December 31, 2012

A Little Prayer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem...

May the year 2013 prove to be bountiful, riddled with rizq, full of love and compassion. May dreams come true. May friends remain close and family closer. May everyone be awarded great health.



December 30, 2012

What I Did The Whole Of 2012

I can't believe that in less than 24 hours it's going to be a brand new year; 2013. It really does feel like yesterday when I posted this on the blog. This year, God, where do I even begin? It was really full of ups and downs and big, BIG changes! There were also the little milestones  that we should always be thankful for.

1. I started baking more

Granted that somethings came out great and some not so great, like the macaroons episode. It was so sad, but into the trash they had to go. So far I haven't even bothered trying to bake macaroons again and I'm pretty sure that I'll probably not get the itch to bake them anytime soon.

2. My two good friends tied the knot

I had been always teasing my friends on when they were both gona tie the knot with their respective partners and in 2012 both did! I only posted about Fana's wedding (1, 2) as Fenin was quiet private about it and even though I'm not that self-centred to think that loads of people read my blog, her wishes are to be respected either ways. Both of them looked so so amazing. *sigh* I miss weddings!

3. I started getting slightly bold with my fashion choices

Well, after lusting over outfits and shoes I finally took the plunge and started posting my outfit photos. I know, they are quite understated compared to those that are well and truly popular online but hey, my style is my style. And now, I find it evolving. I feel braver and bolder and really, who gives a shit if people stare. As long as my husband is okay with it, to the rest I say; pffffft sekian, terima kasih!

4. Mr. Pink

I have started taking more photos with Mr. Pink (although it takes me some time to actually post it up) and I have experimented with taking photos at night. It was a little bit difficult but hey, that's really what experimentation is all about.

5. We went on a bunch of mini adventures; some with friends and family

Fraser's Hill, Pangkor Island (1,2), Tioman Island (1,2,3,4,5,6), Port Dickson, Melaka, Glencoe (1,2), Inverness, Fort George, Castle Campbell at Dollar, Stirling (Wallace Monument, Doune Castle, Stirling Castle), Tantallon Castle, Edinburgh 

6. We celebrated my niece and nephew's birthday at our place

Awwwwmygosh, the cakes were incredibly awesome! I still sometimes have cravings for the rainbow cake. So delicious *drools*. On a separate note, I really miss my old apartment back in Malaysia. And honestly, I miss the swimming pool and the gym the most. :(

7. I left my job at Nuffnang

I worked at Nuffnang just two months shy of a year and in that ten months I made a few good friendships. I miss all those kooky people a whole lot. And not forgetting to mention, I do miss my job.

8. Exchanging Malaysia for Scotland

Long story short, husband got an opportunity to do his PhD in Scotland and I said, 'let's go!'. If you want the longer version, well I did post about it here. ;)

9. We celebrated our one year anniversary!

This one well, I don't have a specific post about it. We had just recently arrived in Scotland, and were basically bunking with one of the kind Malaysian families here in Scotland. We were busy searching for our own place and at the same time chasing the scholarship body in Malaysia for our funds. So all in all, a pretty unremarkable and stressful time. But we had a mini and late sort of celebration with watching 'Romeo & Juliet' in the botanics a few days later.

10. Ramadhan and Eid in Glasgow

Fasting in the summer is basically almost 20-hours. Only four hours to eat and pray. It was a pretty big challenge but I'm glad to say that we both managed it and didn't even skip one day! ;) Eid on the other hand was a whole different nut to crack. But luckily we received two really thoughtful care packages from our families that made it a little bit easier on our heavy and sad hearts. 

11. Finally getting my reading groove back

After leaving my job back in May, I basically picked up my long lost love again; reading. And since then I have read so many books that I actually can't keep count! The last one I read (which was a few days ago) was 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Greene and believe it or not, I finished reading the whole book in one night. I just couldn't put it down. Yes, it is Young Adult, but come on it pummels 'Fifty Shades' into oblivion, it's that good. ;)

12. I saw snoooooooooooow!!!


2012, has been quite great given the fact that I've radically moved from one place to another. Where it's so far away from home that I actually have started dreaming of my mom's cooking. You got that right, I said dreaming. A little bit pathetic but seriously my mom is a really good cook! Sometimes I wish magic sort of existed. Ya know, Harry Potter style where I could use the Floo Network and just pop in and out in Malaysia whenever I please. But alas, not gone happen. Someone really needs to look into teleportation (hello husband, this can be your next project okayz? ;)).

