July 27, 2013

The Preggers Diary: Maternity Shoot With SoulSista?

As soon as I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to do a maternity shoot. And I wanted to do it really really badly. But because we had trips and baby things to buy, we couldn't fit in doing a maternity shoot in our dinky lil budget. Luckily, my camera and husband came to the rescue! ;)

On the last day of SoulSista's trip, we did a sort of mini photoshoot. It has been ages since SoulSista and I took some proper photos together; we actually didn't even take any nice photos during my wedding! =s I guess we were both so busy during that time that it sorta slipped our mind.

We were so lucky that when we finally got to Kelvingrove Park, it was relatively bright and sunny. But the skies however were riddled with dark clouds! I wore my Next dress again that I wore for my birthday and I've been wearing it loads ever since. It's the only thing that fits me now! *sobs*







As you can see, I totally had some perfect-hair-moment in some of the photos (and that could be the reason they were uploaded, but you'll never know!). The baby onesie we got it from Camden Market from a stall called Chewingumlondon. It's all hand drawn and it can be personalised which is why I went totally gaga for it. And yes, it had to be Aunty Kath because she is my baby's Godmom. I know that generally Muslims don't have the concept of Godparents but I just really wanted to make sure that my baby always has someone to talk to regardless if its me or not. And obviously the best person for that would be SoulSista. Again, obviously I also need someone to tell me to cut the bullshit and just be there for my child; which is where SoulSista comes in. ;) Yeah, she has got some big responsibilities as a Godmom! Hahahahahahahaha…sucker!!! ;p

Oh and of course, husband gets in on the photo fun as well. But more on that in the coming posts. ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


July 24, 2013

Checking Out Edinburgh With SoulSista

Urgh, I know...late once again with the postings. Although quite honestly, I am way too exhausted to write a good long post on this so I've just made this a photo heavy post. It was a beautiful day when we were in Edinburgh, bright and wonderfully warm! Just perfect for all the walking we did. ;) We walked up to the Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Holyrood Palace, Arthur's Seat and Grassmarket.

IMG 1972

IMG 4391

IMG 4411

IMG 4421

IMG 4426

IMG 4429

IMG 4441

IMG 4463

IMG 4483

IMG 4491

IMG 4498

 Hope that you guys enjoyed all the photos. ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


July 20, 2013

End Of The London Trip & The Glasgow Mela 2013

After our super posh breakfast, we headed off to Camden Market to do some souvenir and random bits &bobs shopping. When we reached Camden it was pouring and thus we basically had no mood to take any photos whatsoever. We just went and spent whatever time we had shopping on our very last day in London. Oh and we managed to squeeze in a UK classic: having fish and chips. It was a good big portion and it was yummy! Again, no photos. Well, I do have photos but in all honesty I actually really just wanted to talk about the Glasgow Mela!

So apparently every year during summer (or what we'd like to believe is summer weather) the Glasgow council together with the Desi community put together a sort of bazaar/funfair with everything from Desi music to food to performances. And obviously I wanted to go really badly! It happened that SoulSista and I were on the train from London in the morning, giving us more than enough time to shower, rest up, make husband laugh at all our random stories from our time in London and then head off to the Mela.

As soon as we got there, we were greeted by this really awesome fusion music of samba and one of the tradition Indian music (the name totally escapes me! Whoops!). And just a bunch of people gathered around them. And if you noticed, yeah, it was actually pretty good weather on that day (i.e. no rain).

IMG 1941

IMG 1946

IMG 1947

Outfit details: Shoes: Hush Puppies, Jeans: MNG, Top: H&M, Cardigan: New Look (Husband's)

OMG, the jalebi that I was eating in the photo above was from the stall above this photo. And good God, that was best jalebi I have ever had and of course SoulSista agreed! The sweetest part though about it was that the uncle who was selling it gave them to me for free. I suppose it was because I was preggers and I only wanted a few pieces of it. BIG MISTAKE! I now can't find where the heck this uncle sells the jalebi. Sigh. Cravings are such a kutti cheez (a bitch!! Whoops!!)! Ppffffftttt!!

