a few days ago and she was telling me to stop being like this and that I would probably regret it once I come back to Malaysia. Oh and I just realised, even my skincare stuff was bought for me by husband! Lalalalalalala!


Aaaanyways, I was also a wee bit inspired to do this post after watching YouTube videos of some v-loggers showing their storage solutions and stuff of their makeup. I don't really have much thus why I am starting the posts of with my skincare and continues with whatever little makeup I have. So, my skincare stuff; the little tubes and bottles (front row and stacked on top on the left corner) are samples. The samples are eye cream (which I already had the product), night repair serum (which I looooooove), day repair serum (also have the product almost right behind it), and BB cream (can't seem to find the link on the Estee Lauder site).

The big bottle is my moisturiser which I kind of regret getting. This is the Cyber White Brilliant Cells, which is basically a moisturiser with whitening proportions. I kinda hate it. Before I got this bottle I had the sample of a different moisturiser and I loved it. When I went to purchase it I had just returned from a beach trip so I was obviously a few shades darker and got swayed into buying this one. Using it back in Malaysia was fine but once I got here I severely regretted it. The moisturising power of this bottle was just blah and my skin was just peeling nonstop (even now still, mostly around the nose). From having normal skin back in Malaysia, I now have dry skin due to the weather here. :(

Lastly the Dalacin-T is a pharmacy remedy for breakouts and sometimes it works great, sometimes not so great. I guess that's just my skin acting up like a freaking teenager! Which coincidentally when I was a teenager I had absolutely no zits, breakouts whatsoever. Being an adult an having breakouts is really difficult especially when you're crap at making up. :(

If you're wondering why most of the products are Estee Lauder, well just say I was influenced by my mom. For as long as I can remember she had always been using their products and really mom has the nicest skin. She doesn't use (and need) a lot of makeup but she is religious with the application of her creams and lotions. When I was younger (and staying with her), when in the midst of watching TV she would get up and start applying her cream in the room, that was the sign that she was going to head to bed soon. No need to ask, we all knew her routine. So naturally I gravitated towards the same potions and lotions. ;)

But unlike Mom, I am useless at keeping up with these routines. Sometimes I do it and it looks great and then like a lazy, brain dead monkey, I forget! My problem entirely. :(

So remember to take good care of your skin tonight people (reminder for myself!). ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


November 28, 2012

Frolicking In The Snow Like Bambi

On the way back to Glasgow via Aviemore

Me: Baby, that white stuff on the road…is that snow?? *wide eyes*

Husband: *non-impressed*'s snow. *turns to look at me*

Me: *smiling like a lunatic*

Husband: *pulls car to the side*

Me: Eh, why are we stopping?

Husband: Go and take a closer look.

Me: *jumps out of the car*

*crunch crunch, snap snap, back in car*

Husband: Did you feel it?

Me: Urm…no. It's dirty!

Husband: *rolls eyes*



Still on the way;

Me: Baby! Baby! Baby! Pullover please! So much SNOW!!!! Take my picture!!!

Husband: What? No need la.

*pullsover anyways*

Me: Hurry sayang, it's cold!!!

*snap snap and jumps back in the car*

Me: It feels like aiskepal

Husband: What?

Me: Snooooow, it feel's like aiskepal. Kan you asked me to feel it. I did la! *defensive*

Husband: *laughs*

(aiskepal = shaved ice)



Aaaaah…my first encounter with le snow! Hoping that it will snow in Glasgow too this year. ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


November 27, 2012

Chilling Out With George

 After the slightly disappointing walkabout Inverness Castle, we headed off to Fort George. The drive there was a bit confusing with our handphone GPS getting all messed up. But luckily we found it and we literally spent two hours just walking around the place taking in the scenery and some history (thank God for no more history exams!) thanks to the audio guide. The day was still bright and sunny so that itself was wonderful but Gods, it was SO COLD. Fort George is situated facing the River Ness and it opens up to the sea, so the sea breeze (or should I say wind?) was really cold. And it was so strong that at times, I felt as though I was swaying in the wind I kid you not. I would be walking straight and a random strong gust of wind will be pushing me to the side, so jalan senget-senget la.  I just wanted to lay down on the grass in the sunshine like a cat but the grass was still damp.