However, I am really looking forward to 2013. My parent's-in-law are going to be visiting and I'm really looking forward to it! They are quite adventures so it'll really be fun. And I'll finally have someone to teman me on walks to the park. Oh..Oh.Oh..not forgetting that Mak has already promised me that she'll make nasi lemak and nasi tomato just for me! Love!! Other than that, mum's the word! I'm not gona spill all the good news right now; I am deathly afraid that I might jinx it. Sounds a bit insane but that's just really how my mind works! Teehee.

Have a beautiful and wonderful new year!


December 28, 2012

Surviving Boxing Day!

Hello, hello you lovely people, how was your long break? I'm sure loads of people are still recovering from the merriness of Christmas and now the new year countdown to look forward to. Husband and I completely vege-d out leading up to Christmas and on Boxing Day, we fastened our jackets and braved out into the crowds. Well, the crowd wasn't so bad as I was imagining it, but I guess it would have been really massive in London. Sidetracking a bit; apparently there was this student from Glasgow who went to London for Boxing Day, queued up at 5am and spent 1600GBP at Harrods on designer stuff! That's crazy! I didn't spent even nearly as much, I'm not a lunatic.

But really though, people were just piling into Topshop like there was no tomorrow. And the sad part about it was the fact that all the clothes were manhandled so badly that some of the strappy tops were actually torn. That was kinda sad though. Surprisingly enough I thought I was gona be absolutely menggila in Topshop because ever since I came I haven't bought anything at all from Topshop. At normal price it would be just really expensive and my vanity is not so humongous that I would by at normal price. Tapi kadang-kadang tu, I feel like alaaa why so expensiveeeee? :( So, I bought only three clothing items and two pairs of socks from Topshop. I know right, I'm amazed by my self-control! ;)

But God, there were so many Desi's and Chinese/Koreans out that day. It felt like they all pakat keluar on the same day. Not only that, they were happily talking (more like yelling actually) across the shop to their friends. And then you can see some kung fu moves happening with hangers flying all over the place! It was ke-ray-ray! That was not the worst thing, seriously I think this is a universal problem….BODY ODOUR. I know, I was telling husband about all the people that bumped into me and had the stinkiest b.o. and his reaction was 'Huh? Even here?'. Yeap, it's a freaking universal problem. But thankfully before heading into the city I bought some mints and I just kept shoving them mints into my mouth nonstop so that I don't hurl.

All in all it was a pretty good experience, except that I didn't get to enter House of Fraser (departmental store) and I totally missed out on getting my greedy little hands on a pair of Steve Madden loafers! And it was half price! Such a waste! But oh well, maybe next year. And there should be other sales too, at least I hope. I didn't get any designer stuff because honestly, tak mampu la dei. Unless there was some crazy mazy discount or we strike a lottery then boleh la. Other than that, let's save moooonies for summer! I can't wait for the sun to shineeeee. I really really can't wait! Whooooop!

Sorry no photos or anything for this post, we were too busy maneuveur-ing ourselves in the crowds. And I am more than just a it lazy to take photos of the stuff that I bought. Plus, I don't really want anyone to think that I am showing off or whatever pfffffffft. Not my style buds! ;)

That's all for now, it's getting ridiculously cold nowadays with maximum temps hitting 2ºC in the day and the sun is virtually sulking like grumpy cat. :(

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


December 20, 2012

What People Don't Warn You About Winter

Yay a post! Finally after a few days o a blog break I'm back. The break was also due to the fact that I've been somewhat under the weather. :( Anyways, there are a few things about winter that people don't warn you about

1. The Freakishly Cold Toilet Bowl

Imagine getting our of your warm and comfy bed, and you head to the toilet for your morning routine. And as you sit on the toilet bowl it somehow feels like you are sitting on a bowl on freaking ice! Cold, that's the only thing that your mind can process, it's really really cold.

