March 31, 2013

No Pigeons At Trafalgar Square!

 *snort* It seems that almost everyone at home is sick *snort*. The worst part of it would be that we still can't open up the windows thanks to the insanely cold weather outside, still. Which is why I haven't updated the blog for a couple of days, most of the time all I want to do is just lay down on the bed wrapped in my comforter; something that I am probably gona end up doing in a bit.

When Mak and Abah got to London, husband first decided that he would play tourist guide but seeing as how we got defeated by the kinda miserable weather when we were there (rain and cold winds) Abah opted for taking the proper tourist way out. We got on the hop-on-hop-off busses. Which although really, for the love of God, makes us look like some noob tourists it actually prevented us from spending too much time underground taking the tube. So we did get to see the heart of London and then some. To get on the bus itself we had to collect the tickets and wait at the appointed place which was a few steps away from Trafalgar Square. Anyone who has ever played Monopoli would know how 'valuable' this spot is in the game! ;)





Oh and how can I not mention how many Hindi movies that have used this particular place as their backdrop? But the most memorable one would be this one from 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' (clicky clicky). You can sorta imagine me exclaiming 'Where are the pigeons?' in my high-pitched voice when we finally got there. It was as though all the Bollywood movies totally lied to us! But what happened was loads of people started feeding the pigeons at the square until those pigeons started getting rowdy and drunk on breadcrumbs. So no more encouraging bad bird behaviour!

It was fun to finally see this place in the flesh after so many movies and what not, that I imagined it to be bigger. And to all those kids who were happily terrorising the lion's head, I don't like you because I wanted to do that too! *jealous* Some other noob tourist moment maybe, hmmmmmph.

Hopefully more posts to come soon, unless I get swallowed whole by my comfy bed and duvet. Sekian, terima kasih! ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


March 28, 2013

Humming Like A Hummingbird!

Before going to London, I had obviously done some research as to places we should visit and things that I should eat while we were there (lies, I did more research on the eating than sightseeing!). Of all the places I heard loads of cupcake lovers talk (almost) nonstop about 'The Hummingbird Bakery'. When I checked out the website I was pretty much sold as the bakery itself was so darn cute! And I have to say the red velvet cupcakes were kinda amazing. My first purchase: two red velvet cupcakes to take away because we were pretty much in a rush and didn't have time (nor did they have enough space) for coffee. This was on Sunday, that night we were to pick up Mak and Abah at the airport, hence the rushing around a bit.

After that, this lil' piggy went back to Hummingbird to get more cupcakes on the day that were leaving. I was basically berzikir-ing(chanting) in husband's ear about how I absolutely need to get more cupcakes before we get back to Glasgow where there are no Hummingbirds in sight. It worked and I just pigged out and got four to take back to Glasgow; two red velvet, one carrot cake and another was the special of the day called 'Grasshopper' or something like that. Only the 'Grasshopper' has survived and I'm pretty sure it's sitting on it's perch on the fridge in full blown panic with it's comrades all dead and digested; dreading it's time! But damn those cupcakes were good, just writing about it makes me long to eat another red velvet cupcake. *droooools*


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Unfortunately I didn't take enough photos in the shop itself. On Sunday it was really, really packed and on our second visit on Thursday we happily forgot to bring along the camera. The photo of the red velvet cupcakes is taken off my Instagram (@farahanw). But as long as I got my cupcakes, I was a happy happy lil' lamb! ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia



March 27, 2013

It's Been A Couple Of Days...

…since my parents in law reached Glasgow and in those few days I've had nasi goreng kampung, nasi ayam, nasi lemak kukus, nasi briyani and ayam ros to eat. Life in other words (besides the cold and irregular showers of snow) is pretty good! ;) But unfortunately as soon as we all got home, one by one started getting sick. First Abah, then Mak, and now husband and I are both coughing. I blame it on the kinda crappy weather with rain and snow and whatever not. Still, thank Allah that we are not in parts of Scotland where they have no electricity (due to massive snowfall). Those poor people have been stuck in the blinding cold for almost four days, so we are really thankful that everything is working as it should in our household. :)

Now, let's get on to the photos that husband took while we were in London. Yes, only photos; no vlog. First of all it was too cold for me to hold the camera because my fingers would get so cold so very fast and secondly, the days that we got there (and following) had such horrible and wretched rainy weather that we couldn't (and didn't) want to risk our camera getting shot. So there you go; no travelog.

By the time we reached on Saturday, husband and I were so darn hungry that all we could think off was food. After a good (and relatively silent) walloping of (halal) KFC we headed over to the Tower Bridge. We went there again with Mak and Abah a few days later just for some sight seeing. Enjoy the photos!