This place is actually not just a landmark to visit and go 'ooh' and 'aah' over, as it is still functional as an army base. When we were there though husband was saying that it looked like a zombie town and right after he said that; three really tall, can-beat-you-up-to-a-pulp types soldiers walked pass up. We were like ooOOookay, smile and hopefully they won't kick us out of the place for saying it looked like a zombie town! *innocent smiles on* Oh and apparently in the summer months, you are able to see bottle nose dolphins in the sea. I stood there trying my luck but nope, no dolphins to be seen. :(








So anyways, while this place is still functional it is currently wing used as training base. As we were walking in, there were signs warning us that they might do random searches in the visitors. Luckily nothing of that sort happened as I was caring a gingerbread man cookie the size of my palm in my bag. I had forgotten it there after leaving the cafe at the city and was like 'Doh' when I realised it in the fort, too lazy to trek back all the way just to keep my cookie. And, it was a really yummy cookie mind you. Would have been excellent with some hot tea!


Yez, cookie iz very good for the hungreh belleh. Sorry in advance if you get nightmares of my big, big teeth! Ngeh!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


November 26, 2012

Inverness Castle As Is

Well it's time to continue from where I left off. So, we stayed overnight at Inverness and by the time I woke up I was ridiculously hungry. I mean we had a lot of food but it was more junk food than proper stuff and junk food while fun, doesn't really fill the tummy like proper food does. Before we left we decided to check out the castle, Inverness Castle in the city. It was a beautiful day, sun shining and all but the castle itself was nothing that special. It is currently being utilised as a court house (which actually made parking almost impossible to find).



After walking around for a few minutes we decided to go in search for a hot cup of coffee and hopefully some delicious sandwich. We got both! Woopwoop. I tried the gingerbread latte and I have to say I don't love it. I don't hate it, but don't love it. I will however opt to not order it again if I have a choice. The spices was too strong for me I think. Hmmmmm.

From there we went off to Fort George and that is another post altogether. Another photo heavy post! ;)

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia


November 22, 2012

Black Friday

womenspersonalfinance net black friday infographic v2 Womens Black Friday Infographic


The Same Thing I Do Everyday

Husband: So what are you going to do today?

Me: *Looks at husband* The same thing I do everyday...

Husband: *Looks at me expectantly*

Me: Try to take over the world! *Starts singing the theme song 'Pinky and the Brain' in my head and bobs head silently along*

Husband: *stares silently*


Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


November 20, 2012

The Art of Spotting Nessie

 Me: Baby, quick take my photo like I'm pointing at the lake like I saw Nessie!

Husband: Okay *points camera and clicks*

Photo as below


Me: Baby! What the??!! I look like a crazy, homeless beggar!!

Husband: *looks at photo* Well, at least you look like a fashionable homeless beggar *LOLs*



Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


Searching For Good Ol' Nessie

Urquhart (don't ask me how to pronounce because I myself can barely get it right!) Castle is banked on the Loch Ness. 'Loch' in general means 'Lake', so for all the lakes its 'Loch something-or-other'. When we got there it was lovely and quite sunny, and really I can't tell you how much I miss sunshine! Loch Lomond is the lake in Scotland with Loch Ness trailing in second place, *cikgu mode on* however Loch Ness is also one of the deepest lakes in Scotland with it's deepest point at 230m! That is seriously bloody deep!

This castle actually started developing somewhere from the 500's, I kid you not! But it's sad though that because this castle was so old that it ended up getting blown to smithereens by people who felt a sense of entitlement to it.You can read more on the Urquhart Castle here and Loch Ness here.



  That is Loch Ness, the legendary place of the mythical Loch Ness Monster (also fondly known as Nessie) sightings. The visitor centre for it is actually at Drumnadrochit but since we were already at the Loch Ness we decided to give it a skip and head straight for Inverness. Once we got to our room I basically passed out for almost two hours. I basically had only two hours (or less) sleep the night before, and I wasn't allowed to sleep in the car because I was the navigator! In the beginning I was chatty and all of a sudden husband said "eh, why so quiet ni?" I was desperately trying not to zonk out in the car (rented by the way).
We were really lucky though, as soon as we finished with the castle it started raining lightly which made it colder than it already was, 4.5ÂșC (if you were wondering!). It was also a great place for Mr. Pink. It has been ages since I last used it and it was literally collecting dust on the shelf *hangs head in shame*. But I haven't posted all the old films on the blog yet so that will be coming up first once this weekend posts are done *fingers crossed*.
Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia
p/s: With all the madness going on between the Israelis and Palestinians, lets just all take a moment to say a prayer for all the souls that have been cruelly lost.

