April 30, 2013

No Mood For Words

Lately I have just been feeling generally sloth-like; just tired, lazy and without any particular reason quite moody. So instead of my usual interval in between outfit post, here's another one to make sure that I attempt to keep my blog up to date (I swear it's so easy to just let the blog collect dust!!). So this is what I wore last week (on Monday) to the airport to send of my parents in law for their holiday in Spain (which they are already back from btw). Yeap, they just went the two of them. Initially husband and I were to follow but turns out that husband is going to have his first year review (which is kind of a big deal) next week. We had bought the tickets waaaaaay in advance (think November last year to save money on the fare) thinking that the timing was great but turns out it wasn't so great in the first place. Lesson learnt. The hard and expensive way but still it was a lesson learnt. Pfffffffttttt.


Jumper: Primark (husband's), Skirt: Poplook (maxi dress worn as skirt actually), Necklace: Zara, Shoes: Boxfresh


Aaaaaah….the random bits and bobs of sunshine that we get in Glasgow. You can really see everyone out and about when it's sunny; and now picnic baskets are on sale. For realz yo! I love it! I kinda want to buy one but all the times I've been to the city either husband is not with me or we just didn't head into the shop selling it. Yes, I need husband for things like that; he is my walking, talking, super handy and portable ATM. The only downside is this particular model gives waaaaay to much commentary! ;p

Anyways, I would now love to continue being in my pseudo-zombie/ weird mood mode. Thanks for reading y'all!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


April 26, 2013

Pink Lips & A Beige Sweater

Went to the farmer's market around the corner last Saturday before heading to the city and yes, I am holding food in both hands! Such a glutton! Anyways, I think I still look kinda sleepy but oh well, it was a beautiful day out after a very long time. However the weather predictions seem to say that by this weekend Scotland might be getting cold again. *cries* I really, really hope not. I've had enough of cold and chilly weather, just really had enough! T.T


Jumper: Primark (husband's), Skirt: Primark, Shoes: Boxfresh, Necklace: Zara, Bag: Charles&Keith


I wanted to blog about the farmer's market but I forgot to take the photos from Abah's camera and they are both off in Spain right now *jelly*. Maybe I'll get to it when they get back, hopefully! LOL. Oh and check out my fishtail braid! My hair is finally long enough for me to do it and not unravel halfway. It even stood against the test of wind and lasted the whole day. ;)

Time for me to nap now! *yawns*

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


April 25, 2013

Teach Me How To Be A Domestic Goddess Nigella!

I haven't baked for ages and to be honest even cooking is and on and off thing ever since I got pregnant. So it makes baking the last thing on my mind. But last Sunday we went to a car boot sale and I got my hands on Nigella Lawson's 'How To Be A Domestic Goddess' and everything in it was making me drool! Since Snickers are like my ultimate favourite chocolate snack bar (I love the ice cream soooo much!), I thought of trying out the 'Peanut Butter and Snickers Muffins'. The thing is I am generally a pretty okay baker; I can't get the hang of baking cookies but when it comes to cakes, loaf, muffins and cupcakes I do pretty much alright. Unfortunately this time thanks to my being rusty, I sorta burnt my first batch of muffins. *sadness*







*burnt first batch, but the muffin was still yummy though. self-placating mode on!*



I am not entirely sure what went wrong in terms of the burnt tops, maybe I needed to take the muffins out earlier than the instructed 20-25mins (although I left mine in for only 20 mins). But hey, it's still edible and they taste pretty darn good! Thank you Nigella for making me fat(-er)!! LOL. Oh and the peanut butter monster that is husband totally approves! ;)

Time to noms sumore!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


April 23, 2013

A Lip Licking Good Scrub

Waaaay before moving to Scotland, I've read/heard loads of people rave and rave about Lush; where beauty products are created with natural ingredients and using as little preservatives as possible. Going into the shop was a full on blast of incredibly sweet smelling scents, which quite honestly was a tiny bit overwhelming. As soon as husband entered the shop he quickly doubled out because he couldn't take the power of all the scents. Thankfully for husband, I was only after one thing; a lip scrub. Since I have started wearing lipsticks, a good lip scrub is pretty much necessary for removing all the dead skin cells.