Oh and thanks to the flats I was wearing, my feet massively swelled up. As in it was swelling as we were walking around in the Mela! By the time we left, I basically had sasquatch type feet. Stupid, flats that were too tight for preggers! Yeah, ill fitting shoes are also one of the cause for swelling feet during pregnancy. How fun, right? Double Pppfffffffft!!!

But anyways, after resting for a day at home SoulSista and I headed off to Edinburgh for a day trip. And of course with that, we shall continue with a post on Edinburgh next. ;p

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: how is your Ramadhan going y'all? Ours is pretty much the same from last year; 18+ hours of fasting plus a heat wave right now in Glasgow. In other words, we are absolutely knackered! >.<

July 18, 2013

Poshing It Up With Breakfast At Laduree

After the excitement of bumping into Rihanna the previous day, SoulSista and I had basically 20 minutes left to shop in Harrods. So we decided to come back the next day and of course posh it up with breakfast at Laduree. Okay, I have to say this: it's totally ridiculous that we weren't allowed to take photos at Laduree in Harrods. I have no idea what the logic behind it was as both SoulSista and I have our own theories about it. Seriously though photos of Laduree are all over the internet yet they don't let their customers take photos in the restaurant. Nope, we weren't even allowed to take photos of the macaroons. So right now all you guys are stuck with are some photos of us(!!).

IMG 1909

IMG 1911IMG 1921

My Outfit - Sweater: Topshop, Skirt: Maxi dress worn as skirt from The Poplook, Necklace: Zara

Honestly, we actually weren't even allowed to take the photo of us together. We had to plead with the security guard to help us take this photo. And thanks to the really tall security guard, we look weirdly short! But oh well, at least we have a photo together! ;)

As for breakfast, it was really big! As in we ordered what was supposed to be breakfast for one and shared it. The amount of food we had was just crazy a lot! And it was good stuff. Of course, we had some macaroons but we had them to go and ate 'em back in Glasgow. Seriously, that was some sugary-goodness!

IMG 1957  Version 2

*Dreaming of Laduree*

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


July 16, 2013

Bumping Into WHOM In Harrods???!!!

SoulSista and me were looking for the ladies room in Harrods that we went to the second floor where all the designer goods were. As we were walking I was looking at a row of green toned shoes as a girl came directly in my line of vision.

SoulSista: (loudly) Babe, don't you think that girl looks like Rihanna?

Said girl looks at SoulSista like she's lost her mind

Me: Urm….that IS Rihanna…….!!!!

The both of us ground to halt right in front of Rihanna; where she was looking like at us something like an arms length away. Yeah and we were standing there staring at her like a two idiots.

Well, at least until her bodyguard told us to move along.

And after that SoulSista completely lost it and went into full on stalker mode, trying to snap a photo of Rihanna. Imagine two girls, and a pregnant belly crouching among the designer shoes trying to get a photo of Rihanna. We really went into full on spy mode trying to snap something but unfortunately the bodyguard was in the way! We almost wanted to pull a 'i'm-pregant-so-please-can-I-have-a-photo' card that we decided that we really shouldn't disturb her. Especially while she was shopping.

So with heavy hearts we left and continued on our journey to the ladies room.

That was basically the highlight of Day 3 in London with SoulSista!

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


p/s: sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. Life has been been happening plus I've been pretty much under the weather. More updates soon, ok? ;)

July 9, 2013

How Time Flies!!


