May 28, 2014

28 On The 28

Hi guys! I'm back after unintentionally disappearing again. Z started teething and that was the end of normal-everyday-life as I knew it. Add on a husband who was (and still is) very, very busy so I also got very, very busy picking up husband's share of daddy duties. *sigh* Life with a student, I guess.

For this birthday I have nothing special planned except for the fact that I am jumping into vlogging with both feet without knowing whether I sink or swim. There have been so many failed attempts in the past where I chickened out or got too lazy but this time I've set my mind to it and I'm really doing it. Where this whole vlogging bit takes me remains to be seen though and that thought itself it exciting and rather frightening at the same time. 

There were a whole lot of 'uhmmms', 'aaaaahsss' and 'liiiike' in this video not because I was unprepared but really because I was just terrified!! I hope that slowly I get better and more confident at vlogging (or at least cut down on the 'uhmmmms' and 'aaaaaahs'!). So here it is, my first ever vlog yo! I hope that you enjoy watching it and of course, do like, subscribe and comment. :)

Happy 28th Birthday to me! ;)


May 12, 2014

One Of Those Days

Today has seriously been one of those days. Z woke up really early before 8.30am; as husband was about to throw out the thrash he noticed that the bag had leaked all over the floor and it was extremely smelly; as we were having breakfast Z somehow managed to spill husband’s coffee all over the carpet and herself (of course I was more afraid that she might accidentally swallow it!); when it was time for lunch Z refused most of her food by spraying it out and I was covered in couscous; and finally as Z was trying to poop, she started to scream a bit and cry. All I could do was sit next to her and rub her back, attempting to soothe my pooping child! So I guess the fact that I’ve been regularly giving Z yoghurt to ease her poo’s is just not working (or not helping as much as I thought it would). All I could think of was when is it going to be her nap time and when can I finally put her down to sleep so that I can gather my thoughts. And now that she is finally down for her afternoon nap, my itchy fingers did some shopping for Z at Zara. I actually almost bought some accessories and a scarf for myself, then I saw the total and went ‘aww, hell no’ and just stuck to buying Z’s clothes. This is what motherhood is you guys, you pick baby clothes over your own and you don’t even mind it! *loooove*

Dear husband; I’m pretty sure you’ve already received the notification from PayPal, if you’re reading this: I love you! And also, retail therapy is most definitely the best kind of therapy! Did I mention that I love you so much!! *hides face guiltily*


It’s really exhausting being so fabulous all the time eh, Z? Outfit details are on Instagram @farahanw, kthxbai. How obvious is it that I am just not in the mood? I think I need some chocolates, like right now!

So, time for me to go pray and getting cracking on din-dins for husband and I. Till next time!


EDIT: Not even 15 mins after this post went up that I could hear Z, wide awake and refusing to go back to sleep! *sigh* I basically made dinner while carrying Z. Yeah, it’s one of those days.

May 9, 2014

It's Already 10 Months





Today Z is 10 months; and it’s kinda amazing how much she has grown in the last one month! She now has two ruddy little teeth (which she uses to bite me!) on her lower gums; she has started standing and ‘couch cruising’; she is obsessed with all the remotes we have for our TV system; she has started crawling properly and is super fast; she is also obsessed with my phone (which is almost always covered in saliva nowadays); she also eats better now, Alhamdulillah. I have introduced chicken into her diet and it seems like she is taking it extremely well, the next meat to be introduced into her diet would probably be beef. Since we don’t really eat much fish, and apparently salmon isn’t recommended for babies under 12 months, fish is more like a treat. We feed Z fish only when we have it for dinner. How exclusive! LOL

Z has also had a taste of peanut butter, thanks to her Daddy, and I am beyond grateful that she doesn’t have any allergies to it! Ooooh…chocolate! I tried giving her the Heinz Chocolate Pudding and Z loves it. So now for dessert (yes, my baby has dessert after lunch and dinner *flips hair….eh no wait, flips hijab*) we alternate between yoghurt, Heinz Chocolate Pudding and Heinz Rice Pudding. Her lunch and dinner is homemade by me which is usually pasta sauce or something along those lines served with couscous. Which basically means Z has solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between these times she gets mi-milk (breastmilk) as a snack before her naps. This means, Z is still exclusively on breastmilk.

What else? Hmmm…personality wise we have started seeing Z throw tantrums and whine when she doesn’t get something that she wants. Generally she is quite a quiet child unless she gets cranky or when we are trying to put her down for a nap. Then it’s all ‘babababababa’, ‘dadadadadada’, ‘tatatatatatata’ and the likes. In my mind she’s complaining about having to nap! I bet if she could she would party all day and of course party all night too! Which brings us to the next thing which is she is STILL not sleeping through the night. And to make matters a bit more difficult, she is neck-deep in the clingy baby phase. Not fun you guys, not fun at all. Especially when you really need to use the loo!

 She is growing so fast though, that everyday she looks a bit different. In two months she’ll be one year old! How crazy is that?

Happy 10 months, sunshine

May 7, 2014

Call Me, May-be

Hello, hello guys…I’ve finally emerged from my little hermit shell to grace you with my presence. Actually it’s more like Z is asleep and the laptop is right in my face and I really should update my poor little blog. The last update was in April and since then, husband went off to Toronto, Canada for a conference. It was one helluva week for me and Z back here. I didn’t update about it because I was afraid that random people might track me over the internet and break into my house! Yeah, I was actually really worried about random people breaking into my house and stealing stuff; all the time! I would be checking my locks over and over again because I was that afraid. And when I was about to go out/come back home, I would try to peep into my house while passing in front of it; just to check for movements. I swear, it was the influence of all those ‘stop doorstep crime’ ads that freaked me the hell out!

Also I have to say, hooray for my birth month! It’s the month of guilting husband into doing things for me and also indulging myself with tiny bits of gifts. Let us please, for the love of God, not talk about indulging in food. I’ve got hips that don’t lie about the quantity of Ben&Jerry that I consume. It’s so bad; but yet so damn good! In the week that husband was away for his conference I finished an entire tub of B&J; on my own. It was the new greek yoghurt one (well at least it’s new here) and I of course believe that it’s great for my digestive system. Hey, don’t judge; it says yoghurt! Diet? Who dat?

I think this will have to do for a quick update for le blog. Fingers crossed that there will be more soon! :)



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