February 17, 2014

No Snow For Us

One of the weekends in January, husband packed us all up in the car and decided to take us for a surprise trip to the highlands for some frolicking in the snow! Obviously when I found out I was super-duper excited. It would be my first time playing in full-fledge snow and not the weak showers that we experience in Glasgow. Halfway through the journey, as I woke up from my nap, all I could see was snow on both sides of the road. It was beautiful! We stopped by to take some photos and continued our journey to Fort William where we would stay the night and head up to Ben Nevis to play with the snow the next day.

The plan sounded so amazing; but on Sunday morning as we checked the weather an alert was put on saying that Ben Nevis was closed due to a coming snow storm. Pop went the bubble. Ppfffffft. The whole weekend wasted! But on the other hand, Fort William was kinda amazingly beautiful; even though it was a really small town. And not to mention, we took some amazing photos with Z! Unfortunately no family photo (I have got to dig through all our things for our tripod!!) but hey, the ones we have are still pretty amazing! :)










February 15, 2014

Reason No. 247 Why I'm Not Losing Weight

Homemade churros, smothered in cinnamon sugar and extra thick dark chocolate dip!

When we were in London last week, Husband tasted churros in Portobello Market and he was hooked. He whole train ride home he kept hinting about having more churros and that it ‘should be pretty easy’ to make at home. In the end, I caved and googled for recipes of churros. I finally made a batch today and God, it was so good! Sorry about the photos though, it was all taken in night mode and I am in no mood to do any editing. Pffffftt! The recipe I followed is from HERE. Pretty simple, really. ;)


After a number of days of being Lil’ Miss Grumpy, Z is finally is a semi good mood. Although she is still rejecting solids, she has started eating (or more like biting) the Farley Rusk’s biscuits (which is all over her sweater). At least it’s something right?
Urgh, I’m so full and bloated after all that sweetness that I feel kinda gross. :(

February 14, 2014

It's Another One Of Those Posts


Happy Valentines Day, you guys!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful, loved up day with the people that matter. Even if it is just you and your cat watching rom-coms on TV! Which is precisely what I am looking forward to doing tonight once Z is asleep and husband is free from his research duties; to kick back and watch some cheesy Rachel McAdams movie. God, I just love her!

As usual, we don’t have anything planned today (well other than movie watching, which I highly doubt is special! LOL) and to be honest all I want to do is sleep! How romantic right? Hahaha!

Anyways, I hope that everyone is having a wonderful prelude to an even more amazing weekend!


February 13, 2014

Not A Great Night

These past few days, since coming home from London, Z has been extremely difficult. Z has been teething and all of a sudden she’s been inexplicably cranky. Nothing we do seems to be right for her and all she wants is to be permanently attached to the nip and cuddled. If I even try to move, all hell breaks loose. Z has stopped taking her solids, rejecting even her favourite pears and rice. I even tried making something new; sweet potatoes and carrots and that too was binned. Suffice to say that I am miserably tired, but the worst feeling of all is being unable to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Hence the ‘miserable’ bit!

Z is generally a happy lil bubba, who doesn’t really cry a lot but these last couple of days has been so different. It has been tears, wails, more tears and well…more wailing. Last night has been the worst so far. Z woke up for her usual second feed at night and after that it was tears galore. Usually after she had had enough, she would release the nip and just continue sleeping. But last night after a few minutes she would cry and want the nip again until she releases it on her own and a few minutes later she would cry again. Wash-rinse-repeat. She kept doing that for at least 30-45 mins. I tried rocking, tapping and shushing but nothing worked. Instead she cried louder, and kicked furiously until I gave in and let her have the nip.

We know that she’s teething; she’s got heaps of toys, tethers and even muslin cloths for her to bite. But with her eyes closed and in the middle of the night, we couldn’t possibly give her toys. Besides whatever distractions I tried, it all didn’t work. I was so frustrated and tired that I ended up silently crying in the dark as my baby was crying, not knowing what to do anymore.

