March 25, 2014

Outgrowing Coats





At 8+months, Z has finally finally outgrown of her size 3-6months winter coat. I bought the coat from Zara when she was still an itty bitty baby in a moment of pure and sheer madness! It was the new fall line on display at Zara and I was pretty much delirious due to all those sleepless nights (not that much has changed! Pffft!!) and paid for it, in full price. Now normally, I never shop at full price and it’s something that I am pretty proud of actually. I don’t mind using hand-me-downs, which most of Z’s earlier clothes were, and of course, I always wait for sales. But that day, madness struck and I bought this beautiful coat for my itty bitty baby. There really is no fault in the coat other than the fact that you can’t machine wash it; it needed to be dry cleaned, something I didn’t notice when I was making my naughty little purchase. Not a great idea when babies do spit up which of course happened a lot. Fabreeze was my best friend during all those little mishaps!

But now that Z has grown out of it, I am at a loss of what to do with this beauty. A few nights ago, when the whole house was still (husband and baby, both asleep) I was removing bits of fuzz from the coat, preparing to get it dry cleaned before I hung it up for good that I got kind of emotional about it. It was Z’s first coat; the one I bought and waited for in anticipation of when she would finally fit into it. My mom was with me when I bought it and I remember her telling me to send her photos when Z finally wears the coat. It seems as though, all of a sudden Z is just growing up way to fast and slowly, the number of ‘firsts’ are dwindling. And if you were wondering, I flooded my dad’s email with photos of Z that first outing while wearing this jacket.

Now normally, when it comes to things like clothes I’m not really sentimental. It’s just material things; so no big deal, right? Husband is completely the opposite. Like right now, Z has outgrown of most of her clothes up to size 6months. If you ask me, the ones that are faded or stained should be either donated or binned. And the nice ones can be kept but packed away. But husband, he wants to keep it all. His reasoning; we can use it for the next baby. And I’m just like, ‘Say what now?’. What if our next baby is a winter baby? Z was born in the summer obviously all her clothes are bought according to season. And bigger yet; what if the next baby is a boy?

So right now, I’m not sure what to do. Should I put it up for sale, where another mama can create memories with her baby girl? Or should I just selfishly keep this beautiful coat hanging in a dark closet? Although the thought of letting it go makes me extremely emotional, I did pay a pretty penny for it. Urgh I hate this so much but I’m so grateful that Z is growing so well and thriving.

Fellow mamas, what do you think?


March 21, 2014

Sleep Training Is Not For Wussies

Urgh how do I start this? Most people would be wondering, what the heck am I talking about? Why would I need to sleep train my baby when clearly, I am a stay at home Mama and don’t need to go to work? Why do I need to sleep train my baby, when I can as easily take a nap while my baby is napping. WRONG. SO MUCH WRONG!

At 8 months old, Z naps twice a days in 1.5 hours blocks. Although this timing is not set in stone as sometimes in one blocks she sleeps longer and the next its much shorter. And while she naps, that is my only window to get some of the following done: preparing lunch for myself, cooking dinner for husband and I, preparing Z’s lunch+dinner, cleaning the kitchen, sorting+folding+putting away laundry, light cleaning of the house, showering. It sounds massive when you have a tight deadline of just 1.5hours. When Z is awake my full attention is on her. As she is currently mobile (hey, moving backwards is still moving in my books) I keep a close eye on where she moves and what she shoves into her mouth. I also play with her as much as I can before she gets sleepy or starts whining for milk. This ‘shift’ of mine ends of course when husband gets home. He keeps Z company while I set the table (or do last minute prep) for dinner.

Once Z is done with her dinner, she gets a bath from either husband or me and we get her ready for bed. She will usually take a last feed between 8.30-9.00pm before husband takes her into the bedroom to read a story and then rock her to sleep. If she wakes up before 11.30pm, husband would be the one who will put her back to sleep but after 11.30pm; Mama is back on booby-duty. On good days she would wake up twice, on bad nights it’s almost every two hours. On really bad nights, she would be awake and crying from 1+a.m. to about 4a.m. in the morning and then wake up again at 5/6 a.m. for milk with some crying on the side. She then wakes up for the day between 8.30-9.30a.m. (sometimes even earlier).

