May 27, 2013

I Need Some Space

Don’t you ever wish that there was a storage company that can temporarily store things for when you have a party of just need to de-clutter? Recently we had some friends over for a small gathering and good God the closets and the storeroom (which is already perpetually full) were basically filled to the brim, threatening to overspill! I kinda wished that day that I had loads of space so that I could store all the unnecessary stuff somewhere other than my bedroom.

Imagine, we had a two-seater sofa with four dining chairs stuffed into our room! It was massively crowded in our dinky lil’ room, we actually had to climb through the piles of furniture to get to our things. And when I had to get ready for the gathering, I basically had a tiny lil’ small square of space at the edge of our bedroom, by the door to change into my clothes. But thankfully that was only for a few hours. After we were done with the gathering husband quickly moved all the furniture from our room back into its respective place.

However all the tiny, tiny trinkets of boxes, cameras and whatnots are all still happily taking a rest in my closet. I actually even forgot where I left my pregnancy record book when I had to go for an appointment after that. I wish I could just blink, blink, blink my eyes and have all the stuff magically go back to their proper places.

Errr…the wishful of a pregnant mind I suppose?

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


p/s:I can’t believe I’m turning 27 tomorrow! I don’t look 27 though riiight? Riiiiiiiiight? RIIIIIIIIGHHHT??? >.<

May 26, 2013

Preggers Diary: Day 1 FAILED

IMG 20130526 182934 20130526233840405

So much for cutting down on sugar, dairy and carbs to calm down the breakouts (click here for post).

Day 1 = FAILED

It was damn good mango sorbet though! ;p

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: husband went a lil bit trigger-happy with the editing

p/p/s: Big Licks is the name of the ice cream parlour. Although I have to say that I did demolish the ice cream pretty quickly! *lick* YUUUUUUM!

May 25, 2013

Preggers Diary: Le Zits On Le Chin

I have to say, that during puberty I was a really really lucky girl. I didn't have breakout/acne/pizza-face; nothing. I glided through puberty with a fresh face and no knowledge on how to handle breakouts. Slowly as I grew older, I started having hormonal zits right before my menses. It was usually just one random (but ridiculously huge) pimple on my chin, cheek or forehead and that was easily dealt with. But how the tables have turned!

I have full on breakouts on my chin right now! It started a few weeks ago with just one pimple, and as that one pimple was healing others slowly started popping out, like they were late to some freaking party on my chin! Not only that, the area around my chin and lips are slightly discoloured; getting darker. So not only do I have a chin full of yucky zits, it's also considerably darker than the rest of my face. I would like to be all whiney (who am I kidding, I already am) but it's all hormonal and there's nothing much I can do especially about the discolouration bit.

About the zits though, after combing through article after article on the net, the conclusion is this: I have to cut down on my sugar and dairy intake. HOW CAN LIDDAT?????????? Wow, I sound so Malaysian! But, yeah, how in the world am I going to do that? Whenever I have the munchies the first thing I turn to would be chocolate-covered-orange biscuits, then chocolates, chips and yes in other words junk food! Not only that, almost everyday I drink one can of fizzy drink. Yes, evry-day! And honestly this habit only started after getting pregnant. It's probably because of that weird taste in the mouth so to deal with that I drink fizzy drinks. It's usually the diet ones but there's still the artificial sugars in it.

So for now, what I've decided is that as soon as all the junk food has finished I am not going to replenish it anymore. This is going to be a massive challenge for me. Even just now in the afternoon, when I went to the grocery store to do a quick pick up, I almost picked up some extra sweetened juice (which is delicious by the way) and some chips. ALMOST. I didn't. Phew! But I really hope I can do it though, for the sake of my chinny-chin-chin! I can't take it, looking like I have a goatee of zits. *shudders*

I need support, so please, any advice and words of advice would be more then welcome!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


May 23, 2013

A Surprise For Preggers

Last Monday was very interesting indeed for me thanks to husband. After taking my wudhu (ablutions) for Maghrib, which was at like 10-something-ish-p.m. (so late kan?) I walked into our room with my glasses perched on my head. Okay so, without my glasses on, I am basically pretty much blind. Of course if something is riiiiight in front of my face (i.e. a few inches away) I can still see but any further everything is blurry. So I walked in to the room and vaguely noticed a brown package sitting on my bed and went into panic mode. I went, 'Shit, did I order something online and forget about it? Crap, I promised husband I won't be doing any shopping for the next few months.'