I find it a tiny bit surreal to actually put it into words that husband and I have been married for two years today and that we are expecting a lil bub as well. But because (according to some friends) I have an alien-ish figure during pregnancy with a big belly and skinny arms and legs, husband and I are unfortunately unable to head out to celebrate our anniversary. Any kind of movement that requires me to stand a tiny bit longer than say 10 minutes will result in massive backaches and puffy/swollen feet and fingers. But hey, it's cool. We'll celebrate with the lil bub when the time comes. ;)

Although, I did mention to husband to get me some cupcakes (I have a massive hankering for Hummingbird cupcakes but nothing can be done about that *sad*), so we'll see what happens. LOL

Happy Two Years Husband! It's been a rollercoaster ride for sure, but the best kind. The kind that I never want to get off of! ;)


Day 3 Began With Cupcakes

Obviously since we were in London and SoulSista was with me, there was no way that I wasn't going to take SoulSista to Hummingbird Bakery. Okay, I know people living in London might have other preferences on their favourite cupcakeries (is that even a word?) but for now, my love affair with Hummingbird is still going long and strong! ;)

IMG 1852

IMG 1855

IMG 1857

We only got one each, which thinking about it now is a real shame! One red velvet for me and one double chocolate (complicated thing with chocolate and cream cheese) for SoulSista.

IMG 1858

IMG 1859

I am super pleased for introducing her to Hummingbird because her reaction didn't disappoint at all! As she was taking her first bit I saw her eyes wide then go all squinty as she was enjoying her cupcake. Yup, I was watching that closely. And I know those who read my previous post about Hummingbird are probably going all 'puhleeese stop talking about cupcakes fatty….!'; but really I can't help it. >.<

IMG 1878

The third day was basically a day spent shopping. We spent the whole day just walking from Oxford Street and ending up at Picadilly Circus from where we headed backwards a bit to have a really good and hearty meal. It was after 5pm already when we finally had our lunch! Crazy right? But then again, girls being girls; we get totally distracted looking at all the pretty things like these flowers in front of Liberty's. ;)

Oh and the next London post would be a good one I promise!! ;)

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia


July 7, 2013

Day 2 Of Our London Adventure But With Outfit Shots!

Well…actually it was our third day in London if you count our journey but hey, if I say it's Day 2 then it is! Capiche? For our second day we did the Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) tour around London. It was the easiest way to soak in all the London sights and not get trapped in the maze that is the London Underground. And it was also the best way to stop and get off at all the places that we wanted to stop at. Its super touristy and cliche but really if you're not a master of the Underground, just take the HOHO. Also its fun to hear all the little bits of information that the tour guide provides; regardless if it was fact or fiction.



Maxi Dress: The Poplook, Blazer: Asos, Scarf: Primark, Necklace: Mango, Shoes: Converse


So when we were planning our 'touristy' day, SoulSista told me that a lot of people were actually giving her a bit of crap for not wanting to visit Madame Tussauds. For me, myself, I wasn't really interested to pay to see some wax figures. I mean it's definitely great workmanship and skills and all that, but it just wasn't my cup of tea and SoulSista was basically on the same page. But yeah, some people feel that that need to visit Madame Tussauds and some people don't. Whatever floats our boats, right? Anyways, we went pass the Madame Tussauds building and saw a really long line of people queueing up outside, even in the chilly wind and rain! Some people have so much semangat!! ;)

That was our touristy day with us pigging out at KFC and then heading back to the Embankment to take photos of the buildings at night. By that time, we were so damn tired and SoulSista was basically freezing! And it was so obvious in those night photos that we took. *Brrrrrrr*

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were basically tired out of our minds. We showered and just fell on our beds till the next morning! Thankfully the next day was a chilled out day where even though we initially planed on leaving extremely early in the morning we decided to sleep in a tiny bit so that we were properly rested.

And the adventure continues….!!!

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


July 5, 2013

Outfit Of The Day & The Lion King

Okay, so this is what I wore when we were at the Harry Potter Studios

DSC06587  Version 2

Top: Azorias, Skirt: Primark, Scarf: Primark, Bag: The usual Charles&Keith, Socks: Topshop (!!)

This particular Azorias top has really come in handy throughout my pregnancy! Imagine, I was wearing it way before getting pregnant and I can still wear it throughout my second and even third trimester. Although right now I just prefer being at home in a sarong, I strongly believe that if I needed to wear something a tiny bit fancy, I would still fit into this baby. And obviously, the number of wear I'm getting from this top is absolutely ridiculous (in the best way possible!). And of course the big smile because I was just so happy!!

