Who's Farah?

For someone married to a clear headed soon-to-be PhD holder (Insyaallah), I'm as muddled as they come. I wish I could very simply state, in clear terms, the very essence of my personality but that would be contradictory to who I really am I suppose. But anyways, it's still worth a shot. Here goes:

Hi! My name is Farah and I am the one who rambles. I am more eloquent in real life but I am deathly afraid of YouTube and I also sound like a chipmunk; so here I am on Blogger. 

I am a wife+Mama and I adore my husband+my baby to bits. I have also emerged on the better and brighter end of the tunnel from when my baby was diagnosed with gastroschisis to having her finally come home with us after her hospital stay.

I have recently started wearing the hijab but am completely eons away from being a hijaber/hijabista (what do you call those hijab-fashion-icon-people-things?) because 10 out of 10 times I will forget to take my outfit photos. My affair with fashion however has become a bit of a love/hate thing as I am still adapting to being a new Mama and hijabi.

I dream of being a writer but as of right now, it's still a dream that I chase after every time I'm in the shower; as that's when inspiration strikes and disappears as soon as I'm faced with a blank page.

I love food, and as much as I love eating, I do love cooking. Cleaning up afterwards however, I absolutely hate.

Where this blog used to be all about me, me, me; it is now all about Z, Z, Z! So I guess I'm a mommy blogger now? Hmmmm....did I mention that I am obsessed with my baby?

This is FarahRambles.

Instagram: @farahanw
Twitter: @farahanw


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