Again, the problem was that all the lip scrubs were way too sweet (obviously right, since its made with sugar! Duh Farah duh!) until the sales person asked me to try Mint Julips which is basically a pepperminty chocolate flavour and it was delicious! Mint and Chocolate? Love the combo! I totally bought it without thinking too much. Oh I forgot to mention, after using the scrub you can just lick it off your lips since it's all organic and chemical-free. Although most people would think its icky to do that what with all the dead skin mixed into the scrub!




The next thing I would love to try from Lush would be their bath bombs. I am in need of a relaxing bath anyways these days what with all the backaches that I've been having. :(

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


April 22, 2013

Maternity Clothes…Say Whut??!

Being preggers is honestly challenging, not only do you have to deal with 'baby brains', your body is constantly changing along with how you look at yourself and how to deal with that. Add on hormones and emotions running amok, it's pretty much difficult to feel good about yourself.

While typing this right now, I am looking at the previous post and I'm thinking 'Hmmmm…I don't look that big/bad/selekeh/fat/whale-like' but then I look down at my belly and it looks huuuuuuuge! And about this looking good business it really doesn't help that most maternity clothes are kinda dumpy looking. They are dull boring colours (as if I was so colourful before this…but still!) and well, it's really dull. I would generally prefer to get my normal style clothes but possibly in a larger size, but as my bump is growing even those clothes make me look stupid (I feel la). For now I am still squeezing myself into my everyday clothes and even though it's working, sometimes I need some help (doesn't everyone?).

And help did come thanks to Next help I did get. They gave me a chance to review one of their maternity tops. I received the package on a Saturday morning and it was a good morning indeed! ;)



Oh monotones and neon; I loves it! ;) Just a lil' something-something to jazz up the wardrobe me thinks!

Outfit photos coming soon….I hope *fingers crossed*.

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


April 21, 2013

Squeezing In The Bumps & The Lumps!

An outfit post where I am still managing to squeeze my bump into normal clothes….Praise The LORD!!! LOL! Well, I am severely backlogged with things to post; not that my life is taking a turn for the hyper 'happening', I've just been a moody cow lately. I guess it comes with the size! ;)


Cardigan: Next (Husband's), T-shirt: H&M, Skirt: Primark, Scarf: Asos



Heeee, loving the maxi skirt! It totally (tries) to cover up the bump, we know it's there but really where (!!!)? I sound like I'm high on something…Aaaaaanyways, wore this to my ultrasound appointment last week. I mean, I'm going to see my baby so at least I should make an effort to look nice for baby. And again I sound loopy; but in my preggers-addled brains it makes perfect sense to me. Only thing was that I wasn't feeling the make up as my skin is going haywire thanks to the hormones. Peeling skin underneath make up is just not nice to look at. I am currently trying some samples that will hopefully correct this and if it does I am going to borong!!

*yaaaawn* It's time to sleep y'all

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


April 18, 2013

The Preggers Diary: The First Trimester

The first trimester….what can I say about this that won't horribly scar and terrify all you girlies out there? I mean yes, the normal thing would be to say that it really is different from each pregnant woman, so let's get started...

First of all I was ridiculously tired all the time. I mean all I wanted to do was nap, nap and well nap some more. I would wake up, have breakfast with husband and say goodbye to him as he goes off to uni, then lay on the couch which usually results in me dozing off, wake up to say all my prayers, shower, attempt to cook something edible for husband, and after husband is back home and we're done with dinner and everything I start getting sleepy almost immediately.

That lasted for a good two weeks. Then the nausea started.