So after nerding out all day at the studios, SoulSista and I were supposed to catch 'The Lion King' at the Lyceum Theatre at 7.30pm. Thanks to a bout of baby brains and getting on the wrong platform, we were late. And it didn't help that as soon as we stepped out of the tube station it was pouring! We  had no clue which way to go, it was raining, we really needed to pee and we were already late. Fantastic right? You would think that all the stations had toilets but nope, they don't. And in the morning as we were getting ready to go out, we had even planned to reach early touch up our makeup and take some nice photos. Fat chance of that happening! As soon we got into the theatre, we weren't even allowed to go to our seats because they were already starting the show. So we watched the opening number from the sidelines. But I have to say, it was amazing. I had chills watching 'Rafiki' and almost cried when they held up a mechanical Simba at Pride Rock (I blame the pregnancy hormones!!).

I mean yes, It's Lion King, how much different can it be from the cartoon? Not much really, or not even at all but the way it was directed, how they used the human body to mimic animal movements was just amazing. The usage of props and costumes and amazing puppeteering skills was really something to be amazed at. The both of us just couldn't help be in complete amazement at the costumes, set, design and the way it was executed.

Like all plays, we weren't allowed to take any photos will the show was ongoing, here are some snaps that I 'borrowed' from the website! ;)

Rafiki gazelle

TLK London Andile Gumbi as Simba

Giraffes and cheetah

images via

 After the show ended, we immediately tracked back to the tube station and tried to get back to the hotel as soon as possible. We did stop by an Indian food restaurant which served Halal food but it was so ridiculously bad! The food literally started making SoulSista and I sick as we ate. I kid you not, we were both having nausea and decided that was it and left the food as it was on the table. We paid and left to head back to the hotel to rest for our next day's adventure.

Wow…I finally finished blogging about the first day in London. A few more to go! *gulps*

Good Evening Scotland, Goodnight Malaysia


July 3, 2013

Tasting Butterbeer For The First Time

So in the last post, I basically gushed and gushed about the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London but what I purposely left out was us tasting butter….wait for it…beer!!! Obviously when it was announced that this particular place was one of the very few venues that served butterbeer, SoulSista and I had an unspoken agreement that we were gona taste it. Regardless of the long line, and daaaamn was the line to purchase butterbeer loooooong! I think it was something along the lines of 2-something GBP for a plastic cup filled of the thing. Although they were selling the drink plus a fancy-shmancy mug for 7-something GBP (chill out, you get to keep the mug!), but we were like 'Naaaaaaaah!'.

Don't worry butter butterbeer is non-alcoholic, gluten free and I-don't-know-what-else free drink. So it was definitely safe for preggers to have some! ;)


IMG 1817



The verdict: Butterbeer is totally the love child of caramel and root beer

I swear that is how it tasted to me! It was actually pretty tasty, sweet but you can only have one cup of it. Too much of it would be overkill me thinks. Plus, after a while it really gives you a weird taste in your mouth; very drying and that could just possibly be because of the sweeteners they used in the drink. But thank God I don't have any cravings for it! As I was drinking it, I was telling SoulSista how screwed husband would be if I started having cravings for butterbeer!

Oh anyways, I forgot to mention that all the photos are a jumble from phone and proper cameras, thus the different sizes and pics qualities. ;)

Oodly enough, I am currently having cravings for root beer and crappily enough it's so difficult to get it here. TIme to go searching! Hhhmmmmppph

Good Afternoon Scotland, Good Evening Malaysia


July 1, 2013

Dying Of Excitement At The Harry Potter Studios


After reaching London on Tuesday night, we completely crashed in our beds. We were both tired from the day before; SoulSista was still a bit jet lagged and me well, I'm preggers…so 'nuff said! We decided to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour on Wednesday afternoon. This basically meant that we left out all the goodies London had to offer to head into Watford and nerd out all afternoon. And that was an afternoon well spent!! We were beyond, beyond excited for this tour; so excited that I even took some videos of the tour. Yes, I did! But I still haven't put it together yet *shame, bad blogger!*.