Outfit Shots at Glencoe


Husband: Clothes: Primark, Shoes: Asos


Wife: Jacket+Pants+Scarf: Asos


Hmmmm….husband needs more pointers on taking outfit photos! ;) Anyways, I'm pretty much obsessed with printed pants at the moment; my 'saved items' list is filled with printed pants! And the fact that is almost always having discounts and offers is seriously not good for my financial health. :(

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


November 19, 2012

'Visiting' Hagrid at Glencoe

 Helloooooooooo! I'm back from the weekend activities, although I'm pretty sure no one noticed. I iz a ninja like that! Heeeeeeeeeeee ;)

We went exploring at Loch Lomond, 'visited' Hagrid at Glencoe, went searching for ol' Nessie at Urquhart Castle by Lock Ness, we went frolicking in the sun at Inverness aaaaaaaand Fort George. SoOOooOOOoo, in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' they set up a set at the Glencoe valley. Actually being there was quite breath-taking, although I have to admit that I didn't really recognise it until I started watching the movie (which I currently am by the way ;)).


If you can see, the top of the mountain is almost entirely covered in snow. I did take some videos of the sights and will slowly put it up once I edit it (eventually). Ngehehehehehehe. More posts with photos will be coming soon. ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia



November 16, 2012

Skyfall Premiere Wows The World

It’s high praise when Daniel Craig, movie star of the moment, says that the premiere of new film Skyfall was one of the best nights of his life. On reflection, it’s really no surprise that Craig enjoyed himself so much at the elaborate event held at the Albert Hall and Tate Modern, as he was flanked by some of the world’s most renowned beauties, including Penelope Cruz, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, not to mention wife Rachel Weisz.

Of course, Bond girls are famed for their glamour, and the latest cast didn’t disappoint. The leading ladies made glittering appearances on the red carpet in stunning full-length ball gowns by the likes of Marios Schwab and Vivienne Westwood, making the gala event one of the most glitzy of 2012, as well as opening the party season with a bang.

However, it’s not just good looks and big diamonds that define the women in the legendary films adapted from the novels by Ian Fleming. Naomie Harris, who plays MI5 agent Eve, said of her role: “Bond girls have to reflect the modern woman, and the modern woman is very talented and very capable, they’re leaders in their field, they can do anything.”

It’s this newfound empowering approach to female characters that has helped to make Craig’s tenure as James Bond so successful, providing some much-needed depth to the series, which had previously been regarded as sexist, unrealistic and frankly quite dated. Craig’s modern Bond is, therefore, a breath of fresh air – and the combination of action and glamour that characterises the franchise continues to have a broad appeal.

If you’ve been inspired by Skyfall, what better way to feel as glamorous as a Bond girl than by getting yourself a fabulous pair of new shoes? A pair of heels is a party season essential, and you can find a variety of chic styles in the collection of Ted Baker shoes at

Good Evening Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


A Big-Ass Care Package

A few weeks ago I randomly told my parents that I would love some spices from back in Malaysia. The spices for making Malaysian style curry and not the desi (Indian) kind. And what I received was a massive package filled with bits and bobs and a pregnancy test kit. Yes, you read that right; my parents from all the back in Penang, Malaysia sent me a pregnancy test kit. I mean, hello, when did we start sharing things like this? I remember way back when when I used to get severe membebel (nagging) sessions just because I was friends with a guy. And now that I'm married, suddenly this overshare is a bit of a shock. Stop sharing, for the love of God!




Now that I finally have some full on proper galanggal (lengkuas), it's time to head on down to rendang-vllle! Oh and Pops, I got your message with the kit. Loud and freaking clear (!!!!!).

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


November 13, 2012

London Fashion: Shopping for the look

Big cities – particularly style meccas like London, Paris, New York and Milan – often have lots of different fashion movements happening simultaneously, and London is arguably the best place to go to be at the forefront of the latest trends. With cutting-edge brands, flagship stores, unique markets and plenty of choice, England’s capital is a must-visit shopping destination.

London definitely has its own specific yet evolving fashion vibe, with outfits often cobbled together from a variety of sources. The fashion pack tends to wear clothes sourced from a variety of places, from High street stores to high-end designers, and all that’s in between.

London trend-setters Alexa Chung and Kate Moss are constantly mixing and matching different styles to create unique looks, blending rock chic with old-fashioned glamour – and this season saw plenty of Jubilee kitsch thrown in for good measure.