2. The First Few Seconds Of The Shower

Even though you know that the hot water would be on in a few seconds, the fact that the cold water is icy cold makes you feel like you are trapped in your own bathroom! Plus, we have a bathtub so that means the entire tub gets ridiculously cold for that few seconds before the hot water comes on. And believe me I tried turning on the shower first before stepping into the tub but it didn't work. Instead I got cold-freaking-water sprayed all over me!

3. The Effect Of Subzero Weather

Once you have experienced subzero weather, even if it's say 7ºC you will automatically say, 'Oh it's warm today'. Yeap, 7ºC starts feeling warm! Pretentious much?

4. Cravings Of Hot Spicy Food

I swear that this cold weather is utterly perfect for foods like tomyam, tandoori, mer goreng and so much more. It's so cold out and all you wana do is cuddle with your blankie and slurp that hot spicy soup. And the fact that you keep getting hungry all the time.

 So far that's all that I've observed/experienced in winter. Oh and I also forgot to update that we are not going to London for the Christmas break. It turns out that the train tickets were too expensive by the time we wanted to book it. I guess we'd just be in Glasgow for this break and see what the city has to offer this time of year. ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 13, 2012

Glooooory, Glory…Eh I Mean Soap & Glory

 After writing loads and loads about my quite frankly embarrassing attempts of being all feminine, I have finally started getting in some serious routines with skin care. Namely with my hands and feet. Feet generally are so neglected, unless you're the type that goes for pedicures regularly. And looking at my Mom's feet, it's definitely better to start early. My Mom has the worst looking feet; dried skin and cracked heels. What makes it worst is the fact that she likes to peel at it. She'll be sitting comfortably on the chair while watching TV and her fingers will be at it, peeling skin off her foot. She doesn't even let us help her by putting cream on it for her. As for my hands, well I wash my hands so much including dish washing that at the end of the day my hands end up dry. Since it is Christmas and all, Boots is having a 3 for 2 on all their products so I decided that it was a great time to get some creams and such last month.

After checking oodles and oodles of reviews online, it seemed that Soap & Glory fit both my needs and my erm, budget! Whaaaat, we need budgets okay, if not everyone will be shopping uncontrollably all the time! Okay, maybe that just applies to me, but whatever. ;) So I got one of there Christmas bath sets and a few other items.




This was what I got in the set; a loofah, body butter and shower/foam bath


I took advantage of the 3 for 2 deal with these things; a body scrub, foot cream and hand+foot cream (which I only use for my hands).


These are the new additions to my bath stuff. The sugar scrub smells ridiculously good, just like those fizzy cola candies. Quite honestly though, everything smells so good but I really love the hand+foot cream. I only put it on at night before I sleep since I'm constantly washing my hands all day. I just love inhaling the smell of the cream and almost every night since I've used it, husband would ask me; 'What's that smell honey?'. And even cuter is that all these cute pink bottles in the toilet makes it look really girly. When I first put it out in the toilet, I couldn't help but notice that our products have gone through a division! All my products on one shelf, with the pinks, oranges and beige bottles while husband's soaps are all in dark coloured containers.

 So now that I am finally using Soap&Glory products, I finally know what all the hype is about. It's affordable, comes in pretty packaging and smells like a dream. I love that I can find it in any Boots over here but back in Malaysia you have to go to Sephora to get it. Okay, I think I'm just gona go and apply some cream on my hands (just to get a whiff of it!).

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 12, 2012

December Should Be 'Wear Husband's Clothes' Month!

DSC06066  Version 2

DSC06065  Version 2

Shirt: Topshop (husband's), Jeans: Primark, Belt: Asos, Beanie: H&M (husband's), Bag: Charles&Keith

I've really been wearing a lot of husband's clothes lately that I think December should really be 'Wear Husband's/Boyfriend's Clothes Month'. It's so comfortable that I can't help it and I love the slouchy and baggy look when it comes to shirts and jumpers. The ones for ladies just makes me look like a stuffed pillow! Oh God why? :(

Anyways, wore this out to a random walkabout town on a lovely, chilly evening. I can't wait to go ice skating though! So much fun! ;) And yes, I acknowledge that this particular outfit really, really made me look like a hipster trying too hard, I can't help it that I was comfy like this. *hangs head in shame*

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


December 11, 2012

A Taste Of Butterscotch In My Coffee

While we were checking out the Christmas Fair in Edinburgh, husband and I came across this little stall with the most delicious smells wafting from it. It was flavoured coffee beans and they had a whole myriad of flavours. Now I'm not really a coffee drinker, once in a while I love having a cup of hot mocha or a caramel latter even but it stops there. I still can't get my tastebuds to accept the taste of a plain ol' latte much less the taste of black coffee. I can't do it. I just really can't. So flavoured beans, sounded interesting enough. The flavours were right up my alley with chocolate, caramel and loads more. After much discussion (or more like husband quickly decided because he wanted out of the crowd), we settled on butterscotch.