I basically ran to the bed, blaming my baby brains for this lapse in memory and quickly put on my glasses. Then I saw that there was a single stem of a red rose, with a packet of Lemon &Buttermilk Spongecake (which I can basically finish eating in two days flat) and a package wrapped in brown paper stuck with a post it. I went from 'Holy shit' to 'awwww….shiiiiiit!'; it was a an early birthday present from husband; a really early birthday present from him! The funny thing was that when he came home from uni I randomly asked him what did he bring back for me since my birth week (why celebrate for a day when you can do it for a week!) is starting soon.

Although I have to say that I was a bit upset with husband at first; I told him that this year we didn't have to celebrate my birthday, especially with gifts and stuff. Almaklumlah (as you know), we are expecting a baby and of course we need to prepare for baby's needs first and foremost. We still haven't bought anything for the baby other than the cotbed (which needs a new mattress and sheets) and the strollers and stuff (which also needs new padding) which are both second hand. So yeah, we are moving at a really slow pace for right now. Oh gosh, and most importantly, we still haven't gotten a breast pump yet! These things super cost a lot of money and even though I would like to think that I am as awesome (actually awesome-er) than those famous bloggers, no one is banging on my door to sponsor us stuff *sniff sniff*.

So back to the story, before this husband kept saying that he wanted to get me a tablet but I refused saying I don't really need it since I am at home and I use my laptop mostly. If I do need to use it, I would just use husband's tablet and most of the times it's because I'm bored and I want to play games (!!). As I was opening the present (feeling guilty as hell) I was thinking if he bought me a tablet I'm gona flip out because I don't want/need it. And it turned out that husband didn't buy me a tablet…he got me something even better; he got me a proper watch! Cue freaking avalanche of guilty feelings!

I've always been wearing cheapy watches; it's easy for me because I do almost everything with my watch on. Eat, sleep, go out, wash plates….well, except for shower (but I used to though) and poop. It didn't really matter at that time what event I was going to I would just wear the same watch. If it was anything overly formal, I'd ditch my watch and just rely on my trusty sidekick; the handphone. So not only was I using and abusing my cheapy watch, it was one of those that had a pretty big face that made it look kinda manly. Obviously husband noticed all this and thus got me a proper ladies sized Tissot watch. Of course I freaked the hell out! I know, for some (or even most) people Tissot is like another one of those cheapy watches that they can buy whenever, but not for me. All my life the most expensive watch I've ever bought for myself cost me RM100.00 (roughly 20.00GBP); yes I'm a cheapskate and I love it! ;p

DSC06513  Version 2



Yes, the rose is in a Nutella jar! The rose was actually part of a dozen but I decided to put the rest of the flowers in a vase in the living room. Share the love yes? ;) hmmmm…I feel like I've already wrote so much and now I've got nothing else to say other than I am still pretty much buried under the avalanche of guilty feelings. Pffffffffttt!

Husband, thank you so so much for breaking the bank and the budget to spoil me. I absolutely love it! Now, we just have to resize it for my skinny wrist. ;p

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


May 22, 2013

A Very Very Late Mothers Day Post

Eeeeks, I know Mothers day was two weeks ago and only now I have gotten around to posting these. This would be my second unofficial Mommy's day celebration as in the UK it's celebrated in March and husband surprised me with a huuuuuuge box of Guylian chocolates then. It was heaven; the mix of their truffles with the seashells. I was a happy camper for about two weeks (what can I say other than I basically inhaled the chocs!). And so, this is my second unofficial celebration with Mak and Abah.

Abah decided to treat us to a late lunch at the nearby halal Desi restaurant, Kebabish. It was right after my checkup with the midwife that we called them asking what were they up to when Abah suggested we go out for lunch. As it is I absolutely love the chicken tikka briyani at Kebabish (one of the occasional cravings that I get), so I was all hung ho. When we got there was when Mak told us that Abah wanted to treat us for Mothers Day! Husband was all, 'hey no fair, this is the second time you're getting a Mothers day treat'. And I was all, 'Pfffffffft, order me the briyani please!'. ;p



DSC06486  Version 2

Unfortunately our camera was running out of battery so no proper photos of the food (maybe one day soon that might just happen!). And I took some outfit photos (coming soon) after eating and good God, what can I say other than round like a beach ball! I actually had to edit out my bump in most of the photos believe it or not. Baby already has a tendency to menyibuk in photos, just like the dad! :p I can't wait to officially celebrate Mommy's day with baby next year. >.<

Looking at the food in the photos is really making me hungry/salivate like a person who hasn't eaten in years! I need to go find something to eat, like right now!