Without a doubt, I love my Z. And would do anything to make her happy. But before I became a Mama, I was also me; and as selfish as it sounds: I love me too. The long nights and patchy sleep are not doing me any good. And of course, I want to be the best Mama I can be for Z and for that, I really needed sleep! A good, solid, 6 hour stretch would be heavenly! Okay, okay…I need the sleep to be a good wife too! (Just so that husband doesn’t feel left out! ;))

Recently, when Z hit the 8 month mark I decided that it was time to start sleep training. Properly. No doing things half-heartedly and chickening out because Z was crying. And on top of it all, my boobs needed a rest you guys! So I decided that because we weren’t fans of Z crying we were going to try out the ‘no tears method’. It’s where when your baby starts crying you pick her up, calm her down and while she’s awake you put her back down on the bed and pat her to sleep. If she cries again, just repeat what you did earlier; pick up, soothe, put baby down awake and pat until she goes to sleep. You do this for the first three days. The next three days would be to soothe your baby without picking her up. The following three days would be to just pat your baby. It basically goes on until your baby has learnt to self soothe and is able to fall asleep on her own without needing to wake up the parents. This method is greatly recommended when you are co-sleeping with your child or in other words ‘attachment parenting’. In our case, we’re not exactly co-sleeping with Z but her crib is right next to our bed so I can just roll over to check on her. I would like to thing of it as almost co-sleeping! Haha! Of course, whatever method you are using to sleep train your child, it is important to ensure that your little is only crying because of sleep training and not anything else.

The first night was pretty rough, I had Z cuddled next to me and was tapping and shushing her. And she was crying away. Somewhere in the middle of the night husband couldn’t take it anymore and said to just give Z milk. I was adamant, I refused and continued on with the sleep training and after a while, she fell asleep. The second night was almost the same, Z was cuddling but spent less time crying as she was busily sucking on her thumb to self soothe. Now, the third night was when I caved. I could see and hear Z sucking on her thumb noisily for over an hour. With her eyes wide open, just looking at me wonderingly; as if asking ‘Why is Mama not giving me milk? Did I do something wrong?’. And my resolve crumbled. Harder and faster than a house made of cards.

And just like that, I popped my boob out and Z latched within seconds. I could hear her gulping milk down noisily.

I, my friends, am a big, fat, wuss.

So for now, this is sleep training Attempt 1. When Z is 9 months old, we’re going to try tackling sleep training all over again unless Z miraculously starts sleeping through the night on her own. *I wish!!*


March 20, 2014

Husbands Say The Darndest Things!

1. A few days ago, husband woke up and excitedly exclaimed:

“Honey, Zia slept through the night last night!"

I just looked at him and said to him, ‘Awww how cute. You think Zia slept through the night. She woke up at 12am and 4am for her feed.” Apparently husband didn’t hear Zia waking up (obviously, because it was boob to the rescue as soon as I heard her whimper) and thought that she had slept through the night. How cute right? *insert sarcasm here*

2. After a particularly rough night with Z and very minimal sleep on my part, husband looked at the both of us and exclaimed:

“Zia, do you want a brother or sister? I think you want a little brother right?”

Husband looked at me with a big goofy smile. I think NOT. Nope. Not. Nahi. Tidak. NO.

3. Recently husband got into cycling and as a reward to himself, I told him that he could get an entry level Trek bicycle for himself.

“Honey, I feel like Lance Armstrong!"

If you didn’t know while Armstrong was riding competitively, he was using a Trek bicycle. And of course, that same bike has become husbands dream bike!

4. While eating dinner one night:

‘Honey, I feel like my thighs are so muscular. My pants are so tight around my thighs; like the Hulk!"

Erm, okay sayang!


Okay, so this is it for today’s edition of ‘Husbands Say The Darndest Things’! Seriously though, some of the things that he says I just can’t even comprehend where the heck it’s coming from!

I love you, you silly but also kinda brilliant man.

March 9, 2014

I'm Sorry But Did You Say '8'??

I can hardly believe that my lil bub is already 8 months old! Time is surely just whizzing past us, that’s for sure.







At 8 months Z can: crawl backwards, is a babble monster, still teething with no sign of teeth yet, screaming at the highest of pitches, and loves sucking on her thumb! She can also sit for a longer time and play hide and seek. But good God, the most prominent thing is that she is so so curious! She wants to touch, look and be part of anything and everything. And if she doesn’t get her way, you’re in for a world of screams. Soon, when she starts crawling forward, I’m pretty sure she’s going to get into everything as well. So right now, my job is researching on the best ways to baby proof our home. Although I have a feeling I’ll be the one having the difficulties opening all those baby locks! Yikes!

Back to Z’s progress; she is also finally started accepting more solids. Although sometimes we do have tears and what nots but it’s getting better. ;) However, she is still not sleeping through the night and that is sort of taking its toll on me.

At 8 months, Z is still on breastmilk and weighs at 7.27kg right now. This basically means that Z is a perfectly average sized baby even though at 8 months she is still wearing clothes meant for 3-6months old babies.

Daddy is, of course, her favourite playmate and they have so much fun together. The laughter and squeals when she plays with daddy pales in comparison when she plays with me! Sadness!

We have one more appointment with Z’s gastroshisis specialist at the end of this month and we’re of course hoping that everything is good and well and that she gets officially discharged from the children’s hospital.

I love you, my babble monster!



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