I would wake up attempt to brush my teeth but end up throwing up, drink some water and feel like throwing up, walk into the kitchen and want to throw up…basically anything I do I would either throw up or want to throw up. And funnily enough my morning sickness didn't start on one fine morning; it started at night. It was one of those nights that I just threw up constantly. Anything that went in just came back out and I really mean anything; even good ol' plain water.After that I couldn't eat or even drink for most of the time, I had 'all day sickness'. I was so hungry, like all the time! I started eating bananas and even that after a while got me nauseated! Nothing worked! I tried ginger ale, it was okay for a few days then back to the toilet bowl, everything just got me running to the toilet bowl. Basically the toilet bowl became my very best friend. How touching kan? Let's name him Bertie The Bowl shall we?

When husband would put food in front of me (which by the way he would cook because just walking into the kitchen made me want to vomit!) I would start tearing up, like really tear up because I was so hungry but I know that I could only possibly stomach a few bites, that too if I was lucky. If I was unlucky, I would be hanging out with Bertie The Bowl! There were times that I would flat out start crying, yeah just because I was hungry. I know right, I sound like a total wuss but honestly it is the worst feeling ever to be hungry and not be able to eat the food that's staring you right in the face! And I was also probably hormonal to boot! At the end all I could eat those 10-13 weeks was ice-cream, mangoes, baked fish, Milo and cereal. Yeah, that was all. Oh and multi-vits; which also made me want to throw up every time I take it. *sarcasm* So much fun!

Other than that, I was an emotional mess. I still am quite honestly but we'll talk about that later I guess. So anyways, I would cry at about anything. If husband raised his voice even just a little I would dissolve into tears. And then I would get angry at myself for crying, then I'll cry some more (!!!!). It was a vicious freaking cycle! I would cry watching movies, TV series, heck even ads on TV! Yes, even for the ads. The normal-er, saner me is really not a big crier at all. Yeah I shed a tear or two at weddings, while watching Hachiko (if you don't get choked up watching Hachiko, you're made out of stone I tells ya!) and when certain things really hurt me but that's about it. But now, it's over e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! And don't even get me started on the moodiness, although that has got more to do with husband itself.

So sometimes pregnant women dislike the smell of their husband's perfume, body smell or just dislike the husband. I wanted to be as close to him as possible. If I could superglue myself to him I would (and this continues even now by the way). I wanted to be as close as possible but I didn't want him to breathe on me. Boleh tak? Basically its like 'Dear husband I love you so much I want to be with you all the time but please don't breathe because the smell of your breath makes me nauseated!'. I kid you not. Especially before sleeping, I would hug him but tell him to turn his face away because I can't stand the smell. Yes, I realise I sound like a freaking insane person! Pregnancy does that to you, people! I swear, it's the pregnancy and not me! And if I felt that husband wasn't paying enough attention to me, the waterworks would start and it was in no way pretty, in no way!

Oh another perk of being preggers that I endured was heartburn. Heart-freaking-burn! I was barely eating and I was having heartburn, what fiendish sorcery is this?! I would wake up with heartburn, have it all day no matter what I was doing, go back to sleep at night; rinse and repeat cycle.

This is basically the summary of my first trimester; nausea, haywire hormones, moodiness and heaps of heartburn. I know I sound like I am whinging and complaining, but in actual honesty yes, I admit that I am. I got incredibly jealous of all those people who are pregnant without all this extra added features during their first trimester (so many bloggers are pregnant this year by the way!). I know, I know I should be grateful to Allah for giving the the rizq of having a baby and I really am but there was so much of vomitting involved that I feel I can whinge if I want to! Plus, I kept all this on the down low that the only people who knew were our immediate family. I did tell some of my friends but that too was after the first trimester and well, they are far away so I guess it's not the same. Or it's difficult for them to show the care or whatever (see…hormonal!!).

This is pretty much it, the scary story of my first trimester. But yes, it is different for every woman and possibly every child that she has. So fingers crossed that you are one of the lucky ones! *jelly*

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia


April 16, 2013

What's In The Box??