Even though it costed 3GBP for a teeny tiny bag, and after husband worked his magic with his grinder and his espresso machine, I got my first sip of my butterscotch latte. It was pretty awesome, I kid you not. And there is really something profoundly comforting about drinking hot coffee on a cold, cold morning! It just makes everything taste better I think! Husband was and still is a bit iffy about it. He thinks that we shouldn't extracted the beans with the espresso machine but use the mocha pot instead. But then again, he is pretty much a coffee snob. So yeah, I thought it was good and that matters in this household! Muahahahahahaha!



I would actually love trying the other flavours. It's interesting I think that we can get all these additional flavours from the beans and not have to add the syrups and whatnot. Syrups basically equals extra sugar and that is no good anyways right? Riiiight? Oh and after searching for hours I finally found the online site *click here* of the sellers (urm…I sorta threw away the paper bag the coffee came in. Don't judge it was very early in the morning!). And now the big question' what flavour should I try next?

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


December 10, 2012

Conversing With The Lights Out

The both of us all tucked in comfortably in bed when suddenly;

Husband: Honey…*sounding all serious* what do you call the scenario where the victim wants to be raped but the rapist doesn't want to do it?

Me: *anwering with my eyes closed, almost asleep* I think that's called marriage.

Husband: …….hahahahhahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*cue the snores*


Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


December 9, 2012

Doing The Gangnam Style In Edinburgh

After exploring Tantallon Castle, we were supposed to head on to Edinburgh Castle. But thanks to our psycho GPS and getting taken the wrong way, by the time we left Tantallon it was already pretty late. So we were rushing to Edinburgh and by the time we got there it was almost 4.00pm. Which basically means that it was already dark, and we had to explore the whole castle in less than one hour. The place would be closed up by 5pm. We tried to get into the exploring mood but it was dark, and we basically had to speed through a lot of the exhibitions which equals to two moody people. We left early and decided to just walk around Edinburgh a little bit. Oh but before going on about that, I wanted to say something about one of the exhibition rooms. Alright, so the prison was set up like how it was when it was functional with bed and above them hammocks because there wasn't enough space. So they had these recordings of voices (konon nya prisoners la) who were Spanish, English, American and it was as though they were there having a conversation in a freaking empty room. That in itself is kinda freaky but that was not it. There was one particular hammock that just kept swinging. I was losing my shit when I noticed it, I mean no one was standing next to it. I'm pretty sure no one pushed it and as I walked nearer towards it, I finally noticed that there was a little motor attached to it making it swing! Wooooooooooo…be still my pounding, frightened heart!



Edinburgh city was really kinda of a mess. It was full with Christmas shoppers and just so, so many people! I know right, says a whole lot about me if I'm whinging about the amount of people there were. But yeah, we went to the Christmas fair there and it was chock full of people. In the end we didn't really check out the shops properly except for the one that sold flavoured coffee beans (a separate post coming up on that ;)). One thing though, even in freaking Edinburgh they were paling Gangnam Style. There were this group of teenage girls that were queueing up for a ride and they were literally doing the Gangnam Style steps for the song. Oi….when will this madness end?? *sigh*

We didn't go on any of the rides because we were too tired and we decided it was better to just head home instead. And once we got to Glasgow, we deposited our bums in a Pakistani food shop and just devoured the food when we were served. That was some good grub! NOMZ!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


EDIT: Oh I just realised that I forgot to mention that this is the end of our St. Andrews weekend. It was massively tiring but hey, that's what happens if your cheapos like us! ;p