Thank you so much Abah for the makan-makan ♥

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


May 21, 2013

Spending Time In The Kitchen

To be honest, the kitchen seems like the place that I spend most of my time in (well, second to my bedroom). I'm the type of person that has a particular spot for everything to make sure that the kitchen doesn't have too much clutter. However right now, my spices are all messed up and I am really looking for something that can help me sort out the mess that is my spice rack! It's gone to a level that if I don't prepare all the spices before cooking, accidents might just happen while I am cooking. Which by the way has already happened; husband was looking for a particular jar of spice and a different one fell into the bowl where we were defrosting chicken!

As for the other cutleries, the plates are sharing a space with my dry foods like spaghetti and noodles. Even my baking shelf is not devoted to baking anymore; it's got a mix of noodles and other random stuff. The only solution that I can think of is to add more shelving by the refrigerator but that would mean we have to ask the landlord's permission and that in itself is kind of a drag! As it is we've got some weird aubergine coloured walls in the living room and hallways; what the heck were the previous tenants thinking?!

Anyways, I've got a massive crush on this particular kitchen (or is it a pantry?). I just love for everything is neatly put away and the only thing is I would add doors so that you can close the doors without people peeking in into your mess! (image via)


How nice to have your own space that you can mess about until you get it right! *Sigh*

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


Good Ideas

283087439 701a4e90822d

Ever since I saw an image of a pillow with this exact same print on Instagram, I can't get it out of my mind! I just had to Google it and if you've read my previous post, you know how I feel about Audrey Hepburn. But hotdang, I do agree; Paris is always a good idea. I think this pillow would be oh so lovely on my bed, paired with my (bargain hunted of course) Egyptian cotton sheets. Just the thought of it is so luxurious, it makes me want to roll in my imaginary luxurious bed. Now, to only find a slightly cheaper version than this one (click here to shop for pillow). *sigh*

The other type of pillows that I absolutely love, are the ones that look like Scrabble tiles. I've been wanting to get a pair with our initials on it but the problem would be that husband and I both have the same alphabet for our first names so it would end up being F&F; yeah just like the clothing brand in Tesco. Hhmmmph. And we don't have middle names or whatever. Pfffffft. Maybe for our baby…seems like a good idea right? If only I can figure out what we are going to name our baby. Double pfffffft!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


May 20, 2013

A Walking Beach Ball & Skinny Legs

Aaaaaaah, right now I'm lounging by the window with the sun shining on my face and good Lord it feels so, so good! I know right, totally perangai kucing (catlike behaviour) right? But that's what happens when you don't get enough sun. =s *sigh* The worst part; it actually snowed a couple of days ago in certain parts of Scotland. Yeap, you read right; it freaking SNOWED IN MAY! Crazy-mazy I tell ya…crazy-mazy! It was one of those glorious days when husband and I went out exploring the city; the sun was shining, people were actually happy to be lounging about on the streets and not just rushing into shops where it's warmer.

DSC06459  Version 2

Cardigan: H&M, Shift Dress: H&M, Jeans: Primark, Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Next (neon Yellow) & Mango, Bag: Charles&Keith

DSC06461  Version 2

This was the last time that I could wear this top. It was already tight-ish when I wore it out that day but now, I'm pretty sure my 'beach ball' would not fit into it at all. Even husband, by the end of the day said, 'honey, I think it's too tight for you already,' *sigh* How la to welcome spring like this if I can't wear my (errr…I think) one and only floral top out? *thinks* Eh, correct la, this is my one and only floral top. Hmmmm…never mind, there's always next season to shop for. Ngehehehehe!

So at erm, 5-ish months it already looks like I have a beach ball underneath my top. I'm pretty sure that at 8 months plus I'm going to eventually start rolling around the floor. Pfffffffft!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


May 16, 2013

A Few More Weeks...

…to when I turn old! It's actually pretty crazy that in a few more weeks I will be a few years closer to turning thirty! How in the hell did that happen? When in the hell did that happen? And to top it off, in a couple of months I'll be a mama too! Say whuuuuut???!!