 Honestly, I quite rarely splurge on myself nowadays. I mean I didn't do much of it before but since I am not working it basically is none existent right now. I just get this insane overwhelming feeling of guilt when I feel like buying something. Thus I don't. But when items are 'out of stock' you can see me getting depressed over it all over Twitter (@farahanw). So this time, I just took the plunge without thinking so much and bought a lil something something from Zara.






The second one is kinda my favourite. I've been wanting to wear these cool babies out but the weather is still kinda wonky with some days being ridiculously chilly (i.e. scarf necessitating weather 0.o). But I am ridiculously happy with the purchase nonetheless! Love 'em!

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia


p/s: All my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the bombings in Boston. May God ease the sufferings of those who are affected. Ameen.

April 15, 2013

Turning Chef On A Monday Night

For some time now I have been having massive cravings of Arab food, Mandi (or is it Mandy) Chicken in particular. It's basically slow cooked rice and chicken with ghee (clarified butter), saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and other super fragrant spices. Unfortunately in Glasgow, while we have oodles and oodles of halal Pakistani/Indian food it's extremely difficult to find an Arab establishment (at least I haven't come across any yet!). And since it's a rice dish, it would have gone in total waste if I had made it while it was just the two lone rangers; husband and I.

Yesterday Abah was super excited and he said 'Let's make Chicken Mandi' and I was totally on board. We followed the recipe that I found here; although I did add a splash or two of my own lil touches to the dish. I added a tiny bit of paprika to the marinade mixture, just to give it that extra smokiness. And oh, I lessened the amount of saffron. I mean come on one teaspoon? Hello, saffron is freaking expensive bro! Pfffffffft! One gram, I repeat one gram of the thing costs 2.00GBP! So anyways, look at the photos and salivate you guys…..yes, I said salivate! LOL





While the dish was in the oven, masyaallah the smell was really really good. Almost the same as what you would get in the shops I swear. But ultimately this is a heavy heavy dish because the rice is basically slathered in butter and sometimes that great, but not all the time though. But even though the dish seems easy to make you have to be really careful with the preparations me thinks. Especially when it comes to layering the rice and the chicken together.

Hope everyone enjoyed the photos; I am still burping until now! *burp* Alhamdulillah

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: I saw a photo of myself, a profile photo to be exact and it looks like my chin had freaking grandchildren. Grandchildren made of FAT. I have decided: I am not eating until the baby comes! Like that will ever happen la. Pppffffffftttttttt!!!!!!

April 13, 2013

Red Lips In Sunshine

You cannot imagine how much I appreciate the sun nowadays. I basically do a happy dance whenever I am out and about if the sun was out. Husband however thinks I'm a hypocrite because I don't love the sun as much when I am back in Malaysia. *big fat pout* But whatever floats my boat right?

Anyways, my outfit for a day of frolicking under the sun at Glasgow University (in the back). Oh and I can't stop wearing my red lippies out. Red lipstick is just such a great little pick-me-up when you're feeling down and quite honestly a bit dumpy (which happens a lot when you are preggers. Boooo~) Happy viewing! :)


Cardigan: Next (husband's), Vest: H&M, Trousers: Topshop, Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Diva, Lipstick: Rimmel+Estee Lauder




Even though it was sunny, it was still pretty chilly thanks to the wind. So I was actually walking around with my hands wrapped up in husbands' jumper!


It's really funny how the past few months I can't seem to find any content to blog about (since I wasn't blogging about being pregnant yet) and this week I suddenly feel as though there is a whole back log of blog posts! Whaat whaaaaaaaaat? How is that even possible? Hopefully I'll be able to get everything posted and not just delete it and let it be! *sheepish*

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


April 12, 2013

The Preggers Diary: Finding Out

Husband and I have been married for a year and a half (plus a bit more), and all this while we  had decided that we would start trying in ernest for a baby after the two year benchmark. But once we got to Glasgow we decided that if Allah s.w.t. decides to bless us with child sooner rather than later it'll be fine. Although at first I was a bit opposed to it as I didn't want to be one of those women who have babies because they are bored with their life. You know, so bored with being at home alone that they decide to get pregnant to have baby as company. I wanted to have baby because that's what we wanted (and was deemed the right time and fit by Allah s.w.t.). And so it happened that after another one of those lengthy discussions with husband at the end of November where I found myself gushing nonstop over teeny tiny shoes. But can you really blame me? They are so freaking adorable! Even if they do cost as much as adult size shoes. Ppfffffftttttttttttt!!!!!