December 8, 2012

I Miss Being A Beach Babe But Kanak-Kanak Ribena Pun Jadilah

 Hahahahha, well it's actually more like I miss being a beach bum, but whatever la if I think I'm a babe, then I most definitely am! Right? But in all seriousness, I really really miss the beach. When we got to Tantallon and I realised it's by the sea I practically ran to the edge of the cliff to take a look. And standing there I almost cried; I was basically reminded of how much I actually miss the beaches back in Malaysia. The smell, the sound, the heat and humidity. *sigh* I mean you would think that no matter where you are in the world the salty smell of the sea would pretty much be the same. *Prreeeeeet* WRONG! I could barely smell it in the air. It could just possibly be because of winter, or it could just be like that all the time I can't say but it was really sad (for me la, husband was happily oblivious). And unlike our beaches, the ones here don't have that stretch of sand where you can laze around on. It's more like rocks, rocks and more rocks. So no place to actually chill out by the beach. *double sigh* I guess this is what happens when you basically grow up on an island, you just develop a deep love of the beach.

Also this is what I wore;


Jumper: Primark (husband's), Jeans: Primark, Scarf: Gift (from Fenin), Shoes: Boxfresh, Jacket: Firetrap



 So finally, husband managed to take relatively nice photos of me! YAY! Yes, that was what the jumping photo is for. A new take on success kid.jpg maybe? Hahaha. But yeah it looks a bit weird because my leg muscles were in so much pain that I couldn't really jump any higher than this. Pathetic, I know. But whatever, it was still a beautiful day and I like being kanak-kanak Ribena! ;p

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 7, 2012

Finally Reaching Tantallon Castle

 After Stirling on Saturday we headed home to get some rest for our escapades on Sunday. For Sunday we were supposed to be exploring castles near Edinburgh so that we would end our road trip at Edinburgh itself. As we were heading out, our ridiculously stupid handphone GPS took us the wrong way! And what was supposed to be a relatively short drive turned into a freakishly long drive where I feel asleep! When I woke up, husband was telling me about all the beautiful scenery I missed and all I was bothered with was the fact that we still haven't reached yet! It completely messed  up or plan and got us very late for all the other castles that we were planning on exploring.

When we finally reached Tantallon Castle, it was beautiful. The sun was shining, the wind was chilly and in the distance there was the sound of the sea. As soon as we entered the complex, I basically ran towards the edges of the cliff to breathe in the scenery. It was beautiful to see the sea after a long time, the last time was Tioman back in Malaysia. It was just a great place with fantastic weather. This castle was so pretty, in terms of where it was situated that heck, even I would be tempted to fight over it!









This time husband was the one who was holding the camera and I have to say, he took some really great shots of the castle. And the fact that lil' beast of a camera is pretty awesome too.

 Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 6, 2012

Jelly Legs At Stirling Castle

It seems like the posts on Saturday are almost never ending! But, on the bright side, this is the last one for Saturday. Woopwoop. We actually managed to explore three of these places properly, not on a touch-and-go basis so that was a great use of our free passes and also our Saturday. ;)

So unlike Doune Castle, Stirling Castle is still in great condition and obviously that's because of all the great maintenance done. In certain rooms of the castle they had people dressed up in costumes of noblemen, jesters and more. And as we walked into each room, these people would start acting as though they were still in the that time. It was really lovely. Loads of people were taking photos with them so I kinda didn't really bother! I was more enthralled with the rooms. Aaah, the ceiling! God the ceilings are so so elaborate. But it the ceilings are apparently restored to almost what the original ceilings would look like. Also, it seems that during James V, they were so much into the myth of Hercules, that he sort of became a role model. The type of man people at that time should (and probably were) aspiring to be. Oh, oh, oh…archeologists also recreated two faces out of the bones found in one of the buildings! The installation was so cool! And it reminded me so much of the tv show 'Bones' (which I loooooooove!).








By the time we reached Stirling it was almost dusk and when we finished with the castle it was already pretty much night outside. And this last photo is basically the view we had of the city. By this time, most of the people had already left the castle and it really kinda got creepy. We were walking out and suddenly we heard a shout, like a really loud one. As we were walking, there was a tunnel like passage behind us and hearing that yell both of us whipped around thinking that the yell came from the tunnel-like place. I seriously got a shock of my life, and while my heart was still beating a hundred miles per second we realised the yell came from the employees near the gate in front of us. But seriously, it was dark and creepy near that tunnel and freeeeeeaaaakkyyyyyyyyy!!!