There's really just only one good photo of the Tower Bridge for the day shot because it was really gloomy and dark. I know we could have adjusted the aperture and what not, but guys…fingers….freezing!! Hence why I shall never be a proper photographer or something. No will to sacrifice for my art. Pffffft.

The famous Tower Bridge, the backdrop of many, many, many Bollywood songs and movie scenes. Especially this one with Salman Khan (click here); he totally makes me swoon! *happy sigh*

Good Evening Scotland *coughcough* Goodnight Malaysia


March 22, 2013

Back from London ♥


Well, well, well…looks who's put on her big girl pants and decided to finally blog?……ME…..! But honestly I am ridiculously tired from our trip. We really did all the touristy shenanigans and then some.It was raining on the first day we got there and it was sunny on Tuesday. Other than that either rain or wind but it's not as bad as Glasgow right now (which is experiencing snow). But it's really bad though that even though it's March and supposed to be spring yet we are still experiencing winter weather. And there's not sign of it ending soon. Why oh why??? *wails*

So anyways, I think I am off to bed. I'm really still way too tired to do anything other than hang out with the in laws. And it's way too cold to go anywhere in Glasgow. So there you go.

Goodnight Glasgow, Good Morning Malaysia


March 16, 2013

On A Lil' Break

Hello hello my lovies! Just a lil announcement thingy (just so that you know that I'm not bailing on ze blog again) I'm going to London today till Thursday to pick up ze in-laws and show them around London a bit. It's my first time to London though and I'm just really hoping for good weather. Just in case the weather gets crappy I've packed extra gloves for Mak. I've also been thinking about doing a travelog kinda thingy but I'm not too sure about it. So let's hope I don't get camera shy all of the sudden and the weather is great for taking the camera out on a roll. Here's to praying for sunshine!
Just in case you are kaypoh (busybody-direct translation!) and want to know what I'm up to you can check it out on Twitter (@farahanw) and Instagram (@farahanw). Yes, both are the same handles, it's easier for me to remember okay #growingoldpains. ;)
Bye Glasgow, See you London!

March 12, 2013

Oh Topshop Why You Do Me So?

I was just trolling along the the other day and for some reason my itchy fingers decided to check out what's new from Topshop and seriously, I want to buy all these items. Putting the items together I realised that most of the tops that I absolutely love are whites, beiges and greys and my jackets and pants are crazy-mazy colours! I am desperately in love with that hot pink quilted jacket, as soon as I saw it I was like 'ooooo come to mama please!' *hint hint husband* Honestly though as someone who tries to cover her aurat as much as possible (even if I don't cover my head, think baby steps people) Topshop outfits are sometimes hard to wear as it might be too sheer, but it's just a small hurdle that can be overcome by some creative layering (this is always a point that husband and I disagree on! He's like what's the point of layering, and I'm like but it's so pretty; that's the point!). Plus I am usually layering most of my clothes ever since moving to Glasgow. Now the questions is, how many months should I starve myself so that I can get my grubby hands on these precious babies?




If you're gona ask me why do I need to starve myself, well some if the items are from certain collections thus making it pricier than the normal stuff. But still, oh-so-pretty! Seriously, check out that white dress with the beaded collar…..*sigh*…birthday dress maybe husband?? Mihmihmihmih. Anyways, I errr 'borrowed' the images from and no this is not a sponsored post (I wish!) just a, " Oh Topshop, *sigh* why you torture me with such pretty clothes??" post.

I shall now go to bed with visions of these pretty clothes dancing in my eyes!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia



March 11, 2013

A Snow Night

Yesterday it pretty much snowed off and on the whole day. By the time it was dark there was a nice blanket of fresh snow on the ground. Since I am such a noob when it comes to snow, I grabbed husband and my camera to take some photos. The photos are not so great because well…everything looks orange. And honestly I couldn't set the aperture and stuff properly because my fingers started getting cold fast. And yes, I went out in my Cookie Monster pyjamas! ;)




Mihmihmihmih..some free publicity! Anyways, today morning after I did my ablutions (wudhu) for Subuh I basically started crying because it was so bloody cold. Shameful I know but it was really cold and I have really had enough of the cold weather. For some strange reason this week is back to being freezing cold a-freaking-gain. Helloooo paging for Spring? Where are you Spring?

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


March 10, 2013

Autumn Through My Window

So after being on a roll with blogging I was forced (I swear it was by force) to take a few days off blogging thanks to my laptop that kept crashing whenever I even attempted to open my iMovie. If you've been following me on twitter (@farahanw) you'll know that I've been complaining about it for a couple of days. But, fear not; I have finally finished editing the video I was moaning about! ;)

Last year during autumn husband and I went on a road trip and I happened to take some footage of the scenery from the car window. Honestly, it was nature at its best with the reds, browns, golds and hints of green. It literally took my breath away (although granted we were in the highlands that too could've been a source of my breathless-ness!). Naturally I had to share and I know I know it's like been months and all I have to say is....sorry *blink blink blink...offers a chocolate cookie with milk*.

