April 21, 2014

Saturday At The Park










HUZZAH! Finally, we are having some lovely bouts of sunshine in Glasgow! Sounds kinda crazy on how happy I actually am being out and about underneath the glorious, glorious sunshine. And of course, like everyone else, we made having a picnic a highlight of our weekend at the Pollok Country Park. Unfortunately though Z started getting cranky while walking to our picnic spot because the poor thing was both hungry and sleepy and didn’t want either milk or to sleep. You wouldn’t guess that she was cranky and fussy from the photos, am I right?

Also I realised that nowadays most of the photos that I am in; I am either about to feed Z, am breastfeeding Z or done breastfeeding her. Whuuut? Call me MooMoo!

Anyways, I don’t really feel like typing too much so there you go, Moody Mama is signing out!


April 18, 2014

All Kinds Of Crazy Town!

Put a teething baby and a menstruating Mama together and what you'll get is one heck of a week (which still hasn't ended). Z started teething when she was around six months or so, which means that there were times when she would just be in the most rotten of moods. This time, what I noticed was that her body temperature started going up and all she wanted to was sleep. Well, be cuddled while she slept is more exact when finally we got a glimpse of that little bugger sprouting from her bottom gum. That darn tooth that is still shying away from being a proper tooth and torturing all three of us in the process.

And as luck would have it, I got my period at the same time and it was all downhill from there. This is my second cycle after 17 months and good God I've forgotten how terrible the pain and the mood swings used to be.  I had such bad cramps that all I wanted to do was sleep because I couldn't bear standing because I was in that much pain. Right now the pain has gone but the mood swings are still running rampant and of course it all comes out on poor husband! Seriously though, the mood swings this time are so so bad I've pretty much been alternating between anger and crying for no apparent reason. The only two people that are keeping me sane through this thing are Ben&Jerry. I love you guys, thank you for existing! *tears*

In other words, it's been all sorts of crazy town over here!


April 9, 2014

A 9 Month Old Clam!

If I had to use photos to describe Z’s personality at 9 months, without any doubt it would be this first photo. Feet dangling from the slots of her crib and yet, happy as a clam! 







Z now weighs 7.62 kg at 9 months, she can very slowly crawl forward, attempts to stand up (usually using my knees as support), and is just a little moving machine! She still does not sleep through the night (woe is me!) and wakes up a minimum of twice a night which is not too bad considering sometimes it can be a whole lot worse. She recognises us; her Mama and Daddy and can look for us if we ask, “Where is Daddy/Mama?". She loves playing hide and seek, especially in bed in the mornings. She now knows how to scrunch up her face and tilt her head to the side when she wants to be loving (which is so ridiculously adorable!) but somehow, she has gotten people shy. Before she used to smile openly at anyone and everyone but now, not so much. She doesn’t mind strangers looking at her or saying hello but she doesn’t smile back; it’s just a blank stare back at them.

Still, no sign of ‘em teeth though! She alternates between being a happy baby and a cranky, drooling baby thanks to those darn teeth. Oh, and we have also started using the big bathtub for Z’s baths. She absolutely loves it! She splishes and splashes and sometimes she even tries to eat the bubbles! The not so great part about it is that she loves the bath so much that she cries when I take her out to dress her up. And that’s when you get to hear all sorts of nursery rhymes from the resident entertainer i.e. Mama!

 Z is still a fully breastfed baby at 9 months. And while feeding that is the time when I’ll usually tell her that I love her and we’ll share kisses and cuddles afterwards. She has also gotten better at giving ‘kisses’ which is more of her smashing her face/mouth to my face! I have to say though that his girl is quite rough. Her kicks are really painful and she just lunges face forward towards us. Sitting in her crib, a place that’s supposed to be relative safe, she has hit both her face and head at separate times. The worst bit, she even pinches my nips which really gets on my nerves because 1. it hurts and 2. IT REALLY HURTS!

She hasn’t gotten discharged yet from the children’s hospital but when we went for her follow up checkup, Z’s surgeon was really pleased with the way everything was. He was happy with her weight, the way her scar looks and the general way that Z was. We have another checkup in a years time and of course we will keep praying for everything to continue progressing the way it has been; wonderfully!

Happy 9 Months, bubba!

April 8, 2014

Of Zia and Allison

Today we went to the Baby Matters clinic in our area and by chance the nurse today was Allison. Now unfortunately I don't know Allison's full name but I do know this; she is the kindest and loveliest person I've met in this whole journey of being a new Mama to a baby that had gastroschisis.

When Z first came home with us, Allison would visit us every week to weigh Z and just keep track of how things are going. This basically meant that she had to lug a weighing machine up one floor to our flat. She also constantly reassured us that we were doing well and Z was doing beautifully. And as a new Mama, she gave me heaps of confidence when it came to my judgement and decisions.

It was wonderful to see her again today after months as Z didn't need to be monitored so closely. We usually go to the Baby Matters clinic right before Z's monthly birthday and it's not always the same staff.

So today, Z was given some extra lovin' from Allison and she soaked it up like a sponge! And I have to admit, I loved seeing Allison doting on my girl. It's just...something else that feeling. 😘

If only Z's grandparents, uncles, and aunts were nearby to dote on her too. *sigh*


April 7, 2014

Of Zippers, Chubby Cheeks and Swings





It was a perfectly lovely Sunday; bright blue skies, wonderful warm sunshine and a guilty as hell Mama. Z looks all smiles in these photos but 20 minutes before this, she was crying her heart out. I had been wanting to take her to the park for her first time on a swing in ages. Unfortunately it was either cloudy, rainy or extremely windy. So, Sunday was perfect.

As I put Z in her clothes and zipped up her jacket, she started whining, and whimpering. I just ignored it thinking that she was just being fussy and got on with getting ready myself. A few minutes later as I unzipped her jacket she let out a looooong wail and started crying. It was the full works; red faced, tears from her eyes, and snot dribbling down from her nose. I couldn’t figure out what happened until I had a lightbulb moment and checked her neck, you know, that bit of body underneath the rolls of fat. And that’s when I realised that I had accidentally zipped up a teeny tiny bit of her skin while dressing her up. Her chubby cheeks and double chin had blocked my view and I felt horrible. Absolutely horrible.

I know it was an accident and I am sort of over it. The thing that bugged me (and still is bugging me) is the fact that it didn’t click in my mind that something was wrong. And I just thought she was being fussy, as she is every time she has to wear a coat/jacket. That, is where my guilt is from. I was so angry with that jacket that I was telling husband that I felt like burning it! And of course husband replied with, “I think you’re watching waaaaay to many dramas on TV!” and that was that. The bit of skin has become a scab and I of course make sure that I remember to put cream on it so that it’ll heal fast.

As for playing on the swings, it was perfection! She loved it and I loved seeing her so happy. Her face lighting up whenever she would swing towards me. I’ve even got a video of it but I was making weird kissy noises to make Z laugh so yeah, not gona post it here! Haha. Of course being the curious cat that she is, she loved looking at people and other babies/children in the park. Before she used to smile freely at everyone, now though it’s not so much. I don’t know if this means that Z is becoming people shy or just that her smile is expensive yo! LOL.

And that was our imperfectly perfect Sunday afternoon, spent on the swings and under the wonderful sunshine. Spring is here you guys! ;)


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