When Z woke up today, she was all smiles. Giving me nonstop kisses and cuddles but still rejecting her solids when it was time for the feeds. When it was nap time, it took me an hour and a half just to get her to nap.


Yeah, I know I’m complaining. I am hating myself for feeling this, but it feels as though someone switched out my happy little baby with this perpetually cranky lil bubba; and I just want my happy little baby back! Stupid teeth!

Stupid, stupid teeth!! Grrrr!!


Any advice, fellow Mamas?


February 11, 2014

7 Months and Counting






It’s pretty damn amazing how fast time has just been zooming past over here! The last update was on Z’s half birthday and already another months has passed. There have been heaps of things going on over here which is why I haven’t updated the blog, slowly but surely I’ll get there. *fingers crossed*

So back to Z, at 7 months she is just a character! Z can roll around, can lunge forward (there’s a story to that!), loves her solids (especially pears), just started using her sippy cup, loves to scream when she gets annoyed/bored/or wants attention. Hmmm…what else? Oh, she also does this thing where if I leave her alone to play, after a while she will yell ‘MmmmmmmmAaaaaaaa!’. I just assume that she’s calling me and I’ll answer her. I know it’s probably just a sound that she’s making but hey, all the baby books/websites say to talk to your baby and that’s what I am doing. Ha!

She also sits in her highchair for mealtimes and sometimes she keeps me company while I cook. She can sit on her own but just for a few minutes. Sometimes she notices that I have let go and she’ll slam herself back so that she’s leaning on me again. She can also grab her feet already and yesterday her toes have already gone into her mouth! Anyone else would think that her Mama is not feeding her enough! Pppffffttttt!

As for sleep, this baby is showing no signs of sleeping through the night yet! Although it is getting better in terms of she’s not waking up as often as she used too. But even that’s a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s twice a night, sometimes it’s so many times that I just bring her into our bed. I’m just way too tired!

She is still on breastmilk which is super convenient when we are out and about in terms of we don’t need to be thinking of sterilising bottles and what not. But inconvenient since it’s winter and going out means I have to wear at least two layers to be properly warm! Although in terms of size, she is pretty much a normal size for an Asian baby but for Scottish standards she is still quite petite. But hey, as long as she is healthy and happy. ;)

Z also just loooooooveeees all the attention that she gets from strangers (another story there…pfffft!!!). She coos and smiles at whoever gives her attention. And the recipient just melts like butter looking at her! This baby….tsk tsk tsk…I just can’t even…She just makes everyone happy and I pray that as she grows into an individual, she just keeps making everyone happy by just being herself. :’)

Anyways; Z isn’t really a crier, but oh God can this baby scream! It doesn’t matter if she’s happy or cranky she’ll just scream her lungs out. Sometimes it gets pretty embarrassing in public but there’s really nothing we can do about it other than smile sheepishly and apologise! But thank God she’s a people person, so we haven’t really gotten any really bad negative reactions. *phew*

At 7 months we are finally seeing her personality; she’s a massive cuddlebug and can babble nonstop! Of course her babbling is interrupted with a couple of screams here and there. Ha! Oh and she is teething as well. So other than the drooling, we also have to deal with all the biting. And for someone with all gums and no teeth, it really does hurt! And of course Z would rather bite our fingers than her toys. Pppffftttt.

She is also more aware of the gadgets that we use and will try to slap it out of our hands so that we would pay attention to her. Did I mention that she loves attention? Yeah, I think I did. If she doesn’t succeed she’ll try to peek and look at the screen to see what we’re looking at. So sibuk la this baby!

This is Z at 7 months. I can’t help but wonder how she’ll be at 8 months but I also don’t want the time to pass so quickly! Yeah I know, I’m so greedy. *sigh*

I love you cuddlebug; you with your goofy smiles and silly screams.

Love, Mama.


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