January 31, 2013

The One With The Heat

It has been pretty much freezing all through the end of December and almost the whole of January, save for these last few days. And in these few days heating has become a major issue over here. Before I get into it, just a little bit of background; husband goes to uni everyday and has recently taken to cycling to get there what with the busses being unreliable and what not. But his cycling basically means that he is almost conditioned to the freezing weather conditions. Yes, he cycles even though it's single digits or into the negatives. Me on the other hand, I'm huddled in my blankets and just hibernating waiting for the sun to start shining. And of course, with the electric heaters going strong.

The problem always starts when husband gets back; he'll start walking around the house and turning off all the electric heaters. And trailing behind him, huddled in blankets and sweaters, would be me. Turning on all the heaters that husband so conveniently turn off. It even got to a point where I got so mad at him. Imagine, waking up at 6.30ish am to say our morning prayers and even before you touch the water to do your wudhu (ablution) and your already shivering. And once you're done you're experiencing bone rattling shivers that you can't stand still while saying your prayers. You feel exactly like a rattling bag of bones, ya know, just like 'em cartoons. The worst part ould be when husband in his overly sweet voice would ask me, 'Honey, are you feeling cold?'. Eh, nooooooo I'm just trying to lose some weight by this au natural 'shivering' method! We have even argued about the heat, I kid you not. I can't help it; it was so uncomfortable I couldn't even sleep properly!

Gah…the cold has been driving me crazy! Honestly I really really can't wait for sunshiny weather! Please, God send me some sunshine. Stat! Pronto! Pretty please??(!)

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


January 28, 2013

The Little Things Update

*ehem* Hello, anybody there? *hears crickets*

I know most people would be shocked out of this world that I finally update the blog. Could it be? Am I really updating? I mean how did that happen? LOL. Yeah I finally decided to take a teeny tiny break out of my sleep induced stupor to do a short update on ze blog.

As many go you know, it's been snowing pretty heavily all over the UK. Well, all over the UK except for freaking Glasgow! We did have a few extremely light showers of snow, the type that probably melted in like 30 minutes! Pffffft! I know, I know. I should be thankful that it didn't really snow badly in Glasgow. Wherever there was heavy snowfalls, public transportation seem to completely stop working. A couple of people actually froze to death because of the cold, I shit you not! And there was even an avalanche at Glencoe where four people died. However, it has been finger and toe numbingly cold the last week. So here's my logic, since it was so bloody damn cold it's only right that we should experience snowfall! It only makes sense that as a reward for ME enduring this God-awful-cold that I get to frolic in the snow like a happy little lamb. But unfortunately it wasn't so. I was practically blue with envy looking at all the snaps of friends and acquaintances rolling around in the snow like they were part of some Bollywood videoclip. Pfffft.

Other than that riveting piece of snow-less information, we bought a car. It's a second had Fiat that's a bout 8 years old (I think) and now we are finally fully equipped for when we have guests. Although right now it's just a weekend car, it's good enough for us. I mean seriously we used to go full on grocery shopping taking busses to and fro. The coming back home was the torturous part carrying all those heavy bags, ya Allah.

Hmm…what more has been happening? Well, I have a series case of itchy feet. I can't wait to go berjalan-jalan and for that I have to bug husband until he agrees to it. But so far, no plans yet. We really haven't done anything then hibernate this past month. It's been cold and pretty much wretched. I haven't even been in the right mood t take outfit pictures as well. I keep going 'outfit pictures….PFFFFFFFT!!!' in my mind. I am tweeting and instagraming but even that is quite seasonal (heh!).

Oi….Wake me up when it's spring please?!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


January 11, 2013

The Third Post For January

*sigh* Yeah I know, bad blogger me. It's only the third post so far. What can I say, I really haven't been in the right frame of writing mind lately. Partly I think it's because of the weather. It has been really bad so far her, with the sun hardly showing its face. So its been cold, foggy and gloomy. To add on the gloom, apparently next week will be one of the worst winter weather. So there you have it, one of the reasons I've lost my writing mojo, and that applies for my own personal little projects that I've been working on. I'll turn on the laptop and somehow I'll just end up on YouTube and when I feel like I really should write something, I'm already sleepy and ready for bed. *eye roll*

As for the other big chunk of my 'not blogging so much' I mostly feel like it's because I have nothing much to blog about right now. Ideas are pretty much doing breaststrokes in my mind but by the time I am in front of the laptop I go 'PFFFFFFTTT….forget it!'. The only remedy I can think of is taking the laptop to the bathroom, so that I can pretty much blog while the ideas are fresh and witty sounding things are in creation. Extreme actions my friends, extreme actions.

The final reason would be that I am currently in full on bookworm-mode. I've been on a serious reading binge where on one occasion I actually finished reading some 300pages in one night. I know right, what's wrong with me? It's a reading bug I swear! And the fact that I recently ordered six books of Amazon and I'm already done with two of it and in the middle of reading another one. And not only that I've been reading countless stories online. Countless! But yeah, it's not really helping me with my 'bloggers block'. :(

So until I get my mojo back, I'll be seeing you. I promise I'll try though, to keep blogging as often as possible. *pinky promise*

Till then; good evening Scotland, goodnight Malaysia


January 6, 2013

Husband And Chicken 65

Husband made Chicken 65 (with the help of those ready to make boxed spices) and this is what I found on Twitter later on:


Oiii! *tepuk dahi*

FYI: Prabhudeva is a South Indian dancer/choreographer/actor/director; you can check him out on YouTube.

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia



January 2, 2013

First Post For The New Year

Aaaaaand it's one about me being self absorbed! Oh well, what to do. I've been itching to wear these pants ever since I got them on Boxing Day from Topshop. Since we were going out for lunch (nothing fancy, just Nando's -which by the way is halal, so take a chill pill already :p ) I was already planning my outfit from the moment I woke up. Crazy-mazy right? As if I have nothing else to do….aaaactually that sounds about right! But yeah I absolutely love this pants! The cut might look a bit funny because it's actually a skinny cigarette cut which was suppose to end at the calf (I think). But seeing as I don't show off my shmexy legs, I as usual opted for the larger size. So I'm actually wearing a UK10. Besides it still feels comfortable after you've happily stuffed your face nonstop; which is kinda what I did. Eheh *shy*. Errrr…also, excuse the no makeup face yeah. Hehehehehe. *twiddles thumbs*


Shirt: H&M, Pants: Topshop, Socks: Topshop (all bought on Boxing Day sale)

I know, I know, my shirt was really rumpled. On my defence, I took these photos after we came home from our lunch/dinner. And it's also possibly time for me to get a steam iron. Just to make my life easier. I get so mad that even after spending so much time and attention ironing clothes that there still are creases. Boooo~ So yes, next big toy for me is a freaking steam iron! *keluar steam from my ears* Bleurgh, I just realised that I said that would be my next toy….I'm such a housewife! *shakes head*


All the food we had; taken off my Instagram at @farahanw. It was a good meal, y'all. And to digest, we walked back to the bus stop which was about 1km. I was telling husband by the time we reach home, either one of us is gona get hungry again! Thankfully that didn't happen if not it would mean that we are real gluttons man! And God, it was so so packed at Nando's! We had to wait close to half an hour to get our table. Nasib la food sampai cepat. If not, we would really be starving. Speaking of which, husband actually had 1/2 a chicken! And finished it clean! 0.0   Be jealous you guys, apparently 2nd of January is still a public holiday in Scotland; which also explains the massive crowds. ;)

This is the end of my self absorption. Sekian, terima kasih!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia



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