We bought the tickets in advance (thanks to my fantastic husband who also was spared a really boring trip!) and got the 1pm slot. This was just perfect for us because we were knackered from the day before and we got to take our time getting ready and having breakfast before getting on the train to Watford. From the Watford train station there is a shuttle that takes the studio goers to the studios and obviously the tickets can be bought on the spot (it was 2.00GBP for return tix). And believe me when I say there were other adults there who were equally and some quite possibly more excited than me and SoulSista.

I wish I could put more photos but really I think just for this tour we already had hundreds and I didn't want to just cram all the photos into one post. It was amazing to see parts of the real sets and costumes and the little tricks that were used to make us believe in magic. Even though the tour did strip away at the magic a tiny bit, personally I would always believe in the magic that was created in the movies.Sounds extremely geeky I know, but hey whatever floats my boat, right? I just hope my lil' bubba will follow me in this aspect and believe in magic too!

IMG 1744

*The shuttle bus to the studios*


*The studio tour was a belated+advanced birthday gift to SoulSista from both the husband and me. And it was super worth it! Don't I sound like a credit card ad!!*

IMG 1767

*With Severus Snape (Okay fine, just his costume); be still my fluttering heart!!*


*I absolutely loved the display of the Death Eater masks. If those were on sale, I'd probably would have lost my mind and got one for myself!*


*There's a reason why we're soul-sisters ;)*


*The super amazing creatives that were made by the design team. God, look at the details on the books. Just thinking about the time spent creating all this….Fuuuuuhhhhh~*


*My favourite thing of all, the statue from the Ministry of Magic*


*In the monster's workshop*


*Yeah, that's pretty much me and my hair everyday!*


*'Dobby is…free'*


*Diagon Alley at night*




*Boxes of wands with names of all the cast and crew members. This was by the way in a huge ass room filled with boxes and boxes with names of everyone involved. It was such a great idea I think to thank everyone*


*SoulSista spotted Rupert Grint*


*The end of the tour…sadness*

As we walked out of the wand room we entered the gift shop and yes, we kinda did loose our minds and also money. We lost money to Warner Brothers. They got to us with all their goodies and merchandise. They got us goooooood!


*Me a Gryffindor? Never!!!! I could never betray my Snape!!*


*The obligatory shot with the Sorting Hat*


*Bye bye Snape my loooooooveeee*

Yeah so we bought a bunch of things from the gift shop; although I bought a Slytherin scarf, I actually regretted not getting the proper scarf that was used in the movie. I got the one with the stitched emblem and the spelled out 'Slytherin'. Now I'm just hoping to stumble upon some gift shop sale goodness to get me that scarf that was used in the movies! Okay I would link it up but I've been googling for qute some time and can't seem to come up with the appropriate image but basically I want this scarf that I wore in this photo.

But anyways more on the studio tour itself. Generally the studio tour takes about three hours and in that time there are of course loads to do and you can even take your photos in the green screen studio either with the "flying Ford Anglia" or the broomstick. There is an interactive area where you can practice the wand movements and of course the most intriguing bit of all, you can have a taste of butterbeer. Like I said before, the tour itself would generally take three hours, but because we were needing out massively we kinda took almost five hours to complete the whole tour. But then again this also includes queuing up for butterbeer which was ridiculously long, and a photo shoot for SoulSista! *trying hard not to look too nerdy* This also kinda messed up our plans a tiny bit because we had a show to get too afterwards. Eeeeks.

Urgh right now I am literally dying to head over to Harry Potter World in Florida, US. Urgh, just dying really! Although it would probably be a dream come true if SoulSista and I could do that together as well!! DREAM. COME. TRUE!!!


Anyways, time to go and get some rest for me, it's past 12.00am here.

Goodnight Scotland, Good Morning Malaysia



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