June 30, 2014

20 Hours In & Defeated

Ramadan Mubarak y'all!!

How's everyone's fasting going? In the lovely UK we are fasting for a grand total of 20 hours. Sounds fun, innit? Well, no. Not really. To be honest it's the second day of Ramadan and I have already waved my white flag of defeat. Yesterday I started having a headache at 2ish in the afternoon which just got increasingly worse as the day got on. By the time we got to actually breaking our fast, I had a full blown migraine. The worst bit was actually after saying my Maghreb prayers, I started feeling so sick that I vomited everything that I had for Iftar. And even that was not much. I couldn't eat anything, and was just so so nauseated the whole time. Also nooooo, I'm definitely not pregnant you nosy lot!! 😮

I only managed to eat a dry toast with cheese before saying my Isya prayers and promptly went to sleep after swallowing two Paracetamol tablets. Which brings us to today, I am not fasting. I know, I know...I'm a total and full on weakling but really though it's tough. Not only is it fasting long hours, I am also still nursing Z. And between the time where fasting begins (usually at 3am) to when it ends (around 10.15 pm) I would breastfeed Z about four times. And the routine we have going is that each time she nurses it's a proper feed. I don't actually let Z use the nip as a soother, so each feed she'll almost empty out both breasts.

Now I know some Moms can do it all while fasting but for me it's a real challenge. Especially considering the fact that I always feel ridiculously hungry after each feed. And to make sure that Z has enough milk, I have to make sure that I eat proper meals and drink lots of fluids. Hence why I am still walking around with all the baby weight. If I do portion control or skip a meal, I can actually feel my breast not filling up enough. The end result would be Z biting me because there just isn't enough milk. Pfffffttt.

So that is it for today, although tomorrow I will be trying to fast again. Maybe if I do alternate days it wouldn't be as hard on my body. I know that nursing moms are exempted from fasting but 29/30 days to replace later on is still a whole lot. So I'll try my best to fast as many days as I can during Ramadan, just so that I can also be part of all the barakah that Allah s.w.t. showers upon his people on this time.

I can only pray that it all becomes easier for me as the time goes by, Insyaallah.


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June 26, 2014

Z's Second Visit To The Dentist


Yeap, the picture above is basically how the entire thing went. The dentist tried to look into Z’s mouth but Z obviously clamped her mouth shut harder. And then started to cry. It was only towards the end while I held her and let her play with the tiny mirror thing that the dentist managed to get a glimpse of Z’s teeth.
I have to say that I don’t actually like the lady who is Z’s dentist. Usually in this practice they have two dentists and my dentist is different from Z (we go to the same practice because it’s just easier that way). One of the reasons that I don’t like her would be that she just kept repeating herself on sugar and how we shouldn’t give Z any. I was just like, ‘OMGeeeee, I got it the first time.Thank you!’. The second and biggest reason would be that she was oh-so-confidently telling us that teething does not hurt. I wanted to punch her face so badly when she said that! After having Z screaming her lungs out for no other reason than being in pain in the middle of the night(s), having fever and being grumpy for Lord knows how many days and weeks, she was telling us that it doesn’t hurt. I should’ve punched her teeth out and ask her to tell if it hurts or not; why yes, I do become extremely violent when I’m a sleep deprived zombie. You have no idea how many people I’ve wanted to punch these last few weeks (!!). I don’t take to stupidity kindly when I am out of my mind tired. Ppfffftttt.
Aaaaanyways, Z’s next appointment is in 3 months and by then she would have had sugar and I am pretty much okay with that. I mean it’s her birthday in two weeks, how is it possible for me to not give her cake. Right? Riiiiiiiiggghhht? But other than that, business as usual I suppose; no added sugars.
Okay guys, this zombie mama needs her beauty sleep. Talk to you soon, I hope.

June 24, 2014

Been Away For Far Too Long

Helloo, hellooooo! I am back *dusts blog*

I know, I haven’t updated in weeks, no vlogs, no posts…nothing. What was supposed to be two weeks of fun trips, turned into one huge nightmare of Z being sick. Z had a high temperature for three days and when the fever finally broke, she had a nasty cold. And to top of the nightmare, I was sick along with Z. So husband who was already bogged down with deadlines, had to do double duty. We even had to forgo out Father’s Day celebration which I feel pretty rotten about.

And then we went off to London because we had to register Z with the Malaysian council before her first birthday and also to get her passport done. We came back on Saturday evening and found woodlice on the floor of Z’s room. So yeah, it really has been one thing after another these past few weeks and I am shattered!

So here I am hoping to make a come back but we’ll see. To be honest, I am pretty torn up on keeping the blog alive at all. Most of the times, especially recently I feel like just deleting everything and being done with it. I don’t know…this might just be an over reaction to all the exhaustion but we’ll see, I suppose.