But really by that time, the both of us were pretty tired and I had such terrible muscle pain that I was limping (thanks Wallace Monument! Grrrrrrrrrr!!). We got home and even though I was *ahem* injured, I managed to cook up some spaghetti with some yummy sauce. It was the simplest thing to make in the shortest time! And nom, all that pasta and carbs…deeeeeeelicious!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


We Went Looking for Monty Python & The Holy Grail At Doune Castle

After mucking about at the Wallace Monument, we headed off to the next castle which was Doune Castle. So Doune Castle was the actual looking where 'Monty Python & The Holy Grail' were filmed. Monty Python is a really funny show, quite old actually. I remember when I was 'squatting' with middle brother I used to watch it with him. Or more like I used to hear it playing in the background with my brother laughing and me trying to sleep.

Anyways, the castle itself is beautiful. I tend to find that the older the castle is the more beautiful it is. I absolutely love exploring the ruins and imagining the way things used to be. Oh and the free audio guides are seriously awesome! For each section they have special stories and music for it. It's really lovely. The sad thing though is how much of the history is stained in blood. But I supposed that it is the same in any other country where the only way to be in power is to scream 'off with his head'!






The other thing I noticed was that a lot of the emblems had unicorns on them, just like this on in Doune and later on in Stirling as well. Apparently even at that time, unicorns were considered to be symbols of strength, purity and something else. However, the chained unicorn is a symbol of Scotland courage, virtue & strength. That's how they viewed Scotland I guess at that time I suppose, as a chained beast. =s

Next up Stirling Castle! ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 5, 2012

Trekking Up To Meet William At The Wallace Monument

So after we left Dollar we were on the way to Stirling and husband saw sign saying 'Wallace Monument' and he got super excited. Even though the Wallace Monument wasn't in our plans husband is a complete fanboy of the movie 'Braveheart' and of course the story of William Wallace. Thus we found ourselves ready to trek up the road leading up to the monument. And since it was St Andrews weekend, it was free of charge. Now all that is really great, but really that trek up was a real mofo!! I kid you not! The monument is situated on a freaking hilltop!! There are actually two ways to get up there, one if the pedestrian pathway (that isn't so steep) and the other is a proper road that is steep like hell. Because the pathway wasn't properly salted (so that ice won't stick and become sleet) it was, obviously, covered in sleet. Which meant that we couldn't walk on it because we might just tumble down like the egg on the bridge.

And I have to stress this, I trekked while husband took a freaking stroll. By the time I got up, I was sweating underneath all my jackets, panting like an overheated cat, heart almost beating out of my ribcage and my legs were extremely wobbly! It felt like I was about to dieeeeee! And to make it worse, exploring the monument itself meant that there were just loads and loads of stairs to climb and have I mentioned that their staircases are narrow and spiralling! Madness I tells ya. In the end it was pretty worth it though; we actually got to see the real sword of William Wallace and damn it is…err...tall? I feel that it is probably as tall as me, or maybe just a few inches shorter. But it's crazy though for it to be so big. Oh and another bit of trivia from the fanboy, Wallace's sword was Scottish workmanship unlike most of the soldiers and warriors of that time who used swords that were imported into England. Such nationalism, it's honestly quite inspiring until you realise that it got him drawn and quartered with his head spiked on a stick on the London Bridge as a warning to anyone else who dared to oppose the English. But, death is inevitable, right? It's just a question of how we will pass and what we'll leave behind. Food for thought I guess. What Wallace left behind was a legacy of patriotism and a revolution that was brutally removed by those in rule and at the end he inspired loads of people all over the world to dream of independence.