But regardless of impending mama-hood and turning thirty, I still believe that you are never too old to celebrate your birthday. Old age be damned! Besides it's just a number right? And if you're in the mood to have fun and are willing to spend on yourself (or have someone to really spoil you) there are ample of places to celebrate namely in London bars, cafes and even gardens for you to have your big shindig! I know…I know, I live in Glasgow but I'm talking about London. It's just that London is just sunnier and warmer (really, compared to how chilly it is now in Glasgow *sadness*) and with loads more bakeries to get you your specialty birthday cake and you can get up to loads more shenanigans! *cough cough* Ahem…keep it clean people! ;)

Urgh, I can still remember the ridiculously delicious red velvet cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery in London (click here for post). I kinda think it's the pregnancy cravings kicking in, but I want one NOW! If only I lived near (-er) to one of their stores, I would probably be there everyday! Anyways, since I am so pregnant right now, I think waking up with a big smile and a good mood would be a super awesome birthday gift. That too not for me, it's more like a gift for husband. Pfffffft. Well, I guess I should just keep my fingers crossed for at least a cupcake from husband. He's a non-believer when it comes to birthdays! I know right, he's so lucky to have me! *wink wink*

So preggers needs some red velvet cake, like, now! ;)

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


May 15, 2013

Preggers Needs A Holidays….Preferably In Paris!!

 I know right…I haven't even had my baby yet and already I'm feeling exhausted most of the time. It is quite possibly because I have a big bump and teeny tiny chicken legs that basically is not balancing out my weight evenly. Hmmmm..well at least that's my logic! And lo and behold, Travel Supermarket are running an absolutely amazing competition called Worldwide Wardrobe where you can win a dream holiday! All you have to do is put together outfits for when you are in New York, Paris, Ibiza, Thailand and of course London. The catch is of course that each look can't be more than GBP200.00! Aaaaargh, soooo difficult! But I totally geared up for this challenge. This is what I would totally wear for a day out sightseeing in Paris:


Biker Jacket: MNG (GBP 55.99, click here), Dress: Topshop (GBP: 36.00, click here), Sandals: Topshop (GBP: 55.00, click here), Lipstick: MAC (GBP 14.00, click here), Cluctch: Zara (GBP 29.99, click here)

Total: GBP 190.98

This is my outfit for sight-seeing in Paris. Can I just take a second to gush about how awesome the biker jacket and the printed elephant dress are? *sigh* I wish I could get my hands on them! *fingers crossed* I know that most of us always envy the polished and Hepburn-esque styles of the Parisian and would love to achieve that look. Just so you know, they look like they fit in. But for me, I don't think so. I just love my pairing of high voltage sequins and quirky prints, perfect for an easy day out checking out the sights with a coffee in one hand and a macaroon in another! ;)

I am keeping my fingers crossed from now till June! If you're feeling lucky, enter here!

Wish me luck!


May 14, 2013

The Baby Diaries: Baby's First Photo

Today is exactly three months since I had my first ultrasound scan and to celebrate that I thought that this would be the perfect time to post up baby's very first photo at 14 weeks.


Plus to make it more memorable, I just came back home from an appointment with the midwife and I got to hear the lil' bub's heartbeat. WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP, I swear that's how baby's heartbeat sounds like. And the funny thing was that while we were listening to the heartbeat, the cheeky lil thing gave such a swift kick that even the midwife noticed my belly jolt and laughingly told husband about it. I have a feeling we're gona have a very cheeky and mischievous lil bub! O'oh!

I can remember the first ultrasound scan, it was snowing/hailing alternatively and I was so nervous. I was so scared that it would be a phantom pregnancy (obviously I've watched way too much 'GLEE'!), and they would find my womb empty with like cobwebs and stuff, with cricket noises. I know I sound like a crazy person but hey, I had to wait a really long time for my first scan so its natural to be scared, right? Riiiiight? ;p But there baby was, swimming and squirming around on the screen and I was speechless. It was amazing. I can totally understand now how some women are addicted to the 'being pregnant' feeling and keep on having babies. Although I don't think I am that far off the cuckoo ladder, but I am totally enjoying my baby bump and kicks and hiccups right now. All the while anxiously waiting for that moment where I get to smell my baby! Yeah I know I said smell. Whatever, I am weird okay, just deal with it! LOL

Anyways another two weeks before I get to see baby again….I can't wait!! >.<

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


May 9, 2013

The Preggers Diary: Baby Talk

Ever since I got pregnant, husband has been having loads and loads of conversations with my belly. It's to a point that he will be whispering something to our baby and when I ask him, 'What are you telling baby?'; husband responds with a 'Ish, sibuk la this Mama!'. And then if husband is sulking, he won't talk to me but he'll grab my belly and complain to the little one. So mengada right? Since my belly has grown, with the bump becoming more and more prominent, husband will come from from uni and immediately come looking for me. Or more like look for the baby bump! He sits me down and starts talking to our baby. He tells baby that he's come home, asks our lil' one 'how are you?' and I'm like, 'Helloooooooooo?? Where is the Mama in this conversation??'