Anyways, I think I heard Z cry so it’s back to Mama-duty for me.

Talk to you soon, I hope.


June 12, 2014

Oh Man I Did Some Shopping!

Hey guys, I am really running late with my monthly posts on Z's development. Z has been down with fever (still is) and it is really taking all my energy to stay on top of things (even the simple stuff). Hopefully I'll get to it soon.

As promised here's another video and it's my favourite kind to watch on YouTube; a haul video. Again I shall repeat myself like a parrot and say that I am not showing off. I buy things for Z when there are promos and sales (trust me, my inbox is basically full of newsletters so that I can keep track on offers!!). And also, on account that I don't shop for myself that money also goes into Z's clothes & toys fund.

Alright, that's it for this time. It's definitely time for this tired Mama to get some rest.


June 9, 2014

11 Months & A Fever


Z is 11 months today and at 11 months she can:

- is 8.32kgs (18 lb 5 1/2 ounces)
- crawl really fast
- stand and couch cruise
- says Mama (although this happens mostly when I’m half asleep and no where near prepared to actually take a video of her saying it!!)
- loves giving kisses by smashing her face into mine
- sleeps a bit better but still not sleeping through the night (woe is me!)
- knows when I’m scolding her and starts to pretend cry reeeaaaallyyyy loudly (Drama Queen!!)
- has two tooth (teeth?) on the bottom gums
- is properly sick; high fever and all :(
- is a massively overly-attached-baby. It gets pretty bad at nights that even Daddy doesn’t cut it and all she wants is Mama

To be completely honest, teething has been nothing short of a nightmare. I know I go on and on about how bad it is, but trust me when I say it has been reeeaaaal bad. If only we could do something to make it all better, poor babies. Also sorry for the straight to the point format, Z is sick and I am exhausted (bordering on sick a too). I just had to made sure that this post is up.

Anyways, since Z is asleep I better go catch some Z’s before she wakes up and it’s Mama-duty for me.

Talk to you soon, I hope.


EDIT: I wrote this post earlier but with everything going on I forgot to post it. Bad Farah. Aaaaaaanyways, I adjusted the posting date just so that it is consistent with all of Z's other developmental posts. ;)

June 5, 2014

The Goodbye Between Meredith And Christina on Greys Anatomy

I know I am a couple of weeks late but ever since I watched the finale episode for season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy, I can’t stop thinking about it. It reminded me of the early Christina+Meredith days and why I fell in love with the series in the first place. And to be honest, I can’t think of a more perfect ending even if I tried. Initially I was afraid that they might go on another killing spree and to be honest I can’t handle that. For once, it was a light hearted ending with no one dying or losing limbs. Heck even this happy(ish) ending I cried like a baby! Especially the bit where Christina tells Meredith that she is important too, that really struck a chord within me.

Husband has been doing his PhD research going on almost two years now and in this two years I sometimes find that I am losing myself (does this make any sense?). Yes I know his research is important, thus I have been doing everything that I can to make his journey as smooth as possible. But in all that, this has got me thinking about my importance. I know my husband is smart, but I am pretty awesome myself. And I have to start treating myself that way. I feel like I can’t be putting my (whatever) dreams and hopes on the back burner anymore, regardless if that means I won’t be resting as much or maybe even helping husband as much. I need to think about myself and give my dreams the due credit that it deserves.

I was working on writing a little something-something before I got pregnant. When I got pregnant I experienced the world’s biggest writers block and completely stopped writing. Now after almost 18 months, I have reopened the document and I can only just hope that I can one day complete it. Even if nobody sees it, I feel that I really should finish it just because it was, is and will always be my dream to be a writer.

So now, here’s to hoping that dreams really do come through, Insyaallah.


June 4, 2014

Let's Talk Stranger Danger

Hey guys, everything feels like a whirlwind...One second it was my birthday and my first vlog was up and the next second; well my second vlog is up! First of all I would like to thank my (currently) one and only subscriber, husband; for well, subscribing to my channel. Thanks, love. ;) It was honestly more than anything I expected (even if I did threaten to manhandle him if he didn't subscribe! LOL).

Anyways, this vlog is about stranger danger and how I react to it. I sometimes feel that people overstep boundaries that makes me, as a parent really uncomfortable. And most of the times I have no clue how to deal with it. 

Do let me know how you find today's vlog and the topic that I talked about. Also, how do you tackle stranger danger? It would be great to know your perspective on this too!

If you want more of me *shy smile* you can follow me on Twitter (@farahanw) and Instagram (@farahanw).

Hope to hear from you soon!



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