I had just started taking some supplements and like how my body would normally react, I would get really really tired after eating 'em. It got to a point where husband would be watching football (usually I'll just be hanging out with him) that I would actually sneak off into the bedroom to nap. I mean I would seriously be zonked out on the bed. I even googled it and some people experienced the same symptoms as me so I didn't think too much about it. Later on while Skype-ing with Sous Sista I was telling her about this and she went, 'are you sure you're not pregnant?'. I was all nonchalant and all, 'Naaaaaaaaah…I don't think so'.

The next day, on the 12/12/12 I found out that I was pregnant!

And what a date to find out right? Everyone on Facebook and Twitter were going crazy with the 'end-of-the-world' crap and all I could do was sit on the toilet bowl checking and double checking if I read the thing right. In other words, I was way beyond freaked out! I yelled for husband and he came running and I made him double check the reading. He was really really happy. I was still freaking out. Can you imagine one person going 'Yes!' and the other in total silence thinking, 'Whaaaaaaaaaat?'.

We didn't tell our parents immediately. Since we were both far away from family, we didn't want them to worry. But after a few weeks we spilled the beans anyways. Well I did first, because as usual my Mom would ask about her future grandchild and this time I had an answer! So there you go Mummy! LOL

The normal questions I got from family and friends would be about my morning sickness and stuff but really I think that deserves a post on it's own. Really it does! So that's another one coming soon I hope. ;)

For the most part, I couldn't believe I was pregnant. That my belly was a home to a new little human being that was part husband and part me. I kept hoping that it wasn't one of those phantom pregnancy where when we go in for a the ultrasound scan there would be nothing in there! Crazy-mazy right? Although seriously, I hope baby inherits all of Daddy's smartness!!! Eeeeks!!

So that was our finding out story boys and girls. A bit of a shock, a bit of a surprise but a happy one nonetheless! ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


April 10, 2013

The NEXT Thing To Do-Shop For Your Home

I know that I'm pretty much going to sound like a full on aunty-type person when I say this; but I really love watching TV shows about home deco, DIY, interior designing, hell even programs about refurbishing properties. I just love it, always have even as a teenager. I guess it was because growing up my Mum would always have an idea on how to decorate the house and our rooms and that pretty much was it. Of course our opinions were taken into consideration but mostly it was Mum who decided. I moved into a dormitory during Uni and it was a shared room, with four other people. So it was a tiny bit hard to make your space your own. Then I moved into a rented apartment and you know how that is, even if you want to drill a hole, you would have to ask the landlord's permission first. Pfffffftttttttt.

But now that I am here in Glasgow, I've thrown caution to the wind (well, a little) and can't help myself when I see lovely pieces of furniture and accessories for the home. I always, always dream to have a nice and beautiful cosy little home with interesting pieces of furniture and that wonderfully homey feeling. And now, you can get that from the NEXT HOME COLLECTION for SS'13. It doesn't matter what look you are actually going after as there is something for everyone! Fifties inspired furniture and retro armchairs are updated with jam jar vases, novelty ceramic cow heads and new nature motifs. And it doesn't stop there; you can go floral motifs, urban, elegant and even bring home the Californian sunny look with luxe sequinned cushions and wicker furniture. *swoon* I need to get my fingers a-clickin'!

Of course, if you haven't seen it yet do check out the NEXT Home TV Advert; the first of its kind with the gorgeous Kendra Spears. I absolutely love the dining room in the ad, so so lovely!