This has become a habit for me; saying goodnight to the lil' one. Even though most of the times I feel like a raving lunatic talking to myself but then I get one strong kick from baby as if saying, 'Hello Mama, I'm here!'. I have also taken to humming songs for baby. I know that the ears are still developing and so is the hearing but it doesn't hurt anyone (maybe just husband's eardrums as I've totally taken to singing Hindi songs), I just keep doing it. ;)

Oh crap, I should totally blog about baby's movements soon! Eeeeeks! >.<

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


May 8, 2013

Loving The Punkiness!

So I'm pretty sure that the internet has been flooded with images from the Met Ball 2013 but these three the looks that I absolutely love; as in I can see these dresses when I close my eyes. The images are freaking imprinted on my retinas and yes, if I could I would rip it of their bodies and probably wear it while I'm making my well loved briyani. It might end up stinking like briyani but who the hell cares right?

168197826 419x572

Oh Jennifer Lopez, at first when I saw your dress I kinda hated it. It was those stupid back pose with you looking over your back. But when I saw it fully from the front, the impact was so great with the hair and the flawless make up that it was love on second sight. True love! (image via)

Main original 466x530Main original 466x530j

Ahhhh…the Fanning girls. Do I need to say more? Although I do wish that Dakota Fanning tied up her hair in a sleek ponytail or something, not just leave it limply on the side. But I still love it anyways. (image via)

These dresses are stuff for daydreams. But I have to say though, I absolutely hated what Beyonce, Katy Perry (maybe if the dress was shorter and her make up less cake it would've worked?? I don't know….), Madonna…and Beyonce; I hate it so much I had to say it twice. And I wish that Sarah Jessica Parker (I just love her, she can't do wrong in my eyes) wore dirrefrent shoes, man. Just, different shoes really!

So that's my take on the fashion on the Met Ball. I am no expert (obvi) but there were a whole lot of other good outfit and looks but I am just too lazy to elaborate on it. The joys of being pregnant, eh? Pffffffttttttttt!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


May 7, 2013

Now You See, Now You Don't...

…and no I'm not talking about Chipsmore cookies! it's my bump! I swear I can hardly see my ever (*fingers crossed* healthily) growing baby bump in this outfit. All very much thanks to the people from for letting me review this top. Honestly I love it! The thing about being pregnant is that you want to be comfortable; especially if you are going to be out for a long time. And comfort was key this time because I was out to watch Ironman 3 in the cinemas. Unlike being at home, you can get up adjust your clothes and then get comfy again. You can't do that outside! I'm pretty sure that people would start throwing popcorn at me if I were to do that!

So back to the top, it's a nice and comfy top; and it's also on trend. Monochrome, stripes? Yes please! I am pretty sure that I am going to be wearing this top to death in the coming months. ;) It just fulfils all my criteria for maternity wear; comfy, stylish and most importantly I can still wear it after the baby comes. Sounds perfect right?

Speaking of comfort, I know how people complain about wearing killer high heels; I would like to complain about wearing ballet flats! I had such bad blisters on my heels thanks to this pair of flats! But because it's plain nude in colour, I am gona attempt to wear this pair out again (with protection of course! ;)). I am gona break the hell out of this pair of flats…!!!! *pumps fist in air*


Blazer: Asos, Top: *Next, Skinny Jeans: Primark, Necklaces: *Next (neon) and Mango, Shoes: Hush Puppies

DSC06447  Version 2


Before I sign off, I just have to state that I am so in love with these two necklaces. If I could I would wear it everyday, together, just like this, even while sitting in my pyjamas! Oh and someone please teach me how to pose? I still can't seem to get the hang of it y'all. *sigh*

Signing off….

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: Ironman 3 was the shiznit! Although I really can't wait for THOR 2 to be released! *excited excited excited*


*items sponsored by Next

May 5, 2013

My Take On The Malaysian General Elections 2013

Today was the day that all registered Malaysian voters were to head out and make their anonymous stand on which political party they would prefer to have ruling the country. Although I really honestly wish that the 'anonymous' part would extend to their Twitters, Facebook and instagram; in other words their social media. It's not like I was not interested in the results, I had my family back home updating on the state of things in Penang and I was also following whatever live telecasts that could be followed via the net. So yes, I was very much plugged in and updated as to what was happening.

