February 27, 2013

Movies In February


Django Unchained: This was the longest movie ever! Not only did the length of the movie rival a Hindi movie but we took weeks to actually watch and complete the movie. It was entertaining but I'm not too sure if it was because of the movie itself or that we took breaks watching it. So every time we would start watching it, it was almost, almost like watching a new movie! But I have to say I do love Christoph Waltz's role in the movie, such an odd breath of fresh air and charming too!

Argo: Loved it! Honestly we were so darned stressed while we were watching the movie to the extend that we started yelling at our poor TV.

Dabangg2: Yeah I know, I had to slip in Hindi movies as well. There is something ridiculously appealing about Salman Khan in uniform but for this movie that's all that was there. The first movie was pretty great with it's witty dialogue and almost equal screen time for the rest of the cast; which is what this movie is severely lacking. But hey, Salman Khan in uniform equals delicious ogling time!

Sassypants: Indie teen flick about finding yourself. The major shocker was Haley Joel Osment, he used to be such a cute kid! As an errrr…young adult, not so much really.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Hated, like really really hated the ending!

Here Comes The Boom: I love movies like this. Inspirational and so extremely feel-good, even though you know from the beginning what is going to happen at the end.

Silver Linings Playbook: Bradley Cooper is ridiculously adorable. Jennifer Lawrence is a bit 'meh' for me. But I do think they did a great job.

I Don't Know How She Does Do It: This is kind of an old movie, my brother was telling me about it and recommended that I watch it. It was cute and sorta nice to see Sarah Jessica Parker not be Carrie Bradshaw. ;)

Twilight (Part 2): Urgh seriously even the name of the movies escapes me. What I got from this movie was if you're a clumsy, beautiful but does not know it, awkward and shy the cure for all this is to turn into a sparkly vampire! And BOOM! Life is perfect! *shakes head* If only it was that easy.

Chasing Mavericks: Husband loves watching movies based on true events and I just love watching Gerard Butler! But really, this movie was really interesting and somewhat surprising (especially if you are clueless on which real events it's based on). It's a story about how a man coaches his teenage neighbour to surf one of the biggest waves. I watched it thinking, I'll never ever let my future children do craziness like that!

Rise Of The Guardians: Loved it, but I think the plot and storyline is slightly too matured for kids don't you think? And how recognisable is Jude Law's voice?! ;)

I'm actually pretty sure we watched more but I can't be bothered to actually check with husband. All this from memory….not bad right? ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


February 26, 2013

Pulau Pangkor In Film

Aaaaaaahh…to go back to the islands in the sun and to just lay there until the sand becomes warm. These are the snaps that I took last year when my (now ex) colleagues and I went to Pangkor Island together (read 1, 2). The first and second one are my absolute favourite. The post office because my MIL used to work for Pos Malaysia and I jokingly said to husband this was a sort of tribute to her career. ;) And the second, well who does't love fluffy clouds!









I didn't want to post all the snaps because honestly some were really honestly out of focus. I still need to get used to the focus I suppose, and aiming but really it's been forever since I last took Mr Pink shooting. You get the best results when it's sunny and the sun has been worse than a celebrity, showing face only for a couple minutes in a few days. :(

Anyways, since I finally got off my butt and saved my old Mr Pink snaps into the lappy I will be posting (or at least trying to post) all of it on the blog.

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia



February 24, 2013

Playing Catch-Up In February

February was a real bummer, although it seems like it is racing towards March soon it really was a downer. The weather was pretty much chilly, a tiny bit of sunshine then ridiculously chilly again. And this week is one of those particularly chilly weeks. All I can do is just sigh and probably continue sighing, and they say Spring is approaching. Pfffffffffftttt!!! So anyways, what's been happening in February:

Valentine's Day: Well, since we don't celebrate it (Haram and all), i generally like to bask in the romance of…errr…romance. Which basically means that I would usually be watching a classic love story. This year it was Audrey Hepburn's 'Sabrina'. I've actually watched the remake before with Harrison Ford and there is even a Hindi one which I highly do not recommend you watching. It was really sweet and later at night I watched 'An Officer and A Gentleman', staring Richard Gere. It was alright, really sad in some parts though. As for husband, he was oblivious to everything, even when I told him to try buying the leftover flowers from the Valentine's Day sale. So there it was, my day of indulging in silly old love stories. Oh and if you have any recommendations, please do share! ;)

Husband: Recently we bought a Memory Foam pillow for husband (I like my pillows to be soft and foldable) and oh my God, as soon as his head hits the pillow, it's like lights are OUT and a symphony of snores begin. Completely; in no less than five minutes and that irks me like crazy! Okay, I now this is a bad habit but I like to talk to husband before sleeping. It's not so much of talking but more like joking and occasionally poking and pinching him. Can you blame me? He's so busy during the day that when he comes home, it's already time for dinner and he usually naps for a bit before continuing whatever it is he needs to do. So before sleeping is my 'I want to disturb and annoy husband time'. And now thanks to his fancy-schmancy pillow I can only disturb him for like five minutes before the snores start! On the bright side, husband is thinking of getting a Memory Foam mattress to replace our current one. We bought the cheapest and the one that was available to deliver when we moved in. Memang cheapskate sangat la we all!

Snow: So we've had off and on of light showers of snow. And when I ay light, I mean it's really, really light. I have however walked while it snowed and then subsequently while it hailed. Hail is terrible! It's like the wind is giving you teeny tiny paper cuts on any surface of the skin it can find and that is really no walk in the park. I have however resolved to do more walks in the park once my parents in law get here. I kinda feel self conscious waling alone and now I won't have too! I know right, blatantly using my parents in law; but hey it's EXERCISE! In Malaysia the have their own activities like gardening and golfing over here it's nots going to happen mush (especially the gardening bit) so walking we shall do! Teehee! Oh back to snow, I mean weather: I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING! NUFF SAID!

And that's all for the rootin' tooting' February roundup (say it like Woody from Toy Story!). I watched loads of movies and still stuck on my one novel that seems to never end! So movies would probably be another post, hopefully. Seriously even this post took me like two days to write and my my roundup was only like THREE things! O.O

Wish me luck!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning  Malaysia


February 3, 2013

Making Sushi On A Saturday Night

Well, that's what you do when you're an old, boring married couple stuck in disturbingly cold weather! Husband (the chef) and I (the sous chef) made tuna maki, egg maki and nigiri. Yeap, that's what we did. Sooo happpeeeeniiiing!!! *bimbo hair flip* Anyways if you want to know the recipe, go ahead and Google it. My participation was only at the rolling rolling part. And of course the eating part! Ngehehehehhee. We even had chopsticks okay. ;)





That's all for the update today. Oh and happy February y'all! It's still pretty chilly and frosty over here. Thus the almost non-existent outfit photos. Too freaking cold to do it outside and the lighting is less than desirable indoors. Update more soon! Toodles!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


p/s: It was delicious!!!


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