For classic London style, head to Carnaby Street, where you’ll find quirky boutiques, killer heels and plenty of Union Jack prints for a very “now” balance between the past and the present. Huge in the 60s, the Mod look was strongly associated with these very streets, and there are still plenty of Quadrophenia-inspired looks to be found. Don’t miss a trick: be sure to explore the side streets too for handmade jewellery and top independent designer outlets.

London style leans heavily on history for inspiration. Incorporate cool retro finds with high street staples (and even the odd designer label treat) for a look that really reflects the capital’s signature look.

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*This is a sponsored post*

Goodnight Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


November 10, 2012

Tying Up Loose Ends

So I realised that I have a lot of 'oh-I-am-going-to-do-this-and-that' kinda post but I haven't really updated what happened and left it hanging. At least to me it feels like it's hanging, not too sure about the people reading though. But anyways, whatever floats my boat right? 

I never got to make any pumpkin-base desserts, just for the reasons that I didn't want to get messy with a fresh pumpkin. I was so wrapped up in finding pumpkin puree until husband asked me, 'Do you even know what pumpkin tastes like? What if you don't like it?'. And that was basically 'The End' of the pumpkin escapade. 

Going on the Halloween Zombie walk pun tak jadi. It basically happened to be a wet, rainy Sunday and everyday since. So were happily bundled up at home and vege-ing out in front of the TV.

And finally our two weeks break in December is in the process of being planned. Initially what was supposed to be a two week vacation in London has become three days. I'm pretty torn up about it but whadya gona do, if we to stay there for two weeks we would've been paying more than 1000.00GBP. It's basically a lemonade party going on in my head right now, if you get the drift. ;)

That's really about it, honestly. It's getting dark really early so I am trying to wake up early as well to get in some sunlight and blue skies.

Good evening Scotland, Good morning Malaysia


November 9, 2012

Looking Up While Walking

It's natural while walking to look down to avoid walking into people and/or poop or something nasty. But once in a while, looking up proves to be something worth the risk of bumping into people. These buildings are so beautiful; the architecture and the statues basically makes me stop in my tracks and look at them in awe. Whipping out my camera and snapping away obviously I looked like a total noob but what the hell, it was worth it. The thing is I wish I could have stood in the middle of road to snap better angles of the buildings. I guess I am bit too shy for that, but yeah I think I need to start breaking out of my shell and be more confident. But, how? ;)


DSC05476  Version 2


Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


November 4, 2012

Scottish Music At The City Centre

While walking around city centre yesterday, husband and I came across this group. Check out the 'uncle' with the white beard, he looks full on!

Believe it or not this video was taken at around 4.30-ish pm. It was already getting so dark! Anyways, the music these guys were playing was really good, imagine hearing it live without the drums and the bagpipes. It was really beautiful; there were really so many people recording the group. This is what great chemistry and talent combined looks like. ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


November 1, 2012

Raw, Freaking Talent of D.U.R.A Art & Illustration

Hello November, how are you? I know, I know, loads of tweets and updates of November Rain *rolls eyes*. So I'm not going down that road, I'm just happily waiting for December to come on by (hopefully) bringing an awesome two week holiday! *fingers crossed* Currently we are in the midst of decorating the house; ok actually it's more like I am trying to channel the 'Deco bersama Eric' kinda feel. It's honestly not going so great. I've always, always wanted to get art for our house and DURA is one of Malaysia's finest. I absolutely love her illustrations, especially those of fashion (another fashion victim moment here, hihihi). Art is honestly something really difficult to commit to (and even more difficult to see eye to eye to), but I already know which one I would love to put up in my future (much, much in the future) daughter's room! Can you guess? ;)

156602 416039015125207 441861454 n

252695 381200785275697 2054664428 n

Okay, I just noticed that both the illustrations that I choose to upload here have the same colour tones. Weird! I know that I don't talk about art a lot (actually at all) on this blog, but sometimes you come across people who are just insanely talented and all you can do is be at awe at their talent. This is one of those moments. And no, this is really not a sponsored post/advert. I just really think she is great at what she does. Best of all, she actually does commissioned work. If you want to know more about this fantastic artist, you can find out more here through these channels; Facebook, Twitter and her official website.

Now, if only I can get husband to look at art they way I do. What don't judge me, he's the one who pays!

Good evening Scotland, Good Night Malaysia


p/s: Illustrations belong to DURA and are dully borrowed from her Facebook page.


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