Time to do some home shopping me thinks! *clickyclicky*

Good Morning Scotland, Good Afternoon Malaysia


April 9, 2013

Look Who's Back...

…with another outfit post? ME! The weather has been getting a teensy-weensy bit better (i.e. bearable) thus the outfit photos. The last time I posted an outfit photo was in January! Almost three freaking months ago y'all!

But before you scroll down and get a shock, I have to share a little something, something with you guys. I don't know how to say this, but I am…..having a massive toothache where I feel like 'Please God, kill me now!'. 

In other unrelated news, I am about 20+ weeks pregnant.

Surprise *pops confetti*!!!!

Oh good God, it feels so good to finally be out and in the open about this. Not that I was keeping it a secret on purpose, but let's face it while it's great news to be pregnant anything can happen and even at the third trimester things can go awfully, awfully wrong. So I just wanted to be on the safe side and well, be safe. Noooo…don't get me wrong. It's not that I am hoping for things to go wrong by keeping it quiet, I am actually praying with all my heart for everything to go as right as it can. ;)

Well, I've basically gone through half the journey another half to go. And I think I'll be blogging about pregnancy in different posts. Oh, and sorry no pictures of pee on a stick. Frankly, it's really gross! You have no idea how many times I washed my hands after taking the test. Heck, I even washed the…err…apparatus…before throwing it away! Anyways, back to the outfit; I am still somehow managing to squeeze my bump into my current clothes. Somehow. Although there are moments where I feel like a freaking sack of potatoes, but that can't be helped I suppose. And really, I love this Azorias top. I got it waaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaaaay before getting preggers but it really came in handy even now. And so comfy! Love it!


Top: Azorias, Pants: Topshop, Necklace: Diva, Shoes: Converse, Bag: old Charles&Keith


As to maternity clothes, I am staving off buying any actually. You end up using it for such a short time and it's not exactly what I would call fashionable wear. So, who knows maybe only in the later months. I am already eying a few items on Asos' maternity line, so we'll see. ;) Also, sorry that the photos are a bit dark, I swear the weather was actually kinda pleasant. Husband (who was the photographer) was doing it in a rush thus I couldn't be all Nazi-demanding-like with him! Whoops! ehehehehehehehe :p

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


April 8, 2013

The Shopping Leg

 Wednesday was the last day that we had in London and obviously that day was reserved for the most important thing ever - shopping! Well, more like window shopping. We headed to Camden first to check out the market and I have to say I don't really know I feel about the market. It was freezing, for one and since it was a weekday, most of the stalls were closed. Or were we there too early? See I really can't decide if its worth a second visit or going to a different market altogether. Hmmmm.

Anyways, they had heaps of the traditional souvenirs, which Mak and Abah bought loads for the family back home; tshirts and whatnots, ya know normal stuff. Other than that we did a bit of a walkabout around Camden market. I came across one particular stall that was selling vintage cameras that were still working but the thing was that given the person had a stand and it was Camden (tourist attraction) I felt as though we were being ripped off. I know I should have instead felt sorry for the poor man sitting in the freezing weather but yeah, no I didn't bite the bait. It's back to the internet trolling for cameras I guess. Pffffftttttt!




Thanks to the horrid weather, we headed home after Camden and decided to venture out much later in the evening to the all famous, all well known, all - whatever - we went to Harrods. The thing about Harrods is that yeah it's nice to look see but if you can't spend that kind of money it's kind of a waste of time. I mean it is nice to look at bright shiny definer stuff but that's all that you can do. I'd much rather take on another market where I'd get to loose myself in all that one-of-a-kind and vintage goodies. ;) But I did get a cute souvenir from Harrods; just saying! LOL


So that's all for the London trip. I do have to get on to writing a summary post of some of the things we encountered and who I bumped into on the train *squeals*!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia



April 7, 2013

Pussy Cat Pussy Cat Where Have You Been?

Have you been to London to see the Queen?