 Thanks to this trek up, I really had a hard time walking after this. All my leg muscles were basically jelly; red, quivering masses of jelly. After this we went to two otter castles and it was honest-to-God torture walking up and down!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 4, 2012

Channeling Kate Dennings With Bright Red Lips...Oh And Husband Is There Too

 Last Saturday I thought to hell with it and wore my bright red Estee Lauder lippie out (from this post). I tried to work it but I was honestly extremely conscious about how I looked and whether it was giving me clown mouth or not. Oh yeah and it snowed in Dollar! We took the outfit shots right after we finished trekking down from the icy roads.;)

DSC05852  Version 2
Wife; Jumpers: Primark- Husbands, Jeans: Primark, Scarf: Mom's Pashmina, Shoes: Boxfresh

Husband; Jacket: Topman (only for 15GBP on sale! Unfairness of it all), Jeans: Levi's, Shoes: Adidas

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


Fashion Blogger? Who, Me??!

Seriously, I have never ever considered myself to be a fashion blogger. Never ever! One, I'm still shy-shy cat in front of the camera and two I just wear whatever feels right and comfortable for me (hence the same pair of boots that I wear over and over again in almost all my outfit posts). But if given the opportunity to be part of the fashion industry, of course I would grab it without thinking twice. I love fashion and all the creativity associated with it. Daxon is one of those online shopping sites that caters to all styles and sizes and that is gold if you ask me. ;)

*Here at Daxon, we are looking to reward the UK’s finest fashion bloggers who love and live for fashion by offering the chance to become part of our exclusive blogger network. You will be rewarded with a £50* voucher from Amazon or Threadless just for joining!

Daxon are part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world. They specialise in top quality clothing, for all occasions, to give you effortless style. Their mission statement is: “We aim to find the perfect fit for you. We don’t believe in compromise when it comes to fashion.”

Its super easy, just:

1. Add the Daxon Blogger network badge to your sidebar by grabbing the code from
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Simple as that. Plus, by having the badge on your site, you are eligible for more freebies from future campaigns.*

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


December 3, 2012

It Was Snow & Ice At Castle Campbell

So last weekend (1 & 2 Dec) was St Andrew's Weekend here in Scottieland. And thanks to St Andrew and Historic Scotland, the most of the castles sites were free to visitors. This is pretty much a big deal as entrance for some castles can go up to 15GBP per person. Imagine if you're a family of four, crap I could buy one months worth of groceries with the amount I would have to pay! So, I just randomly booked our free tickets for a bunch of castles situated close to Glasgow for both Saturday and Sunday and off we went. We didn't stay overnight or anything like that because we were still pretty much close to home and thank God for that because it meant we got proper food for dinner not like that time at Inverness! Lapar for proper food!!

So our first stop Castle Campbell at Dollar (I know right the place is called Dollar! How cute is that?!) but almost the entire road leading up to the castle was covered in sleet and some snow. This was a the first time that I ever encountered sleet and good lord was it slippery! I almost fell on my ass, *ahem* sorry I mean arse (British sikit please!), a couple of times. And me being me, I was literally laughing the whole time. I think my senses are fried somewhere because that is the reaction I have to pain, I laugh like a lunatic. Husband at first had that 'want's-wrong-with-you-look?' but after a while he joined in on the laughing as well (sucesskid.jpg!). Back to the castle, thanks to all the ice and sleet and whatever not, the castle was closed because the roads were basically un-walkable (is that ever a word?) and you couldn't drive up the hill because the sleet is so bad. There was a car stuck on the road because of the sleet. So all we could do was walk half way up and just admire the castle from afar.



This was near the carpark, all beautifully covered in snow. Dollar is really idyllic, you know all those movies you watch with small towns with cute houses covered in snow? Pretty much sums up Dollar as a town!

Hot Tip: If you now there's gona be snow/ice/sleet, wear a proper pair of shoes; because if you don't have a good grip with your shoes, you might just end up sliding. I kid you not, happened to me on the way up and down!

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia




It's almost 1.00am here and finally after two days of waiting and it finally did. Sorry though, no photos or videos. Husband la, all antisocial on his tablet; don't want to go with me and play with the snow. :( You might be wondering why am I even updating but helloooooooooo, my blog la kan. Nyehehehehehe!

Aaaaah…waking up to white blankets of snow will be so extremely nice. Please snow, don't disappoint me okay?

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


December 2, 2012

Tools Of The Trade {Part 4-The End}

First of all, Happy December guys! I realised much later after posting the last blog post that I forgot that it's already December. The weather is the total opposite of autumn, the days are bright and sunny but it's down to the single digits now. On to the post; these are all the brushes that I have. *drumroll please* Yes, a grand total of FOUR.