We were by passing by Aviemore on the way home and God, so much snow! It was my first time with snow. If you want to read more about the adventures on that trip click here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


March 5, 2013

Committing Blogger Blasphemy

Annex  Hepburn Audrey  Sabrina 08

Audrey Hepburn is definitely one of the most celebrated and loved female actress. I mean come one; she's gorgeous, stylish, charming and of course oh-so-talented, you can't not love her. But I have to say, when I was watching 'Sabrina' on Valentines Day, I found that the way she delivered her dialogues seemed to…well…annoy me. Yes, I said it: the way she talked just annoyed me like hell. I loved the movie don't get me wrong but there was something about her dialogues that just grated on my nerves. And luckily I'm not the only one, I was talking to my brother on the phone and he too admitted that he found her quite annoying in this particular scene in 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'; where she meets George Peppard for the first time.

I know it's bad as a blogger to find Audrey Hepburn annoying, it's like saying I find Zooey Deschanel annoying and grating. Which, honestly I do *hangs head in defeat*. Her voice and the way she acted, especially in 'New Girl' drove me batshit crazy. To a point I stopped watching 'New Girl' because it annoyed me so much! The only saving grace of that sitcom is that her roommates and her best friend are really funny. I really much prefer watching her sister, Emily Deschanel in 'Bones'; even with the hard to stomach scenes of corpses and gooey and slimy things.

Please don't hate me for my admission! I love you guys!!! muahmuahmuah!! ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia



image via

March 4, 2013

I Can't Sleep Thus You Have To Look At Fraser's Hill Snaps!!

Thanks to the wonkiness that is my sleep cycle I am still freakishly awake at 2.30am even though I am full on knackered (tired). Husband is quite peacefully enjoying his sleep and if I had a bit more of a mean streak in me, I would've probably woken him up to accompany me and the splitting headache that's doing the cha-cha right now. I won't be able to sleep for three or four days until really early morning (read after 5am) and then there would be one day that I would sleep from like 10pm until the next day. How the heck do I break this cycle? HELPZ?!

Anyways, thanks to my lack of sleep shall now upload more of my lomo Mr Pink snaps when I visited Fraser's Hill last year. You have been warned!! Muahahahahahahahahahaha










 We were there for two days and one night and at that time the weather there felt chilly. What a joke right? Especially considering that while I am typing this I am wrapped up in my favourite green blanket and the heater is going strong somewhere behind me. Warmth, I need warmth!

I would like to say goodnight but seriously I don't think I am going to bed yet. Woe is me.

Good Morning Malaysia


March 1, 2013

The Mess That I Am Feeling

As I was fooling around with husband's tablet, I came across this online magazine titled Europe Travelr and of course I started flipping through it. I came across a few articles and videos showing snippets of Penang and all of a sudden it felt like a piano just shattered on my heart. I miss Penang so much. Well, I suppose one day or another I was bound to start feeling homesick and there you go; it has made it presence known. I miss the warmth, going to Little India almost every week because my mom always had something or other to buy, the busy-ness of the mamak stall even though it's already way past midnight where you can hear the cheers and cries of the customers during football season. I sometimes wish that it was ust a hop, skip and a jump away. Where I could visit whenever my heart seems to hurt.

I guess I should have tried harder to get a job, something that would help me be part of the social structure. Where even though few, at least I might have made friends that would probably help with the homesickness and occasional loneliness. But then again, husband kept on saying that there was no need for me to actually have a job and i just took it at that. But as we settle in, where there are things we want to do and places we want to see I realise that there are a lot of things that we probably can't do no matter how much either one of us want it. I told husband today, that it seems that no matter where we live we just can't live the way we want to.

When we were back in Malaysia both of us were working. We worked hard and had no time for holidays or any fun, frivolous stuff. As soon as our pay checks cleared bills needed to be paid, it was as clear cut as that. It was only after I left my job in preparation of coming to Glasgow that we finally took a break. And that too we went spiltsies on the bill; that was that. But here, with no one who can help we are just entirely relying on whatever the scholarship body gives us. I'm not saying that it isn't enough, come on I'm not that ungrateful.What I am saying is that it isn't enough to fuel all the things that we desire to do and experience. This then goes back to: I should have taken up a job. People think that we have this obscene amount of money that has been handed to us every month and that we could do whatever we please with it. That is not how scholarships work people; I even had someone say to me 'Yeah, you're gona be PAID to have kids'. Nope, that is really not how it works; I'm not an easy-bake oven mind you.

There you go, an outpour of my feelings. Seriously, thank God for this blog. Happy March guys.

Goodnight Penang



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