That just cracks me up!! It really does, and if you've seen this movie you probably know why. ;)

Okay I have to say this, we walked a helluva lot when we were in London. Yeah we did get the hop-on-hop-off bus but the busses had timings and if we missed one we had to wait another fifteen minutes in the cold. In the end, might as well make us of our God given legs. At least that would keep up warm, all the activity (at least that's what I kept telling myself). So anyways, from Westminster Abbey we ended up walking all the way towards Buckingham Palace. On the way there we passed the Horse Guards, towards the Palace and then the barracks.

This horse pooped so much! Thank God it was cold; imagine if it was hot and humid, like back in Malaysia. The smell itself would be killer and not forgetting our friendly neighbourhood flies! No one would want to gather around to take photos with the guard unlike here. There were so many people gathered around that the poor horsey was kinda fidgety and sorta anxious, but stood there like such a pro. Horsey was such a celebrity, man!






A lot of people would be like 'What's the point of going to the Palace? Not like you get to see the Queen?' But really I only wanted to go to the palace to see if I could steal the jackets worn by the guards! I mean come on, military syle jackets/blazer; helloooo this is where they were fashioned from! And obviously being a proper functioning jacket, I bet it would nice and warm to wear. ;)

 So now all I have is one more post from London and then wrapping it all up; and some other stuff to share. Interesting times ahead, I hope! ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


April 6, 2013

A Giant Ferris Wheel & Some Cool Buildings

The noob tourists that we were, we were also not one to waste a free ride; a boat cruise along the Thames which would take us from the Tower bridge and deposit us right at the Big Ben. Well, almost; you still have to walk up some stairs you lazy bums! :p In that area itself we got to see the Eye of London, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey (for some reason it always reminds me of the drama 'Downtown Abbey', no idea why though *frowns*). So anyways, we just did some superficial sight-seeing (as in just looking in from the outside and ooh-ing and aaaaah-ing). I really wanted to go on the London Eye but since husband is afraid of heights I just have to hold off until some one else wants to go on it with me. #sadcase





From here we walked up to Buckingham Palace, which will be coming up in another post (*fingers crossed* tomorrow). I know right, this itself was such a short post, like why bother posting? But I just thought it was nice to look at the photos and reminisce a wee bit. So, here's to hoping for more blog posts to come! ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia 


April 3, 2013

Taking It From Vintage To Almost Antique

Just taking a short break from all the post-London posts, just to blog about about a little bit of history that we found. Backstory would be that Mak loves to sew and when she got here she was asking if we had a sewing machine, which I obviously didn't have. Today morning we randomly decided to head out to a car boot sale just for a walk around, to stretch our legs a bit and have a look see. And basically Mak found a piece of sewing machine history that if I were walking alone I would have probably overlooked.

As we were walking around, she noticed this guy tugging on a 'Singer' box on the floor and being a pretty loyal fan of the name brand sewing machine she was curious. I tried opening the box, it wouldn't budge. A few people tried and it still remained firmly locked until the vendor got a knife to pry it open. And as it opened I could see Mak's eyes sparkling in excitement. Yeap, we were going back with this lil' baby. It's a fully manual sewing machine where all the parts are still original and functional, and it comes even with it's own toolbox and all.









At home we found out that the machine (with it's serial number still intact) was manufactured on 12 May 1936. Holy crikey, that's a darn long time ago and, and, and the machine itself was made in Scotland. How awesome is that? Such a treasure that Mak came across randomly for 15GBP, and I have to stress that it is still working. How crazy is that? Mak's theory is that the person who bought this probably used it for a short time or just lightly before letting it be. She might be right, the machine is pretty much immaculate with all the gold print details running along it.


As for myself, I just bought a silly star shaped trinket holder for our dresser; which thanks to husband's insistence is now our key holder-thingy by the door. I gotta look for another one now. Hmph. Anyways, today was a wonderfully sunny day and I have to say I did enjoy the few minutes of basking in the sun, regardless of the looks and the laughs! To them I say, 'Pfffffffffffffttttttttt'!

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia




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