From the left, Estee Lauder eyeshadow brush that came with a palette, blending brush from Elianto (a budget brand in Malaysia-I think), two Estee Lauder brushes; blush brush and face brush that came in a makeup set that I got ages ago. I had a lip brush with the set but I think I lost it somewhere along the multiple moves that I've mad this last two years! And this is it, all that I have in my beauty drawer. Sad right? :( Wuwuwuwuwuwu I really fail at being a girl aaaaaand I just read this article on the importance for mothers to tell their daughters that they (the moms) are beautiful. This is so that when the lil girls grow up they can look back at their moms and retain their confidence.

*shouts* I'M BEAUTIFUL! *endshout*

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia


December 1, 2012

Let's Play Color-Color/Failing As A Girl {Part 3}

So this post is basically proof on how much I am failing on being a proper female, well at least when it comes to make up specifically (read part 1 & part 2). It honestly does take me a good amount of time to get my make up ready before going out and most of the time I'm still pretty unhappy with how it looks. :( Aaaaanyways on with the post:


Godness, I got this from my middle brother for my birthday and I still have it. It's my M.A.C Rubenesque paint pot and Bronze Frost eyeshadow. Because of my skin tone these colours are really spot on plus when I attend those Big Fat India Weddings, it usually just works with almost all my clothes. I actually had a few eyeshadow palettes but they were already a few years old and started looking really funky so they basically had to go. And this is all I have left. I really need to get more eyeshadows or even palettes but I don't know which one. Of course, I have been checking out the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette but I don't know. I think I need to start with the basics first. Any recommendations? 


My eyeliners and one singular and miserable mascara which has started to give me the impression that it's time for a change. Okay, so the liquid liner is from Body Shop which I purposely got on the cheap since I am honestly a total noob at using it. Two M.A.C kohl lines, Smashbox liner which is a sample (and I don't use it much) and the Maybelline Masterlines which I don't really like. As you can see the mascara is M.A.C as well. All in black.


The ones lying down, the lip glosses, all from Smashbox. It actually came in a set and I really do love them. The lip balms are Maybelline Baby Lips and one random one from Superdrug. I am actually a hoarder of lip balms and while packing for Scotland I had to throw away a bunch of it because some were too old and the rest too gross looking already. As for lipsticks I only have three, I told you this is a how I am failing in being womanly and stuff. Hmmmmm.


From the left: Maybelline Watershine (B23), Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick (33 Apricot Sun), Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick (1E0 Classic Red). Maybelline was a gift from a friend and the other two I freeloaded from my elder brother along with the compact. I love, love, love how the Estee Lauder lipsticks smell but unfortunately I have never really worn them outside. I get so nervous that people are looking or I am doing it wrong that i've only worn it at home. :( Urgh, what's wrong with me? :(


This random little lip pencil came with one of the sets that my dad (yes, you read that right; my dad used to buy me make up) bought for me. It was one of the Chritmas editions where you get an eyeshadow and cheek palette, eye and lip liner and I think one nail polish and lipstick. Only this lip liner remains because I just didn't use it at all until recently.


Last but not least, my two blushers. Love them both and both were gifts; the M.A.C. PeachTwist again from the middle brother for my birthday and the Smashbox o-Glow (actually ALL the Smashbox products) is from husband as one of the hantaran gifts.

 Okay, so this is actually all that I have at this age, 26 years old. I am beginning to feel embarrassed and slightly sad. Hmmmm, I guess it is really time for me to start investing in beauty products. How am I possibly going to teach my imaginary daughter how to use make up when I am like a clapping-monkey-toy when it comes to makeup? I know there are loads of YouTube videos available but I don't want her to only start paying attention when she's in her 20's. Hello husband, you reading? Ka-ching!

YouTube by the way is how these few and somewhat random beauty posts came along. I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I can't do what they do at all even if given the same exact tools, but I love watching these incredibly skilled people do it. I actually find it really relaxing as well, as weird as that might sound. Plus with my crappy eyesight, I can only apply makeup with contact lenses on if not I won't be able to see what I'm doing. My eyesight is that bad. :( So many challenges to look pretty!

One more post to go before it's the end of it.

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia



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