Again, there might not be a proper point to this post but I feel like I have to say this: that regardless of who won there would have been no shortage of conspiracy theories going on. Those who hate the current ruling party will of course turn a blind eye towards whatever that has been said and done over the years by the political party they support. And this situation is also happening on the other side of the coin as well, where those who support the ruling party don't see their shortcomings or even worse, know that it's there but refuse to acknowledge it. It's great to know that so many of the younger generation care so much for our country but how about you stop and think about your actions that even though seem small contributes to the larger picture? loads of people are complaining about corruption, how many time have you paid money to a police inspector instead of paying the fine? How many times have you tried to bend the law by slipping a small 'token of appreciation' to the low level clerks handling your paperwork? Just so that your paperwork is processed faster, given priority, so to speak?

Don't complain about corruption when these things are happening and possibly, you are attributing to it. To change the big dogs, the smaller fish must fry first. It's a hard and difficult thing to accept but hey if you want change then go about it and do it the right way. 

As for all the conspiracy theories going on right now, I am of course not so naive to believe that everyones an angel and they poop rainbows. Just be smart about what you hear and be even smarter about what you believe. You will most definitely sound like a retarded ass if you start talking about things you don't have a clue about. Hence why when everyone else was tweeting about the elections and the proceeding dramas, I was tweeting about my very own drama; cupcakes that looked like an elephant stomped on it. Thank God it was still edible though. I am very much aware of how much of an airhead I sound like but it's one of the lesser evils if you ask me.

Politics is dirty, we have to accept that. But there are some involved who do manage to do a bit of good and to them, good on them. You have to be thick face, thick skinned, thick all over to enter politics because no one is your friend (regardless if you are on the same side or not) and everyone wants to rip you apart. Thus, the reason why it's easier to sit on the sidelines and wag our fingers and tongues at them while telling them what a shitty job they are doing. It's just easier to do that than to get involved and try to make a proper difference. Like I said, it's easier to rip someone to shreds than to help put together something worthwhile as that takes so much time and effort. It's quite a sad truth but a truth nonetheless.

Anyways I think my point is, to everyone; try to make a proper change. Be more involved in what's happening in whichever political party it is you support. Don't just come out of the closet for a few months before the elections, make a whole lot of retarded ass-like noise and then disappear. Go for the meetings, know these people properly and not when they are giving out free handouts or whatever. They are literally people like you and me, they ain't no God (my ghetto-ness is surfacing) and it's their job to know who Malaysians are.

So it turns out that I did have a point for this post then. LOL

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: If you've read the whole post, you my friend are a hero! Have an ugly looking cupcake on me! *hands out free imaginary cupcakes*

May 3, 2013

It's Finally May

Although I am happy that May is finally here, it unfortunately isn't because the sun has started warming up frigid Glasgow (it's raining outside as I type). It's most definitely because it's my birthday at the end of this month! I LOVE my birthday; the cake, the candles, the balloons, the whole shebang. If I could I would totally celebrate my birthday everyday in May with cake and candles. But not only would that slowly make me a fat lil' piggy with possible diabetes but it will also…erm also…also what?…Wait, I actually can't think of any other downside other than 'fat' and 'diabetes'. Hmmmm. That doesn't sound too bad right? Hmmmmmm.

Anyways, this year what with being pregnant and all, what I would want is to be well and truly pampered. And I mean proper pampering. I would like to go in for a wash and cut for the weeds that are growing atop my head. A facial as well and if I could squeeze in a pedi and mani that would just be awesome. Actually any kind of massage that doesn't just stop after not even five minutes would be fantastic (I'm talking to you husband!). Just a day dedicated to me and my well being. Sounds selfish but really, I am growing life in my belly! So yeah, I deserve it. Plus there are no vacations or baby-moons in the books for us. It's all work for husband and no play for the wife. T.T

With that said, fell free to start trowing yourself into the wonderful act of giving me presents. And by that I mean me, not for baby. For me. You can give presents to baby when baby gets here which by the way feels like eons away! There is actually no proper value (educational or even entertainment) to this post but it was just something I wanted to get out of my system; that yes, I am old-ish but I still love my birthday! Oh and husband if there's no cake, candles, balloons, singing and PRESENTS this time; you are gona be in SO much trouble! *sticks tongue out*

That is all for my pointless post of the day! Much love!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia



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